August 27, 2002

Ricky Williams maintains his own website. While it may not have tons of fancy special effects, it does have an online diary and his own photos, among other things.

posted by Sister Havana to football at 02:57 PM - 5 comments

As a web developer, I'd just like to say thank you. Fans of the blockquote tag, unite. I'd like to request a gallery of photos of Ricky in his helmet off the field. Ricky has some interesting fans out there: "my question is how do the Miami Dolphins pray before games and what do the non-religious individuals or guys like Jay Fiedler (who is Jewish) do during that time? i think its wrong for a coach to force a player to pray." I wasn't aware that Jewish == unable to pray.

posted by yerfatma at 03:28 PM on August 27

Man, that site is absolutely brutal. Someone needs to Ask Ricky if he actually paid someone to design that site. I believe Ricky's helmet was on backwards when he put this venture together, yes?

posted by rosey8810 at 04:17 PM on August 27

Man, and I was beginning to think that my web development skills were outdated. Let's just say that by comparison, If I was the Ricky Williams of Web Development, Ricky Williams is the Reggie "One Yard" Dupard of web development. If that makes any sense.... Either way, I can throw a spiral, but I don't play football. Ricky might know some HTML (or have FrontPage), but he shouldn't design websites. Can't you just see him at his PC (there's no way he uses a Mac...) with his helmet on, writing BLOCKQUOTE tags? I hope he never finds a copy of Flash or the Internet is doomed.

posted by Conquistador at 01:04 AM on August 28

The design of the page is irrelevent. I think it's great that he's creating it himself instead of hiring a company just to fill a page up with self marketing bullshit. Bravo Ricky, keep your head high and your helmet on.

posted by corpse at 09:22 AM on August 28

If you remember, Ricky was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, and is now well on his way to being social. I think that this website is part of his recovery, and something that he wants to do. More power to him.

posted by rebeuthl at 09:24 AM on August 28

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