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October 23

Over the Hill: Is this even a story anymore? Another MRI on Grant Hill's knee? Really, Dr., something's messed up in there? Huh, go figure.

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October 22

another stupid trade idea from our friend sam: It looks like Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune is at it again. Every year, at least once, Minnesota Timberwolves fans must endure another stupid trade scenario. For the past two years it has been Garnett for the starting five of the baby-bulls, minus a player or two, and with draft considerations. It seems he can't stop there. his new idea has Garnett going to Dallas for Nowitzki. Does this trade make any sense in any way beside it being two big names? Why would Minnesota want this? Garnett is every bit the player Dirk is, but he can play defense. He rebounds better, shoots better from inside 20 feet, passes much better, and can bring the ball up the court. The only thing Dirk has that Kevin doesn't is a reliable three. How in the world does that fit in with the new Dwayne Casey coached T wolves? He first ran this story in May (22nd) as a real trade,being thought about by Cuban, but since has recycled the story as merely a thought. Sam Smith should have his press ID and decoder ring taken away until he learns to write an article that has some merit.

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