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Puerto Rico: Emerging Caribbean Soccer Power?

Sorry to upset you terrapin, it was not my intention. You may not be a world soccer fan, and I can understand that. Soccer is not as well supported in the US, as say the NFL or NBA. But there is an increasingly bigger following of soccer in the US that would appreciate this article, which meets, to my knowledge, the guidelines of the website: A good FPP requires a sports related link that has not been seen by most people, is interesting in content, and will foster discussion among the community. For one, the article shows the strong development of the game for Puerto Rico; which you might not care of; but many others do, including players and teams in the USL. Second it shows how well Colin Clarke is doing in live after the MLS. He got fired in the MLS and now is commanding a ship that has potential of reaching a FIFA World Cup (if you don't care about soccer you might not care about the World Cup either). Thirdly, it talks about how the Puerto Rican national team is giving additional chances to US players that might never have a chance to play for the US in the World Cup, to still play in a World Cup with the Puerto Rican team. That's very important to many US players and their followers. So, in summary, my post is not a GYOFB moment, but actually an IDCASDRSL (If you Don't Care About Soccer, Don't Read and Skip to the next Link). Just because the article doesn't fit your interests, doesn't make it a bad post. Thanks for posting your comment, helping to foster discussion among the community.

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Lacrosse: NLL Weekend recap, news & quotes

Good question! I was wondering the same thing...

posted by BoriQa at 06:11 PM on January 23

Leafs fire G.M. Ferguson

It was about time Ferguson got fired!!! Now lets put another inept in the job. Hopefully, we can't do any worse... Right now we are 2nd to last in the overall standings.

posted by BoriQa at 08:52 PM on January 22

World Soccer: January Friendlies Update

>> Have you considered writing a column instead of these updates? Thanks. I'll consider it next time.

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World Soccer: January Friendlies Update

>> would you happen to know how Taylor Graham is eligible to play for Puerto Rico? All you need to play for PR is to be a US citizen and to be nationalized for Puerto Rico (means that he agreed [and signed] not to play for the US team) >> Also do you have a link to last Wednesday's game recap that doesn't require a subscription... Try: and

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Lacrosse: Buffalo Bandits forward John Tavares tops all-time NLL record.


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World Soccer: Puerto Rico shutouts Bermuda again!

Another news link on the 2-0 win on Jan 16:

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Fear Strikes All: Doug Glanville Explains Why Steroids Hit Baseball

Another excellent article!

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Inside Man: A Bronx Tale

Excellent article!!!

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Rick Nash. Goal of the year.

Awesome! A goal Nash will be remembered by...

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Legendary Canadian sportscaster Don Wittman dies.

May he rest in peace. He was the voice of curling. He will be difficlut to replace, but live must go on, and whoever replaces him have big shoes to fill and a standard to follow.

posted by BoriQa at 11:10 AM on January 20

U.S. downs Canada 5-2 to win first women's world under-18 hockey championship

Congrats to the US Womens team. Defeating a superior opponent shows they are getting better.

posted by BoriQa at 11:04 AM on January 20

Soccer Is As American As Apple Pie

Absolutely love soccer too! The USL ( is actually a more fun league to watch than the overpaid and commercialized MLS.

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RIP Sir Edmund Hillary

Extraordinary man indeed. May he rest in peace.

posted by BoriQa at 11:03 AM on January 13

Simon suspended 30 games

Kick him out! Why wait 9 strikes? He struck out already in my view.

posted by BoriQa at 11:00 AM on January 13

Marion Jones Receives 6 Month Sentence

Marion cheated, she admited it, and is going to serve jail; but she can say that she went down with her chin up! Bonds and Clemons have and example to follow...

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Leyritz Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI, Manslaughter.

The man should not be free for the rest of his life. posted by aerotive at 8:49 PM CST on December 28 Absolutely agree. Lock him up...

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Goose cooks up HOF induction, but Rice is not on the menu this year.

Great for the Goose! He deserved it!

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Soccer by Ives

Yes, thanks for the site!

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NHL Faces Competition from Russian Tycoon's New European League

Great. This is the first step towards my evil plan, announced ages ago here on spofi, for the NHL to contract to 16 teams and merge with a 16 team Euro league to form the first global sports league. Now that's a hell of a good evil plan!!! Can't wait!

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Roger Clemens

He was a hall of fame pitcher for sure! He was one of the great! but the fact is, that he just was... Now he doesn't deserve it.

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Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

When the Jaguars scored and sacked Brady in the 1st quarter it looked like the Patiots had met their match... But that was memory soon lost... The Patriots were much a better team and deserved the win. 17-0

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