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Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling

Thanks, Drood. Now I remember why I quit coming here. I happen to watch Fox News and that makes me an undesirable, right?

posted by canstusdis at 08:28 PM on December 09

Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling

Mich, #9 Boise State gets to play #11 TCU. #13 Oklahoma State plays #17 Oregon. The team getting the shaft is Texas Tech. An 11-1 7th ranked Texas Tech plays #25 Ole Miss! Why not Boise St. and Texas Tech? Now that would be a good game.

posted by canstusdis at 12:05 AM on December 08

Tuberville Out At Auburn

He stepped down because he didn't want to get fired. I agree with The Qatarian, this one is crazy. Imagine Penn State pulling that on JoePa. He'd have been gone in 1988! (5-6-0)

Looks like Auburn pulled a Frank Solich.

posted by canstusdis at 06:54 PM on December 04

Boston Herald Should Name Its SpyGate Source

Interesting column, rcade. After reading it, I think the answer to your question becomes obvious. If the unnamed source is someone in the front office of the St. Louis Rams, revealing the name of that source would be detrimental to the career of the reporter and hurt the newspaper's ability to get stories from high ranking officials.

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Heisman Winner Tim Tebow Circumcises Kids

Wow, the Heisman hype has started early this year...

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De La Hoya wins easy decision

My guess is De La Hoya will probably have to fight someone a little tougher than "Tomato Can Sam" before he gets another shot at Mayweather.

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This is my #1 draft pick...

hater, Good to see you still Hater'n. I got hooked on Sumo while living in Hawaii. (Thanks, US Army) Akebono was a Yokozuna back then, and 6 times a year they'd show the 15 day tournaments on local TV. Even got a chance to see an exibition tournament In Hawaii in '92. I've always been intrigued by the agility and quickness of these huge guys.

posted by canstusdis at 08:30 PM on April 29

This is my #1 draft pick...

Here's Asashoryu's draft stats. He's 6' tall and weighs 324 lbs. Needs to work on his tsukidashioshidashi and oshitaoshi techniques if he wants to get into the NFL.

posted by canstusdis at 08:46 PM on April 26

This is my #1 draft pick...

there's really is no comparison. I beg to differ: The size of the dohyo (ring) is 4.55 meters or just under 5 yards. Plenty of room to sidestep and execute spin moves. These moves by the way are used by many sekitori (wrestlers). The mawashi (thong) is the ONLY target for one to hold, but certainly not the only way to defeat your opponent. I'm sure if defensive lineman wore only mawashi, offensive lineman would find a way to get a holding penalty. Did you watch the video? Clearly this yokozuna (grand champion) has exceptional upper body strength as do many in the upper ranks of sumo. He's not ripped, but he doesn't lift weights. Think what a strength and conditioning coach could do with him. hip flexibility is not really considered an asset. Your kidding, right? Look at the negatives for Anthony Collins or Geoff Schwartz. I say take off the mawashi and give this guy some pads.

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This is my #1 draft pick...

Thanks, Tinman, for your showing such high regard for other people's posts, and your uncanny psychic abilities. Lighten up...

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Open wheel racing in the US may finally be united again.

I gave up on CART (and the scabs) a long time ago, so frankly, I won't believe it 'till I see it. Danica=scab

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Bob Knight Resigns

To answer the question, "Why now, in the middle of the season?", read this. Excellent point dyams. Here is Coach Krzyzewski's quote, and more.

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Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast

Now you're all piling on me! I can't take it! I'm calling the speech police!

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Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast


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Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast

You've all missed it. Before the Giants played Dallas, who was the biggest distraction, and where was she living at the time? Now we see another quarterback being distracted, in what city? Just happens to be the same city the Giants are from? ...players(teams) do anything, up to and including illegal practices, to get the most meager advantage.

posted by canstusdis at 10:27 PM on January 22

Soccer Is As American As Apple Pie

I've got an idea. Let's modify soccer to fit American tastes. With a few modifications, like running with the ball, throwing, tackling, blocking; Americans would love it. We'll call it football.

posted by canstusdis at 01:02 AM on January 19

What's a coach really worth?

