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February 09

Uh, about those playoff rules...we've changed them.: David Stern announced that the NBA has decided to expand its first round of playoffs from a best-of-five to a best-of-seven series starting this season. Doesn't it seem odd for a league to change the format for determining its champion in the middle of the season?

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December 04

Cubs Fans, Dash Any And All Hope Now...: Someone please explain this deal. Why would the Cubs do this? For years there's been talk of a loaded farm system is for the Northsiders. Now, they go and block HeeSop Choi and Bobby Hill. Turning one overpaid black-hole in the line up into two is not the stuff of baseball championships. If this is Dusy's idea of building a team, I say bring back Baylor!

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September 24

Gonzo's Gone.: The link about says it all. Randy and Curt can only put up 0s for so long--the Snakes must score if they're going to win the game. Without Luis, can they?

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August 06

Amazing! Bud Selig can't even cook the books propery.: Just as corporate America was fudging the numbers to manufacture fictional profits, it's now alleged that Bud did the same in reverse -- to magnify losses . Does this guy do anything correctly?

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