July 21, 2002

"I'm mad as Hell and i just can't take it any more".: He was accused in the British media of having sworn at a BBC radio reporter on friday and storming away after his disastrous Saturday round in appalling weather conditions. Citing press criticism, he has pulled out of his next two tournaments. "I would've spoken yesterday. Tiger Woods was here and you were more interested in him". Colin Montgomerie on how to win friends and influence people.

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Remember the last discussion we had about how Montgomerie's treatment by American hecklers was an embarrasment to golf? Maybe it's time to come around to the notion that Monty's just a drama queen who goes around looking for things to cry about.

posted by rcade at 07:19 AM on July 22

By choosing to respond this way Colin has guaranteed that the boorish behavior of the fans will continue. Now they can call him a quitter for pulling out of the tournaments on top of everything else he gets snarked for. I thought Tiger pulled a full monty, or at least a quasi monty in round 2 when he was complaining to some photographers about snapping pics during his backswing. Not that he isn't entitled to silence at that point but his reaction was just reminiscent (to me) of how Monty went back and forth with fans he felt were being distracting. Me, I was pretty disappointed overall. I know, four way tie, two way sudden death blah blah. If Tiger ain't in it, I ain't watching.

posted by vito90 at 08:21 AM on July 22

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