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NFL Won't Let Ochocinco Wear Henry's No. 15 Jersey

boo hoo... who cares, just another athlete crying out... let's win one for the dead idiot. chris henry obviously had his issues. it's hard to show compassion for someone that threatens to kill themself and then goes through with it. other than to his immediate family, he will be forgotten by the end of next week.

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Bengals Receiver Chris Henry Dies After Car Accident

there are still three kids without a dad. they are better off.

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Bengals Receiver Chris Henry Dies After Car Accident

even in his last hour this dude broke the law. you are not allowed to be riding in the back of a pick up truck.

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Bengals Receiver Chris Henry Dies After Car Accident

actually, jumping in the back of truck was the bullshit maneuver

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Florida Linebacker Tried to Eye-Gouge Opponent

why is everyone making such a huge deal out of this, being that the alleged victim said that spikes shouldn't have got suspended at all.

The statement you made is ridiculous! If he was just trying to wipe the spit back in his face and not poke his eye, his hand would not have been angled right up at his eyes. Watch it again, Spikes is in there so far his glove is falling off

my point exactly, his hand was so far inside his facemask that if he wanted to he could have gouged out his eyes. and apparently Ealey knew what was going on that's why he stated that spikes should not have been suspended.

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Florida Linebacker Tried to Eye-Gouge Opponent

look, i could care less about the whole thing. also, one correction, spikes wears a clear face mask cover, so it was never on his actual face, but i see nobody in here pays enough attention to notice those things. and another thing, it doesnt matter what any of you think, its all about winning, no matter what the cost. it is far bigger than any of you, so this sorta thing will continue, its football, and it happens at every level. from elementary to the pros. and one more thing, if someone spat in your face, how would you react?

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Florida Linebacker Tried to Eye-Gouge Opponent

no he didnt keep it on his face.... he wiped it off and then the very next play was when he smeared it on Ealey's face. look at the footage.

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Florida Linebacker Tried to Eye-Gouge Opponent

ok let's get one thing straight. Ealey is fine, if spikes wanted to gouge his eyes out he had plenty of time to do so. but what i found out was that on the previous play Ealey spit in his face, and all Spikes did was wipe off the spit and was trying to smear it on Ealey's face. he wasnt trying to gouge out his eyes. he was simply taking Ealey's spit and giving it back. if you look at the footage, spikes had his hand inside ealey's facemask for quite a long time, it wouldn't take all that much effort to poke him in the eyes. so i guess next time he should have showed his "Georgia Sportsmanship" and spit back in Ealey's face.

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Mavericks Fans Declare Open Season on Nuggets' Families

well put wfrazerjr

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Giants Win Superbowl!

looks like plaxico was right on when he said their defense would hold the mighty pats to only 17 points. amazing game.

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Tim Tebow, happy to be a Gator. Happy to be the Heisman winner.

ksb122, i agree mcfadden had a great year, but they lost more times than florida this year, 4 to 3 plus, tebow put op great numbers in every game he played in this year, mcfadden had a few off games... 43 yards at auburn, and only 61 at the might powerhouse of florida international. plus when you look at the difference in td's put up by each... tebow destroys mcfadden. all in all the right person won the award.

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

urall cloolis.. i dont care what you do or what you have done.. and being that you have met him once.. i guess that makes you the most knowledgeable person when it comes to who sean taylor was acquainted with. and now that i know you are a college educated business owner in the sports industry, i can see where you came up with this outstanding proposal of a sporting challenge. you really are an idiot, and by the way, the wall is way more educated. i dont see him coming up with crazy ideas.

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

and as for urall cloolis.. how in any way that by being a better athlete than me makes any sense over the death of sean taylor. you really are an idiot. so if i was to come over to your trailer park and kick your ass.. would that make my point anymore... how on earth can you be this moronic?

