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Liverpool part ways with Brendan Rogers

It's more likely it was due to the international break than getting a draw at Goodison. As another long time Red, I agree with Bill ... four months (at least) late. We've done almost nothing with the Suarez and Sterling money.

posted by Ricardo at 09:09 AM on October 06

USA 1-1 Panama

What's worse than not winning? Not deserving to win. Although Tejada may have been offside when Perez gave him the ball before scoring, we didn't play well enough on the night to warrant anything better than a draw and may not have warranted that much. Guzan was big for us.

posted by Ricardo at 11:41 AM on July 14

U.S. Wins Women's World Cup

The sun on the third goal is a stretch. The defender was angled away from it for the most part. It looked more like just a tricky bounce.

posted by Ricardo at 04:26 PM on July 06

U.S. Defeats Germany, Advances to Women's World Cup Final

I thought maybe Johnston's hand was on the shoulder but not applying any real pressure. Not the smartest move but when the German went down the ref didn't have much choice. IF the ref saw it that way as well, it might explain the yellow as opposed to red. It easily could've been a red though and I think we were a bit lucky on both PKs. I can see why the ref gave the second one as I thought she was a yard into the box watching live. And I too would've liked to see how we handled France.

posted by Ricardo at 08:44 AM on July 01

U.S. Women Impress in World Cup Opening Win Over Australia

I think that headline is a bit generous. We didn't impress until Australia ran out of juice in the second half of the second half. It seemed like the midfield couldn't complete most of their passes before that. We couldn't even take throw ins very well. Australia did a great job pressing. Also, what the hell are the refs wearing under their shirts? Inner tubes?

posted by Ricardo at 10:16 AM on June 09

Buckeyes Win College Football Playoff

I bet the Las Vegas bookies aren't very happy.

I think bookies could care less who wins any sporting event. Bets are usually hedged and they win regardless. Probably not always, but in most cases.

posted by Ricardo at 03:31 PM on January 13

Vikings' Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Injury

After seeing some pictures of the marks left, I'd say it's more than any 4 year old should receive.

posted by Ricardo at 10:40 PM on September 16

Vikings' Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Injury

I was under the impression domestic corporal punishment is still legal in the US. I understand there's a line where it crosses into child abuse, but where is it drawn? And how do we know whether it was crossed in this case?

I am not playing devil's advocate here, I just don't think I understand the facts well enough.

posted by Ricardo at 04:15 PM on September 16

Video of Ray Rice Elevator Punch on Partner Released

It saddens me that she married him.

posted by Ricardo at 12:20 PM on September 08

Tony Stewart Kills Driver in Dirt-Track Race

You seem to have made up your mind without much evidence.

posted by Ricardo at 10:32 PM on August 10

Liverpool Sells Luiz Suarez to Barcelona

Behavioral issues aside, Suarez has been a fantastic servant on the pitch for Liverpool. He's played so well that we made 50 million pounds on him. He carried us to second place last year. Tied the EPL goal scoring record. He almost single handedly gave us a much needed title. blah blah blah ...

I fear if the coming few years will be another decline from 2nd place and hope we can find someone to replace half of Suarez.

Go in peace Luis. YNWA!

posted by Ricardo at 01:59 PM on July 11

Mexico Faces The Netherlands in Round of 16

but at the end of the first half Robben was kicked in the box by two separate Mexicans and got nothing for it

I didn't think he got fouled on either of those back to back falls. Simply dove over the opposition legs both times. I think out of all the serial divers in the game, Robben is one of the worst. The penalty itself was probably a foul and he probably deserved a penalty in the first half, so it all evens out.

I've decided I'm rooting against the Dutch the rest of the way unless Robben is red carded at some point.

posted by Ricardo at 08:39 AM on June 30

Luis Suarez Banned 9 Games for Biting Opponent

but Liverpool has EPL title aspirations. Losing Suarez for 23 percent of their season is huge.

Agreed. When he was out the first 5 games of last season, we dropped 5 points ... and lost the title by 2 points.

posted by Ricardo at 09:48 AM on June 27

Luis Suarez Pushes England to Brink of World Cup Elimination

and has done absolutely nothing remotely controversial in Brazil.

The guy that said this is an idiot

posted by Ricardo at 02:19 PM on June 24

Luis Suarez Pushes England to Brink of World Cup Elimination

As a Liverpool fan, it was tough to see the Liverpool-heavy England team lose regardless of who beat them. I take some solace that Suarez looked brilliant as usual and enjoyed the consolations he appeared to give Gerrard after the match.

