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Wellington Mara, 1916-2005

I haven't posted here in ages, but as someone who bleeds Big Blue, I have to add a deeply heart-felt bit of love for Mara. I knew he wouldn't last much longer, but I'm still upset by the news. All respect for what he did for the Giants, and the NFL as a whole. He'll be sorely missed.

posted by livii at 08:02 PM on October 25

Crosby and Bay win MLB Rookie of the Year awards

I'm really happy about Bay - partly because I'm a Canadian, partly because I like that this is the Pirates' first rookie win, and partly because I liked his sister when she pitched for our Olympic softball team. Not that I've seen him play...I only watch Jays' games and the playoffs. Eep.

posted by livii at 05:39 PM on November 08

World Series Game 4

DrJohnEvans - of course it will be! (Remembers the glory days of the early 90s...won't weep because I'm too happy...) Okay, really time for bed. :)

posted by livii at 11:08 PM on October 27

World Series Game 4

Way late, but i only got home for the 9th - congrats to all the Sox fans. I only cheer for them secondarily, but I'm still overwhelmed - it's so freaking great. Good night, though! On preview: I like Manny as MVP - works for me. Imagine it was a hard choice though.

posted by livii at 11:02 PM on October 27

Is anyone else sick of Tim Mcarver?

I actually like the Fox guys; though it could just be familiarity at this point. I don't actually listen - it's more of a soothing background noise thing, the announcers. ;) I can even tune 'em out if I'm busy, without needing to mute. It also could be that my only other option is listening to the freaks Sportsnet brought in for the WS - ah, no, thank you.

posted by livii at 09:51 PM on October 24

This is it

Thanks for the fun, btw - hope to be back on Saturday.

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This is it


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This is it

10! Yes!

posted by livii at 10:53 PM on October 20

This is it

Oh, stop jinxing, stop jinxing! I can't take this; won't relax until it's OVER.

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This is it

Joey - was just thinking the same sort of thing... Loved the sound that hr made when it went down the pole, btw. Too cool.

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This is it


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This is it

Oh bloody hell. This series wil give me ulcers yet. I think it's time for a beer - 11pm be damned.

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This is it

Argh again! I really, really want a few more runs! I can't decide about the pitching change.

posted by livii at 10:05 PM on October 20

This is it

Oh yes, etagloh! I'm knocking wood 'til my knuckles are raw here to try to mitigate all the damn jinxing that's going on! *is very, very superstitious about jinxing*

posted by livii at 09:44 PM on October 20

This is it

Thanks, Hal. I actually lurk on SpoFi all the time but have never really had time to join in. I thought this might be a good place to start. :) Argh that they couldn't score any more runs there...I don't think we can write off the Yanks yet...

posted by livii at 09:35 PM on October 20

This is it

I'm new to the thread too - have been wanting to join in these discussions but haven't been able to. While I'm a Blue Jays fan firstly (and how hard is it to watch all the ex-1992/93 era Jays playing?) I also love the Red Sox so this has been great. I've never watched baseball so compulsively; I even had class tonight, but made my husband pick me up the minute was over so I could come home and watch, and participate here for a change. Er, after all that - yes! Bases loaded!!

posted by livii at 09:15 PM on October 20

Lockout looming!

An hour and a half until they decide... What I can't get over here is the salaries. These players make no money. Then again, it's lacrosse. The sport we pretend isn't our national sport...

posted by livii at 09:30 PM on October 01