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

backpedaling? all i said was that he was still hanging out with the wrong people. nowhere did i say he invited his own death. i do believe that he increased his chances of something bad happening because of who he was acquainted with. just like if i was to be hanging out with people that had drug convictions... the likelyhood of something shady happening around me would increase. i dont think he invited his own death, i just think that he didnt change enough of his life to better his chances of something bad happening. and yes i know that he had turned his life around from what had happened in his past, just that i think he needed to separate a little more from quote.. unquote.. thug type people. and nobody has to agree with what i am saying.. i am merely stating my opinion... if you dont like it... so what. i thought thats what these posts were for. i never thought that people would become so ignorant over my opinion.

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

urall cloolis .. you have to be the stupidest person in the world. does anything you say make any sense? a sporting challenge? well that will just change evertyhing...and i am dying to know... how did you come up with 5,000 dollar amount? you really need some help dude. and by the way i never said that he invited his own death.. all i said was he was still hanging out with people he shouldnt have. just like the miami herald reported. is it really going to make a difference to beat your ass in a few sporting games.. you really are a moron.. you should just shut up, because everytime you open that big fat mouth, the people are around you all become a little dumber.

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery


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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

i rest my case

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

The Miami Herald reported that Mitchell and Wardlow had connections to Taylor

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

The four suspects all have prior arrests, according to Lee County Sheriff's Office records. Wardlow, 18, was arrested twice for selling marijuana and once for grand theft of a vehicle. Rivera, 17, has been arrested in October for trafficking cocaine and methamphetamine, and he previously was behind bars for altering the identification number on a firearm. Hunte, 20, was arrested previously this year on drug and trespassing charges. And Mitchell, 19, has been arrested twice, most recently in October on charges of driving with a suspended license and violation of probation.

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Sean Taylor murder was a botched robbery

wrong?? at least one of the suspects were at his house a few months ago for a birthday party... like it or not they knew each other.. which goes to prove my reasoning that he was still around bad people... look at their rap sheets, these boys were not the best people to be inviting in your home.

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Redskins' Taylor Shot by Intruder

wow... you people are way to serious. i am just giving my opinion.. you dont have to like it, i could care less... just stating the obvious. i am sorry he died, but he was in no way a saint. you know when he was playing and also getting in trouble with the law, i am sure all you people werent sending your thoughts and prayers to his family and friends so that he would get his life straightened out, now that he has passed, everyone has to come out and show support... well where was the support when he was getting arrested. the sad part is that the guy has to die to be talked about as a great individual.

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Redskins' Taylor Shot by Intruder

well ladygen.. i keep a gun next to my bed, plus i spent 8 years in the marines, i am pretty confident if someone was to break in my home.

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Redskins' Taylor Shot by Intruder

yes it is kokaku. his death has no bearing on my life in any way. which i am positive it doesnt have any bearing on 99 percent of the population. and by the way dudedykstra.. i am not a troll i am the devil.

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Redskins' Taylor Shot by Intruder

no.. i dont feel ashamed.. if his house was burglarized eight days before, he should have taken better action to prevent it again. plus he kept a machete next to the bed, he should have been smarter than this, never bring a knife to a gun fight.

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Redskins' Taylor Shot by Intruder

point is.. this guy is a thug wannabe.. which being that he played at miami.. no surprise.

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Stanford Knocks Off No. 2 USC

pac-10 = overrated ... USC has been finding a way to blow it for a few years now.. just when you think they have the team to beat.. they go out and get beat.. at least they didnt wait till closer to the end of the season.

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Belichick's cheating could lead to dark days for NFL.

interesting point savanx.. however, it doesnt matter what anyone believes whether other teams were cheating also... the point that you are missing is that the Patriots were the ones caught with evidence proving they were cheating. so you can assume all you want, but the simple fact is that other teams have not been caught, which i agree doesnt mean they arent as guilty. so you just have to go with what we know for sure. simple fact: New England Patriots got caught cheating... again. so why havent other teams been caught.. if the pats have been busted a few times?

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Former Redskins, Giants LB Arrington hurt in motorcycle crash

just because he doesnt have an endorsement doesnt mean he lacks proper skills.. i dont have an endorsement and have been riding for 12 years now, and i have never wrecked. an endorsement doesnt mean anything.. besides the test is a joke.

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This ain't my first rodeo!

all i am voicing is that in my opinion this shouldn't even be considered a sport

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