August 08, 2007

Stromtroopers break up the Alliance.: Alliance for "Beijing-style cursing" from the terraces at Beijing Guoan's home matches that is. Another sad day for sporting tradition.

posted by Abiezer to soccer at 08:57 AM - 4 comments

I've been to a few Guoan games, and noticed the prominent messages on the electronic scoreboard about no "Beijing cursing." Only a select few cities and communities get a style of foul-mouthery named after them. Yes, it mostly involves what is euphemistically known as the "c-word" chanted on en masse. And just noticed typo in me link! ???

posted by Abiezer at 09:02 AM on August 08

Good stuff. Thanks Abiezer. I once saw AC Milan (with Ruud Gullit) play the Chinese National Team at the Workers' Stadium - must have been 1995. Can't say if there was any cursing even if I'd been able to understand it!

posted by owlhouse at 07:02 PM on August 08

That was unreadable for me. "Beijing-style cursing" five times in the first papagraph...

posted by bobfoot at 07:50 PM on August 08

hehe... damn, *paragraph*

posted by bobfoot at 08:54 PM on August 09

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