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March 30

Australia bowls out New Zealand on 183: Loving the 93,000-strong support the Aussies made short work of their neighbors to win the Cricket World Cup for the fifth time yesterday. The Kiwis had a difficult start, losing three wickets early but then had a run to 150 when disaster hit and they lost three more for almost no runs. The home side had a terrific innings from captain Michael Clarke and (his replacement as captain?) Steve Smith, needing only five batsmen to run down the win. There were, of course, a few afters ;)

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March 15

Lewis Hamilton wins with ease in Australia as only 11 cars finish: "Mercedes were in a race of their own at the front" as Hamilton and Rosborg finished more than 30 seconds ahead of Sebastian Vettle, who finished third in a Ferrari. This is after the Mercedes cars' won 16 from 19 and took 18 of 19 poles last season. Many of the 11 non-finishers either didn't start or went out in the first few laps; guess some teams need a longer off-season.

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November 20

Wigan owner makes controversial comment about Jews: Will the English get their own Donald Sterling moment? Kick It Out think so, and Wigan's shirt sponsor has already cancelled their deal over Mackay's hiring.

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November 13

August 25

Diego Simeone gets eight match ban: Although Athletico Madrid started off the season with a trophy, winning the Spanish Super Cup will cost their manager a spell off the sidelines as he behaved very poorly when the assistant ref was slow in allowing his fullback back on the pitch after treatment for a bloody nose. Simeone was suspended for four games for tapping the back of the assistant referee's head, two games for protesting, one game for applauding his sending off, and one game for remaining in the stands instead of going to the changing room after his expulsion. Atletico assistant coach German Burgos will take charge in his absence.

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June 08

World Cup 2015 Fantasy League is ON!: Pick your team and join in the fun.

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April 25

RIP Earl: and Tito.

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December 12

The all-time World Cup finals league table: Not surprise that Brazil top this table or that Germany is a close second, but a bit surprising for me the gap after that, both in points and goal difference. Spolier alert: USA are in 25th heading into next summer ;)

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November 29

Don't Play Thailand: Many football fans will be scratching their heads to see Switzerland among the top seeds at next year's World Cup finals, while thoroughbreds like the Netherlands and Italy are not. The truth is that it could be down to the choices made by football administrators, not players.

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September 24

How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers: Easterbrook lights into the NFL and politicians.

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September 11

Dos a Cero, Again: The US Men's National Team beat Mexico 2-0 for the fourth time in a row in Columbus last night and, with Honduras getting a draw against Panama, became one of five teams to qualify for the World Cup Finals next summer. With the loss, Mexico assured themselves of a tough road simply to qualify.

Joining the US in Brazil will be Argentina, Costa Rica, the Netherlands and Italy, while Jordan won a playoff to, well, playoff against the fifth place team from South America. Fomer USMNT coach Bob Bradley's Egypt side finished their AFC group stage a perfect 6-0 with a 4-2 over Guinea.

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August 15

EPL Fantasy Football: Just a reminder since the league starts Saturday morning. If you were in the SpoFi league last season you're automatically re-entered once your team is setup.

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August 04

Pt 1 - An American Coach in London: Pt 2 - Seattle Sounders pay $9M transfer fee for Clint Dempsey, then sign Deuce to a $32M, 4 year contract.

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July 17

R&A will look at gender issue after British Open: TL;DR: Ain't no big thang, chums.

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June 03

The Special One returns to Chelsea: After more (Inter Milan) and less (Real Madrid) spells elsewhere, Jose Mourinho signed a four year deal to return to Stamford Bridge. One wonders if he'll get on any better with his billionaire boss and how much change he'll ring before the season kicks off--speculation's already out there that Torres and Terry are goners and Essien will return to take the DM spot from Obi-Mikel. And maybe CR7? My main hope is that BetFair continues to back Special1 TV!

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May 26

Bayern Munich shed the loser tag: After withstanding strong early pressing and a half dozen shots on goal from Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich switched up their formation and won the 2013 Champions League final 2-1, easing the pain of losing two of the previous three finals (Arjen Robben especially). The audience were treated to a lively match, a real change from the past few years when at least one side were determined to park the bus.

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May 21

MLS announces expansion team New York City FC: Manchester City and the Yankees partner to pip Cosmos to the NYC MLS franchise, which will play in a purpose-built stadium in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, starting in the 2015 season.

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April 25

6 Things Your Business Can Learn from My Rookie Year in the NFL : Given Fleener is a Stanford grad, not too surprising that he looks at sport as a business. "One of the many “knocks” on the Colts team last year was our youth. We had a very young team by NFL standards. The media mistook young age for low maturity levels, and while it’s hard to argue that correlation doesn’t equal causation in that regard, it is too much simplification to say that youth = immaturity."

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February 06

Our Xmas OneWorldFutbol Campaign: We raised $608 to sent 32 futbols to kids in a small village in Mexico through a Rotary Club which goes down every year to build houses. Good on us!

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December 13

Reebok signs 15-year-old hockey phenom to huge endorsement deal: The "next Sidney Crosby", only the third 15 year old allowed to play in the OHL, signs a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal with the Reeb. Hopefully there will be an NHL for him to play in before the contract term finishes.

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November 28

Champions League may have 64 clubs & Europa League scrapped: Seven English and five Scottish clubs would make the expanded field if M. Platini's latest, er, brainstorm becomes fact. At least it would end all those Thursday nights away requiring dark o'clock flights home from the Continent.

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November 12

SpoFi Holiday Giving Project: One World Futbal: Inspired by images of Darfur child refugees playing soccer using trash instead of a ball surrounded by barbed wire, amid hovels made of plastic, cardboard and sticks Tim Jahnigen developed a ball made of a closed-cell foam that makes it durable, doesn't need a pump to inflate and has a "cap" that allows the ball to re-inflate, even if punctured. Since so many of us are soccer fans I thought we might band together to buy a few balls for the project as a group holiday project. The cost is $25 per ball and I'd like to try to raise $500.

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November 01

NFL eyeing bigger plans for London?: A year ago West Ham had the inside track to move into the Olympic Stadium after the Games but it's looking less and less likely, with the latest contender being American Football. London mayor Boris Johnson has launched talks with the NFL that could result in 10 games a season being held at the 80,000 seat stadium, which will already host two next season.

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October 23

UCI claims 'moral authority' to lead cycling: Agreeing that wrong-doing uncovered by other investigators after years of denial (and possibly coverup) enables one to retain "moral authority." Mmmkay!

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October 01

Ryder Cup 2012: Medinah miracle comes to pass for Europe: Unbelievable collapse by the Americans with, once again, Mr. T. Woods leading the way. From the scoreline: "T Woods: Played 4 Won 0 Lost 3 Halved 1"

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