And in what way is Suarez a pantomime villian of this World Cup? He seemed to clean up much of the nonsense this past EPL season and has done absolutely nothing remotely controversial in Brazil.

posted by Ricardo at 11:11 AM on June 21

U.S. in World Cup's Group G (as in Grim)

I'm looking at group D as the hardest. One of England, Italy or Uruguay is going home early. That sounds more ominous than "The US will go home early".

posted by Ricardo at 11:50 PM on December 06

Panthers Edge Patriots, Win Sixth in a Row

Watch it again

I was indeed going through the slow-motion when I commented. The incidental contact I was talking about was number 59 putting his hand on Gronks shoulder pad. That in itself wasn't when the penalty occurred. That was when his hands went down and around him. The ball is about a split second away at that point. There is no way Gronk was making some kind of curl move there. In your video above, the first time he goes to plant is when his right foot hits (relatively) below the goal post. Even with the defender there hugging him, he never appears to be trying to go back against him.

I never argued this wasn't a penalty. I think it was probably defensive holding. What it wasn't was pass interference.

posted by Ricardo at 09:28 PM on November 19

Panthers Edge Patriots, Win Sixth in a Row

side note - Did anyone else catch Ray Lewis talking about why Ted Ginn was allowed to score? He kept saying the defender erred when he let Ginn to the outside and nobody could catch up to his speed. He said the defender needed to usher him to the inside where he would get help. Ginn caught the ball and hooked to the inside. Shoddy work Lewis.

posted by Ricardo at 04:08 PM on November 19

Panthers Edge Patriots, Win Sixth in a Row

The contact up until his right foot plants is VERY incidental (and quite mutual) and not enough to get the flag. At the point his right foot plants, he is probably almost 2 yards behind the defender who intercepted. There is no way he could have made up that ground before the ball got there.

posted by Ricardo at 04:06 PM on November 19

Panthers Edge Patriots, Win Sixth in a Row

I agree with tron ... I think Gronks momentum was carrying him too far to make the turn back to the ball. He didn't even try to as a matter of fact, which might have given the penalty more credence. The defender had him cornered and was definitely in contact with him, but there was no pressure going back towards the ball from Gronk.

As for the back judge being overruled, there's also a chance he threw the flag, realized what had happened as far as the play went, and told the ref as such. #wildspeculation

posted by Ricardo at 01:47 PM on November 19

Atlanta Braves plan to build new stadium in Cobb County

I wonder if part of this will be getting a MARTA line to the area. It's been needed for a long time.

posted by Ricardo at 10:45 AM on November 11

Red Sox Write Love Letter to Cardinals

Agreed JJ ... Remember when City put up a billboard "welcoming" Tevez to Manchester? Good stuff.

posted by Ricardo at 01:43 PM on November 06

Even after the NFL wised up, the Premier League still isn't sure concussions matter

Why should players be skittish of these collisions as opposed to the keeper being skittish? If a player makes an honest attempt on the ball and the keeper gets hurt (or the player for that matter), so be it. I don't agree with protecting one player over another without a genuine reason. What if Lukaku tries to spin out of the contact there and twists his knee or worse? Or even as it happened, it could've hurt his knee.

posted by Ricardo at 02:51 PM on November 04

Attending Your First Premier League Game

Cheers to my first high hope / bitter let down season

Ahhhh! 2008-2009 ... Liverpool lose only 2 games and still fall behind ManU by 4 points due to an abundance of ties. The memories.

posted by Ricardo at 08:35 AM on May 22

The story behind Jason Collins' story: How it happened

My reply was that it really isn't a big deal.

I think it's not necessarily a big deal on it's own, but should lead to the bigger promised land of the day when there are many athletes on many teams who have come out and don't feel the need to repress their sexuality because of the job they hold.

That is indeed a big deal.

posted by Ricardo at 04:36 PM on April 30

Explosions at Finish Line of Boston Marathon

I, for one, find humour to be a pretty good coping mechanism for a world that doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes

I totally agree. I have a friend who "joked" today by saying his decision to not run in marathons has now been justified. I cringed a little and found it in poor taste, but still a bit funny. And that humor doesn't make yesterday's events any more or less serious than they already are.

