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August 14

Malkin jumping over to Pens?: MOSCOW (Reuters) -- Russia's Metallurg Magnitogorsk will go to court to seek compensation from Pittsburgh Penguins after the sudden disappearance of their best player, Evgeni Malkin, the Superleague club's head said on Sunday.

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July 31

Hasek to return to Wings: Dominik Hasek is returning for a third tour of duty with the Detroit Red Wings. The team announced Monday it has signed the 41-year-old to a one-year deal, believed to be worth about $500,000 plus incentives.

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May 17

Sorry Coach my ADD was acting up? : LaRoche's Blunder Puts Spotlight on ADD: Adam LaRoche knows how it looks. He doesn't seem to be trying hard. He comes across as inattentive, sluggish, a little too laid-back to be a professional athlete. LaRoche's relaxed approach and a disorder that makes it hard for him to concentrate have come under scrutiny after the most embarrassing moment of his three-year major league career. On Sunday, after scooping up a routine grounder that should have been the third out of the inning, LaRoche took his time getting to first and was stunningly beaten to the bag by Washington's Nick Johnson, who was hustling all the way.

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April 28

Switch pitcher:
"Pat Venditte Sr. came up with the idea when he was tossing a ball to his 3-year-old son in the backyard.
Wouldn't it be neat if he could get Pat Jr., a natural right-hander, to throw equally well with his left?"

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April 24

Wrong shoe size the culprit in Mench's painful April:

"Kevin Mench entered Thursday night's game against the Seattle Mariners with zero RBIs in his first 10 games.


Perhaps because his shoes were too small.

The Texas Rangers right fielder has missed five games this season because of a sprain in the second toe of his right foot... the specialist determined the sprain was caused by Mench's shoes being a half size too small."

Update: That story ran on April 20th, he's got 12 RBI's in his last 4 games.

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