27, This relates to teacher/coach pay in no way. I was trying to counter your argument by using an analogy.(a poor one, I admit) Please, let me make another attempt. To suggest that only people wealthy enough to pay for their children's education should have children is like saying only people wealthy enough to have health insurance should get sick. The wealthy in our community pay for the health care of the poor through taxes. If not, the community suffers because of contagious diseases, pestilence, loss of the workforce, epidemics, etc. If the wealthy in our community refuse to pay for the poor's education, the community, again would suffer: rise in crime rates, drug and alcohol abuse, lower wages, fewer skilled laborforce, etc. Surely this is obvious to you.

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Bobby Knight gets 900th career victory.

THX-1138, I intentionally made the headline provocative, thinking I'd get more of a response. I'm also a big Bobby Knight fan, and thought his accomplishment was worth a thread. If you don't like Bob Knight, don't send your kids to go play for him. Yes, either player or reporter, you know what your getting with "coach". indycoltsfan, I feel sorry for the Hoosiers. They have a good program and great tradition. They should have never let him leave. (This was my first post, so I appologise for the poor link. I'll do a little more research next time...)

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Soccer Is As American As Apple Pie

You people... Always bad-mouthing soccer. If my high school would have had a soccer team, I would have probably played. (luckily they didn't so I played football instead)

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Lambeau's changing landscape

And make you all puke.

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What's a coach really worth?

r8, I have a better idea. Make people who live in houses have insurance. Let your insurance rates reflect how many occupants live in the house. Instead of giving small families (or singles) the same rates as those with large families, give them bills proportional to the amount of fuel and energy they use per occupant. Crazy, huh?

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Lambeau's changing landscape

I should write something nostalgic about the Dallas Cowboys....

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Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

David=Favre? Interesting...

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Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

In a fight between David and Goliath, I'll take David. Sure, 90% of the time David's going to get his ass kicked, but I want to see Goliath taken down off his high horse. So to David I say, "The man thinks his shit don't stink, so put an eye out!! And take him down a few notches. He's human just like the rest of us..."

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Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

Yea, the pats are great, blaw, blaw, blaw, ad nauseam... Reminds me of "The Big Red Machine". Another team I loved to hate...

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This weeks's NFL games will make terrific theater. popping into every goddamn thread to cry about it. You were saying? I believe your being over sensitive. I was trying to make a point by repeating comments made by several Cowboy fans that I know. I understand that you didn't get the point, but there's no need to brow beat me. If you didn't like the quote from Rocky, take it up with Stallone...

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This weeks's NFL games will make terrific theater.

Did you read my comment at all? You must have missed the speech police...

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Home sweet home: LSU tops OSU in BCS Championship

The rankings, people. Post-season, pre-season, mid-season...who cares? You're right, newbie. I just get tired of the " team sucks but they play in the best conference in the universe so I don't feel so bad about them getting their ass kicked by Louisiana-Monroe..." crap. Parity is coming. With the fall of Nebraska and Miami, and the rise of Boise State and Kansas, it's here and you'd better get used to it.

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This weeks's NFL games will make terrific theater.

Oh, No! Not another story about Romo and Jessica?! You are all hysterical woman haters!

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Giants top Buccaneers,

Careful what you say! The speech police are watching. You might be accused of anti-Mexico hysteria...

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Home sweet home: LSU tops OSU in BCS Championship

SEC fans: Take a look at this. Bowl Subdivision Polls Looks like the Big 12 has 4 teams in the top 10. Funny how SEC fans always want to compare their conference to the Big 10, or the Pac 10, or the ACC, or the Big East...

posted by canstusdis at 11:21 PM on January 08

Giants top Buccaneers,

Madam, I'm neither anti-woman nor hysterical. As for the funny part, you might be right...

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Giants top Buccaneers,

Rocky (1976) Mickey: Women weaken legs!

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Giants top Buccaneers,

Romo, what the hell were you thinking? Her kitty must be made of gold...

