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January 12

NHL Attendance for November Best in League History: I was one of these naysayers that thought hockey was screwed because of the lockout. I guess this just comes to show you that so called "experts" aren't always correct.

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October 12

This is why the Yankees keep losing. : Its Stienbrenners own fault. He doesn't know anything about sports and should stop knocking his staff that does. They don't make the team, they inherit them. I have to side with Mel.

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October 04

Is this in the best interests of all of baseball?: I mean really, Fox loves it, I think Selig does too. But come on, this guy has a point. I'm not from other parts of the nation, but are they as into the Yankees and Sox as much as we are in the Northeast? After all, I just want the Yankees to win, I dont care who the opponent is, as long as they lose. And I'm sure the same goes for fans of all teams.

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