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Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

I have been run out of Texas for being a Saints fan and Arkansas Razorback. I hope they can pull it off. Three joys in my life are the frown on a Cowboy's fans face when I mention the 70's Steelers, the fact that it took 7 teams from Texas to beat one from Arkansas in the old Southwest Conference, and the thrill of seeing the Saints(and Fans) not giving up. Great column. Did you figure out what I hate?

posted by twill9620 at 06:46 PM on January 17

Chargers shut out Pats fans

I know having home field is an advantage but this is a little extreme. Doesn't a little in the crowd joking and arguing between rival fans make the experience whole. I'm not a Patriots fan but don't you think they are too good and too well coached to get thrown off by this.

posted by twill9620 at 06:36 PM on January 10