I feel a ton of empathy and sympathy for those involved and won't feel vindicated until whoever was responsible has a car battery attached to their nuts.

posted by Ricardo at 01:31 PM on April 16

Bills Receiver Asks North Korea to Bomb New England

Lighten up Francis

Any one of you homos touches my nukes, I'll kill you!!!

posted by Ricardo at 02:14 PM on April 05

Robbie Rogers comes out as gay

Here is a link to his website

posted by Ricardo at 02:55 PM on February 15

Two NASCAR Drivers Are Dating

Ah ... two racists in love. Beautiful story.

posted by Ricardo at 05:23 PM on January 25

Seattle Wins on What-the-Hell Mary

That may or may not have happened. We can't assume it didn't. For all we know, this ref was simply making a joke, albeit an inappropriate one.

posted by Ricardo at 01:15 PM on September 26

Seattle Wins on What-the-Hell Mary

As I remember, the NFL states refs aren't allowed to play fantasy football and this was going to be investigated. I hadn't heard any outcome after that, but I'm guessing if he were indeed playing fantasy football, he wouldn't be reffing any longer.

And having everyone bagging on the refs is poor. None of this is their fault. They're doing as good a job as can be expected of them. The fault here lies with the NFL and the regular refs.

posted by Ricardo at 10:17 AM on September 26

Seattle Wins on What-the-Hell Mary

people do care that what's unfolding in front of them is fairly judged.

I think the word fairly is incorrect. The games are being poorly judged, but I would bet they are indeed being fairly judged. These refs aren't the same as boxing judges in that they aren't on the take making these bad calls (most likely). I don't watch boxing because I know some guy may have it made up in his head before the match who is going to win regardless of what happens. I also agree with phaedon that the bad calls make an interesting story. It isn't ruining anything for me.

posted by Ricardo at 09:46 AM on September 26

Rockies Eject Visiting Fan for Throwing Homer Back

because of course this MLB stadium provides unrestricted access to cheap high-alcohol beer

The only argument I have is with the word cheap.

posted by Ricardo at 08:03 AM on May 22

Messi Nets Five as Barça Reach Final Eight

If anyone can claim they won it single handed

Good one!

posted by Ricardo at 11:09 PM on March 08

James Harrison Suspended for McCoy Hit

When I was watching it real time (and even after without benefit of the blue line), I felt he was passed the line. Not sure how you expect him to know that on the field, realtime.

I also often feel a QB has passed the line only to be proven wrong on replay. These guys, QBs and LBs alike, are paid ridiculous amounts of money to know things like where the line of scrimmage is without the advantage of a blue line painted across the field.

You rarely see a QB draw a penalty by actually running past the line of scrimmage and still passing the ball. But often see one jump just before and throw as he crosses.

These guys aren't held to our standards and shouldn't be. I have to think Harrison knew the ball was going to be gone when the hits occurred, yet did nothing to stop or slow momentum.

posted by Ricardo at 09:36 AM on December 14

Agent: Drogba Likely to Leave Chelsea

As a fellow Kopite, I would love to have their Drogba and give them some of their money back.

posted by Ricardo at 03:20 PM on November 29

Japan Wins World Cup Over U.S.

Rapinoe played okay, but she tried dribbling through 2 or 3 defenders too many times when an open teammate would've been a much better choice.

Can anyone that follows closer than I explain why Alex Morgan isn't a starter?

She lacks some experience and consistency yet. She will probably be a fantastic player in the future. She maybe could've come on earlier for Heather O'Reilly who never looked threatening hen she touched the ball.

The injury to Golden Ball candidate Lauren Cheney probably hurt us more than anything else.

posted by Ricardo at 01:18 PM on July 18

Last-Second Goal Helps US Beat Brazil

I didn't think Brazil showed poor sportsmanship past the Erika incident. I think they played the way any other team would've played. The crowd probably wanted to boo the terrible refereeing but that isn't as easy as picking out a villain from one of the players. I believe that wrongly fell on Marta. I just couldn't figure out why the crowd was whistling on her every touch aside from the fact she took the second penalty. None of that fiasco was Brazil's fault. I don't think she dove trying to get to the end of the absolutely beautiful flick over two defenders. She just lunged at it trying to get her foot to it and so did Buehler.

I am so happy the US made it through, but Marta deserved better than to be vilified the way she was.