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Rock Chalk

Thanks, Hand. I do have more important to worry about. That's why I'm here...

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Seattle defeats Washington,

Please... Stop making excuses when your team loses. Take it like a man, not a cry baby...

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

tommytrump: Did you read past the "However,..."? "Many consider Seifert to be among the greatest NFL head coaches of all time." Because... "...his two Super Bowl victories and exceptional win-loss record (114-62 in the regular season and 10-5 in the postseason, all with the 49ers)..." I'm not one of the many.

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

O.K., let's look at another list. Let's look at Super Bowl coaches that have been to more than one Super Bowl with more than one quarterback. Tom Landry Super Bowl V with Craig Morton, lost Super Bowl VI with Roger Staubach, won Super Bowl X with Roger Staubach, lost Super Bowl XII with Roger Staubach, won Super Bowl XIII with Roger Staubach, lost Craig Morton, interestingly, is the only quarterback in NFL history to lead two different teams to the Super Bowl (Dallas in Super Bowl V, 1970, and Denver in Super Bowl XII, 1977)He lost both games. After Staubach's retirement in 1979, Landry coached for another 9 years but was unable to lead his team back to the Super Bowl. Landry's departure (firing) came shortly after the Cowboys were sold to Jerry Jones before the 1989 season. Don Shula Colts- Super Bowl III with Earl Morrall, lost Dolphins- Super Bowl VI with Bob Griese, lost Super Bowl VII with Bob Griese, won Super Bowl VIII with Bob Griese, won Super Bowl XVII with David Woodley, lost Super Bowl XIX with Dan Marino, lost In 1972 the Dolphins were unbeaten (14-0) in the regular season. They swept the playoffs and finished 17-0. For all his success, the Dolphins' January, 1974 Super Bowl win over the Minnesota Vikings proved to be Shula's last championship. Despite consistent success in the regular season, Shula was unable to win in the post-season, failing in 12 trips to the playoffs including two more Super Bowl appearances before retiring after the 1995 season. Joe Gibbs Super Bowl XVII with Joe Theismann, won Super Bowl XVIII with Joe Theismann, lost Super Bowl XXII with Doug Williams, won Super Bowl XXVI with Mark Rypien, won Gibbs is the only NFL coach to ever win three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks and three different starting running backs. Gibbs retired suddenly in early 1993, surprising many in the Washington Redskins organization and around the league. A notorious workaholic, he had begun to suffer some health problems, and he cited a desire to spend more time with his family. In 2004, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder successfully lured former coach Joe Gibbs away from NASCAR to return as head coach and team president. His employment came with a promise of decreased intervention in football operations from Snyder. Dick Vermeil Eagles- Super Bowl XV with Ron Jaworski, lost Rams- Super Bowl XXXIV with Kirt Warner, won Soon after retiring in 2000, Vermeil signed with the Kansas City Chiefs on January 12, 2001 despite his retirement after a Super Bowl win with the St. Louis Rams. On December 31, 2005, Vermeil announced that he would again retire at the conclusion of the 2005 season, and the next day he led the Kansas City Chiefs to a 37-3 rout over the Cincinnati Bengals. However, the Chiefs failed to make the playoffs, despite their 10-6 record. Bill Parcells Giants- Super Bowl XXI with Phil Simms, won Super Bowl XXV with Jeff Hostetler, won New England Patriots- Super Bowl XXXI with Drew Bledsoe, lost Jeff Hostetler was the back-up quarterback for Phil Simms who was injured late in the 1990 season. In 1996, Parcells left the Patriots after disagreements with owner Robert Kraft. Upon his departure, Parcells stated: "If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries." Although Parcells had decided to leave New England, his contract did not allow him to coach anywhere else. The New York Jets sought Parcells to take over their football operation after a 4-28 record under Rich Kotite. To circumvent Parcells' contractual obligations, the Jets hired Bill Belichick (then the #1 assistant to Parcells) as the Jets coach, and Bill Parcells was hired by the Jets in an "advisory" role. New England threatened legal action against Parcells and the Jets, but NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue brokered a deal between the two sides. Dan Reeves Broncos- Super Bowl XXI with John Elway, lost Super Bowl XXII with John Elway, lost Super Bowl XXIV with John Elway, lost Falcons- Super Bowl XXXIII with Chris Chandler, lost Reeves was fired from the Atlanta Falcons with three games remaining in the 2003 season. Reeves' career coaching record is 201-174-2, including an 11-9 record in the playoffs. His 201 wins are currently the most ever by a coach that did not win a Super Bowl. George Seifert Super Bowl XXIV with Joe Montana, won Super Bowl XXIX with Steve Young, won Many consider Seifert to be among the greatest NFL head coaches of all time. However, critics argue that his two Super Bowl victories and exceptional win-loss record (114-62 in the regular season and 10-5 in the postseason, all with the 49ers) resulted from inheriting Bill Walsh's 49ers team. They point to his abysmal 16-32 record as head coach of the Carolina Panthers, which included no playoff appearances and ended after the 2001 season when the team finished with a 1-15 record. (once again, I just compiled this list so if anyone is missing, please post them) Going over the list it seems to me that Don Shula stands out the most. You could draw the conclusion that he's the greatest coach of the modern era, going by only the information here, although he only won two Super Bowls.

