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Wallace and the taste of his own words.

When Sheed runs his mouth it takes the spotlight off the rest of the team.Isn't this what leaders do.Other than Rip the stones had an off game.The Cavs [whatever that is] should enjoy last nites celebration.It will be their last of the year.....

posted by Ricky G at 08:36 AM on May 16

So long Joey.

If you remember Chuck Long & Andre Ware the LYUNS have a long history of drafting lousy QBS.They have not had a good QB since the 50s.It is a long standing tradition in Detroit to cheer for the guy on the bench.Why should we expect things to change now??????

posted by Ricky G at 09:42 AM on March 21

Piss(ton)ing away a No. 2 overall pick?

Joe D is the best GM in the NBA.He took a bunch of castoffs & look what he has now .Gotta trust his instincts.As far as Carmelo goes who needs him when you have the "Prince of the Palace".

posted by Ricky G at 09:29 AM on February 16

The semi-annual Barry Sanders questions. Why and why not come back?

For more insight read the Barry interveiw in todays Detroit free press.Unless the lyuns had traded him the best thing was to retire.........

posted by Ricky G at 09:34 AM on February 02

FSU gets a BCS Berth.

FSU & NOtre Dame have large fan bases.Its not about football. Its about the Benjamins.

posted by Ricky G at 08:44 AM on December 04

Here's the Lions problem...they have the wrong Doctors "helping" their players!

The Lions won't win until the owner is changed.Players , coaches, & drugs have changed over the years but the same ownership is there.Ford runs the team as a business so if you can make money with a losing team why spend enough for a winner?

posted by Ricky G at 08:34 AM on December 03