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January 04

Business Week Votes Bettman among the worst managers of 2004: A fairly scathing review of Bettman's performance, and not just this year. He is in good company with luminaries such as Eisner (Disney) and Scott Livengood of Krispy Kreme.

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March 30

Dissecting the Levitt report: An economist and a hockey fan looks at the Levitt report.

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March 10

February 29

Sweden yay, Ave's nay: reports in sweden indicate that Forseberg is set to go to Modo again next season, in the event of of a lockout. Colorado denies it. well, wouldn't they?

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February 18

NHL standings and magic numbers. : a different way of looking at the standings, as well as projected finishing positions, using magic numbers. it's not as esoteric as it sounds.

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February 12

Levitt report released (pdf): quick response of the nhlpa here. independant? i have to read it still.

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Jim Kelley over at ESPN is talking about Hasek: and he thinks that everything is pretty eerie. Great read.

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February 10

Is the best GM in hockey out of job: because of personal differences? i thought billionaires did business differently.

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February 01

How tough is it too sweep a three game series in NY/NJ?:
Tough. Only one team, the LA Kings has done it. The Vancouver Canucks are about to try to do it for the second time. No-one has tried to more either - which boggles the mind. Why has a single west-coast team played more series against the NY three than anyone else?

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January 27

A Capitol offense: Washington Caps owner Ted Leonsis and a fan had a wee altercation on Sunday following the game with Philly. Accounts differ as to what exactly happened, but what caught my eye is that the fan won't press charges, and gets to see this Saturday's game from the owner's box. Finally, a stupid fight without an even more stupid ending: a lawsuit. I am impressed with this fan, and Leonsis for the way it was resolved.

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December 10

NHL goalie for a day: Chris Levesque, a goalie for the University of British Columbia's Thunderbirds was given the opportunity to live out a dream when he was asked to backup Vancouver Canucks goalie Johan Hedburg, after Dan Cloutier injured a groin in practice the morning of the game. Listen to Levesque's comments on the game here.. I wonder if he hoped to play or not?

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