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Bill Belichick named AP Coach Of The Year

yerfatma: I don't disagree with you. "As he gets older, his career seems to be following a downward trend." This can be said about any coach or player for that matter. Joe Gibbs immediately comes to mind. Great coach(a Hall of Fame inductee), but he's made some bone headed decisions this year. My first post wasn't so much about the legend of "The Tuna", but that legendary crazy man Jerry Jones.

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

After sleeping on this a while, I think I can start to draw some conclusions on this "coach or quarterback" thing. Q: Has there ever been a great coach that didn't have a good or great quarterback? A: Well, let's look at some Super Bowl coaches that have been to more than one Super Bowl with the same quarterback. I think that's a good place to start. coach-quarterback Vince Lombardi- Bart Starr Tom Landry- Roger Staubach Don Shula-Bob Griese Chuck Noll-Terry Bradshaw Bud Grant-Fran Tarkenton Bill Walsh-Joe Montana Joe Gibbs-Joe Theismann Dan Reeves-John Elway Marv Levy-Jim Kelly Jimmy Johnson-Troy Aikman Mike Holmgren-Brett Favre Mike Shanahan-John Elway Bill Belichick-Tom Brady (This is just a quick list. If I overlooked anyone, sorry.) Most of these men are in the Football Hall of Fame.(one would be if he knew when to quit) But does this list answer the question? Let me go back to bed and sleep on it.

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Rock Chalk

Yes, Kansas played a great game. Getting players to reach their full potential and play beyond their abilities is not an easy task. It's obvious that they're well coached. @#$%#$@!!!!!!!! Sorry, had to spit out some sour grapes...

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Bill Belichick named AP Coach Of The Year

rcade: Bill Parcells: responsible for Dallas' success this year? In my opinion, yes. Does he deserve all the credit? Of course not... There's one BIG difference between this year's team and last year's. Unless, of course, quarterback experience isn't important... Bill "The Tuna" was on the verge. He had planned it all and this year he would have implemented his plan had it not been snatched from him. But this isn't the first time we've seen this from Jerry jones. Does anyone remember Barry Switzer?

