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Earnhardt Jr. to Hendrick, Kyle Busch out of #5 Kellogg's car?

I am a big Gordon/Johnson fan and I think this announcement is great. Btw Hand I could have told you it would be Busch and not Mears since Mears and Ricky Hendrick were real close friends and Mears has said Rick Hendrick is like a father to him.

posted by livewire at 03:31 PM on June 13

Cavaliers 0

Well now i may actually watch the finals if it was detroit-san antonio i would have just skipped it this year.

posted by livewire at 07:11 AM on June 05

College basketball's top ten active coaches - SI thinks they know

This is absolute bullshit.Love him or hate him, any list that omits Bob Knight is more than wrong,it is plain stupid.(and don't ask me how I really feel). posted by sickleguy at 5:53 PM CDT on April 12 I agree Bob Knight is a great coach one of the best of all time, but in the article he says the top 10 coaches right now not of all time.

posted by livewire at 05:07 AM on April 13

Peyton Manning's Monkey Has Died

Yes congratz to the colts it was a great game. As far as sanders i couldn't agree more. I even got online and voted for him as MVP.

posted by livewire at 11:54 PM on February 04

Dungy's true impact

When i said great man in the post i was refering more to the way he treats his players and all those arround him rather than his family life.

posted by livewire at 06:23 PM on January 23

Knight gets win No. 880, passing Smith

I guess i am a little biased with the greatest coach thing being a long time IU fan.

posted by livewire at 01:54 PM on January 01

One Last College Football Poll

yeah nice link wingnut

posted by livewire at 05:50 PM on December 15

Jason Kidd’s 80 Triple-Doubles- Will he make it to 100 triple doubles?

it's the nets who cares

posted by livewire at 05:49 PM on December 15

You did what?!

I thought this game sounded stupid but after all this I may have to check it out

posted by livewire at 05:42 PM on December 15

Want to Watch the New York Football Giants Like a True Fan?

watching a giants game would wear me out with this

posted by livewire at 05:40 PM on December 15

Tom Brady Blitzes Yahoo!

Funny this came up, because my father and I were commenting about how freaking many commercials Manning is in. For the love of god, is it ever possible to have enough money? I seem to remember another superstar with even more commercials than manning. I think he played basketball for the Chicago Bulls.

posted by livewire at 09:37 AM on December 08

2006 College bowl listings

I know this is somewhat off topic but all this bowl bs is about MONEY! Isn't it about time the players get their fair share of the pie? This is how teams get probation and rules violations giving players there part of the money.

posted by livewire at 09:17 AM on December 05

Where did they come from?

It is nice to see more and more of the mid majors making a name for themselves recently. I just hate to see the same teams winning year after year.

posted by livewire at 10:54 AM on December 04

UCLA Pulls Off Shocker Against No. 2 USC.

If we see Ohio State and Florida it will be just to see Ohio State blow them out. At least Michigan stands a chance as they showed earlier this year.

posted by livewire at 09:57 AM on December 03

Kobe drops 52 in 3 Quarters, against Utah...

I hate the lakers but would have to agree that Kobe is one of the best playing the game today.

posted by livewire at 09:24 AM on December 01

Legally blind woman, 94, bowls a 244.

Maybe i need to bowl with my contacts out. Actually couldn't do much worse than i do now.

posted by livewire at 09:20 AM on December 01

Arsenal stadium linked to death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko.

Not to mention could affect others in the same area.

posted by livewire at 09:19 AM on December 01

Quick, name a sulking NFL receiver looking bad on the sidelines: Marvin Harrison?

I have a son who is 8 and is starting to play football. Marvin is one of the players I hope my son looks up to.

posted by livewire at 05:44 AM on November 29

Dallas Cowboys Boot Vanderjagt

Vanderjagt also caused a lot of internal problems with the colts fighting with other players. That is one of the reasons they let him go.

posted by livewire at 05:30 AM on November 29

Larry Coker Fired at Miami

Not to say he was a great coach but he was a great recruiter. If he doesn't end up coaching somewhere else next season I can see him working for some big program helping with recruiting in some fashion.

posted by livewire at 09:28 AM on November 26

Wojciechowski: BCS System Needs Extreme Makeover

Bowl season lasts almost a month why not start the playoffs sometime during bowl season and they can still play the National Title game when they want. Have the final four New years weekend and the title game the next week.

posted by livewire at 09:21 AM on November 26