And brainofdtrain, if FIFA's stance is that Hope Solo moved (she did, but laterally and within the rules), it is a stunning statement. I can't say the referee was biased and overall she got many decisions correct. It's just that what she missed were huge calls, the penalty call and red card, the re-take, the Carly Lloyd handball and the offside on Brazil's second goal. The offside is excusable as those are missed every game by the best of referees/linesmen.

posted by Ricardo at 01:30 PM on July 11

Last-Second Goal Helps US Beat Brazil

The big blue crew did a decent job of making me believe the penalty retake was warranted by showing a US player had encroached into the penalty area before Julianna (I think) took the first one and mentioned Solo probably got the card for arguing it instead of moving off her line. That being said, the play on the ball which won the penalty in the first place was shoulder to shoulder between Buehler and Marta and they both lunged at the ball on their own. It didn't even appear to be a foul of any kind.

I also felt a little fortunate to keep Carly Lloyd on the pitch after her handball. I was a little surprised when Lauren Cheney was subbed. She's been the US's best player and I would've probably gotten Lloyd out. I was worried from that handball on that she was going to commit a bad foul and leave the ref no choice but to put us down to 9.

posted by Ricardo at 09:45 AM on July 11

Blatter set for re-election, vows reform

Hopefully this becomes FIFA's watershed moment and their process becomes much more transparent. I will not be surprised if they carry on with business as usual though.

posted by Ricardo at 12:26 PM on June 01

'Pirates Lose' Beer Special Brings Bar Heat From Team

How exactly is getting a whole nickel off a pitcher "winning?"

I took it to mean they got a nickel off for EACH game they lost ... so as the season wears on, the beer gets cheaper and cheaper. At 100 or so losses, that's about $5 cheaper by the end of the season.

posted by Ricardo at 06:04 PM on May 17

The Special One Loses It

Barcelonas' posession probably leads many teams to frustration which leads to an increase in cards. Teams like Real or Chelsea aren't used to having 30% of the time on the ball and that can be a real flashpoint for some of those players.

I will say that Pepes' challenge was pretty close to a 50-50 ball and probably only deserved a yellow, but was close enough that it could have gone either way.

I can't imagine UEFA will take these comments in stride and will probably hammer Mourinho.

posted by Ricardo at 09:31 AM on April 28

The members of many collegiate women's sports teams....aren't

Title IX is well intentioned and has done much for women's sports, but it is horribly implemented and needs to be reworked if it is to bring about the change it was intended to.

posted by Ricardo at 03:25 PM on April 26

Tiger Woods' Niece Wins ACC Championship

Playing the Blue Course at Cheyenne Woods will no doubt be on the bucket list for the Larry Ellison types of the world.

Great line

posted by Ricardo at 10:22 PM on April 20

Tiger Woods' Niece Wins ACC Championship

Dammit! Now I'm gonna get a boner every time I see Tiger play.

posted by Ricardo at 11:27 AM on April 20

Thirty years ago today, the longest game in professional baseball history was started.

I also find it kinda amazing that Pawtucket only used 8 pitchers to get through 33 innings

Rochester only used 5 ... of course they lost.

posted by Ricardo at 03:06 PM on April 18

Sam Fuld Blows Cycle -- by Hitting Double

I always thought a cycle should be defined as hitting for at least what is actually defined as a cycle. In my book, this qualifies as a cycle (ish).

posted by Ricardo at 02:31 PM on April 13

Golfer Murdered by Armed Robber During Round

I would have taken out my trusty 9mm and shot the round of my life !

vigilance, maybe no help ... change the c to a t AND ... vigilante

posted by Ricardo at 04:26 PM on March 14

Iran: London Olympics Logo is Racist

And there I was thinking that it looked like Lisa Simpson doing something unmentionable.

Do you mean Maggie Simpson? I totally see it if so.

posted by Ricardo at 06:39 AM on March 02

Hard Times for William 'Refrigerator' Perry

I agree with Atheist here. I have fond memories of watching those games with the Fridge and want so bad to feel for him. But when the story line repeats itself over and over, that sympathy tends to fade or at least shift to those who are doing everything in their power to help him. I can't imagine how it must feel to love someone who just doesn't seem to care if they self destruct.

posted by Ricardo at 01:25 PM on February 08

Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl champions

Only if a halfback threw them. Rodgers' 304 yards gets even bigger with more Nelson catches.