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

I thought it was a good analogy. But after picking my brain a little, I realized that it was a very good analogy. Since everyone else has moved on to other threads, maybe we can examine it in more detail if you don't mind... 2005 Regular Season In a matchup that was anticipated all season, No. 2 Texas won the national championship with a thrilling, come-from-behind victory over top-ranked Southern California in the Rose Bowl. Texas and USC were the only Division I-A teams to finish the regular season undefeated, and held the top two spots in the BCS standings all year. Borrowed from Vince Young, as a college junior, led the University of Texas Longhorns to a BCS National Championship on January 4, 2006 in a classic thriller against the defending BCS national champion University of Southern California Trojans in the 2006 Rose Bowl. The game featured two Heisman Trophy winners as Young's opponents: both USC quarterback Matt Leinart and USC running back Reggie Bush. The game was called one of the most-anticipated games in the history of college football. In perhaps the most spectacular individual college football performance ever,Young completed 75% of his passes for 267 yards and also managed to run for more yards than Bush; he totaled 200 yards at 10 yards a carry. borrowed from Rose Bowl: (2) Texas 41, (1) Southern California 38 Mack Brown's Year-By-Year Coaching Record Year Record 2007 10-3 2006 10-3 2005 13-0 2004 11-1 2003 10-3 2002 11-2 2001 11-2 2000 9-3 1999 9-5 1998 9-3 borrowed from I see some striking similarities between these two teams, don't you? And if the analogy holds true, is Belichick a "wizard"; Coach of the Year, or is Brady exceptional? "We're just arguing about the percentages." Perhaps...

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Roger Clemens

Say it ain't so, Roger. Say it ain't so...

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Bill Belichick named AP Coach Of The Year

"Also getting votes were Dallas coach Wade Phillips..." Please... Everyone knows who's responsible for Dallas' success this year, and now he's VP ing in Miami. Of course, what should you expect from a rich, excentric, "Howard Hughes" type of owner like Jerry Jones.

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

cjets: I was just trying to support your point using an analogy I'm familiar with.

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322' 7 1/2"

"His girlfriend was hot though." Made me laugh out loud... I was thinking the same thing

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

:And I agree with that. With this caveat: Tom Brady is an exceptional quarterback. Montanaesque or maybe even Jordanesque in his ability to finish big games. Without Brady as the field general and the success he brings, does a team even buy into Belichick's philosophy, the way this team has? posted by cjets at 6:26 PM CST on January 1 Please, read it again: Vince Young is an exceptional quarterback. Jordanesque in his ability to finish big games. Without Young as the field general and the success he brings, does a team even buy into Mack Brown's philosophy, the way this team has? circa Jan 2006

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

Damn, I need a new job. I could have been home today watching the bowl games and reading all the new postings. Yes, the Pats have done something great, but I still hate them like I used to hate Joe Montana. Greatest quarterback ever (sorry Brett Farve); I just couldn't understand why he had to play for those damned 49ers...

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

lil brown bat: C'mon, tell me you don't hate the Cowboys, or the Yankees, or the Celtics, or Notre Dame, or insert your team here...________. Nobody hates Western Oklahoma A&M because nobody's heard of them and because their beloved team has never lost to them! "...a case of sour grapes?" Of course. Why would you expect anything else?

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Patriots are perfect 16-0

Nothing would be sweeter to me than to see someone, anyone knock off the Pats in the playoffs. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am a bonafied Patriots hater! But..., history has been made and IF they do go all the way and IF they do win the Super Bowl (against my beloved Cowboys... he,he,he) then what will history have to say about it? THE 2007 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, GREATEST TEAM EVER

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Greatest Moments of the 2007 College Football Season

"Wasn't Oklahoma #2 when they lost to Texas Tech?" jaygolf: They were ranked 3rd in the AP, USA Today, and Harris Interactive polls that week. Interesting that this article didn't at least mention the fact that if Oklahoma had beat Texas Tech, they quite probably would be playing in the National Championship.

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For The Love of Sport: Going Bowling

"I am not saying that LSU is an unworthy opponent all that I am saying is that if the BCS dinosaurs would simply get over themselves and institute a simple 16 team playoff system all of these idiotic debates would go away." Yes, a playoff system is preferable, but will it happen? Maybe in my lifetime...

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Greatest Moments of the 2007 College Football Season

"In a season where Oklahoma was supposed to coast into the BCS, the Big 12 provided three championship contenders and was maybe the most exciting conference in all of college football." I'm happy to see the Big 12 North do well. Maybe this season will silence those that say the Big 12 Conference is weak because the North is weak.

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Colin McRae killed.


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