I am definitely not saying Rodgers was unworthy of the title ... But ... Nelson dove out of bounds at the 2 or 3 yard line trying to reach the pylon ... easily could've been a TD. He also had another near catch in the corner of the end zone. There was the long throw he let go through his hands. He already had 140 yards. Another TD or two and another 40 or 50 yards, there could have been serious debate about who deserved it more.

And yes I realize another touchdown or two would've padded Rodgers stats a little more. To be sure Aaron Rodger played fantastic football for a good bit of the game.

posted by Ricardo at 12:55 PM on February 07

Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl champions

Rodgers played smart and was sharp. His receivers were not.

Aside from a couple drops, Jordy Nelson could just have easily been MVP.

As for play of the game, I would say a tie between the Mendenhall fumble and the 3rd and 10 to Jennings right after the false start penalty against Green Bay.

The Black Eyed Peas show was over produced to the point of being unwatchable. In their defense, most of these shows are. Long medleys tend to lose steam after 5 minutes and it just becomes background noise. Again, in their defense, they aren't my cup of tea. The Sweet Child of Mine rendition was horrible. In my defense, that is my cup of tea.

posted by Ricardo at 11:39 AM on February 07

Chelsea Spends $72 Million on Torres Transfer

The goal from Suarez was an amazing piece of play from Kuyt who looked fantastic last night. I am hoping for great things from Suarez but the goal itself was poorly taken. Bit of a whiff with not enough power to get past the oncoming defender who should have cleared it from the line. I will withhold judgement for now.

posted by Ricardo at 01:04 PM on February 03

Chelsea Spends $72 Million on Torres Transfer

I meant we needed Carroll as a result of offloading Torres. He's done well for the Magpies so far this season and if he can carry it over into Anfield we should win a few more games.

We've been sorely lacking at forward for quite some time now and we knew what we had with Torres (lots of flashes of brilliance punctuated by giving the ball away nearly every time he touches it ala Ryan Babel) but now we have the promise of two good strikers. They may or may not pan out, but neither will be any more of a hinderance than Torres has this season. His only good run of form seemed to be the last few weeks leading up to the transfer.

posted by Ricardo at 02:36 PM on February 02

Chelsea Spends $72 Million on Torres Transfer

I have to say with his form since before the World Cup, I'm happy to get 50M pounds and get rid of Babel for what could turn out to be a couple consistent scorers. It's too bad we didn't get Charlie Adam, but we didn't need him as bad as we needed Suarez and Carroll.

posted by Ricardo at 03:05 PM on February 01

High School Girls Beat Opponent 108-3

Doesn't wfrazerjr picking C himself show he has some compassion therefore showing C to be a poor choice for the rest of us. Hence I choose D and an aspirin.

posted by Ricardo at 11:17 PM on January 25

Team Apologizes for Fan Lap Dance Contest

This was obviously the mascot's idea, yeah?

posted by Ricardo at 10:44 PM on January 18

Hodgeson out, Dalglaish in

Gerrard, Agger and Howard Webb did not help Dalglish much this weekend. Hopefully Kenny can get moving pretty quickly in the transfer windown and shore up this leaking dam before the whole thing floods Merseyside.

posted by Ricardo at 07:50 AM on January 10

Blatter: No Sex for Gays at Qatar World Cup

Probably never happen, but this would be a good opportunity for a boycott ...

That's too horrible to contemplate. The countries could all change the names of their teams to Redskins and be sponsored by Michael Vick's dog-fighting operation and I still would watch.

As long as the teams show up, I will watch. I would have no problem missing it if teams decided to boycott though. I get my share of soccer and if it improved my future soccer experience, then so be it.

posted by Ricardo at 11:18 AM on December 15

Blatter: No Sex for Gays at Qatar World Cup

Brevity and no real point to my post wins me the round.

Ricardo - 1 jmd82 - 0

To post something with the slightest bit of substance ... I do follow much of what goes on in the soccer world over here in the US, but I am in the minority. I think most of the interest in soccer lay in the foreign community. Your average born-and-bred American could care less. I know it's more visible than before and getting bigger, but it's still a last resort for many.

And while it's nice to have someone to villify (FIFA's ExCom members), I agree with the above ... it doesn't really change anything. We've already lost out on hosting 2022 and I don't see that changing whether any evidence surfaces or not.

Hopefully somewhere down the line, FIFA will adopt more transparency around this type of situation so at least countries don't waste good money trying to win the right to host.

posted by Ricardo at 05:59 AM on December 15