November 27, 2005

Michael Irvin Arrested: REAL shocker.

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Hopefully, it will be enough to get him canned from ESPN and I can start watching their football coverage again.

posted by sfts2 at 07:27 PM on November 27

If ESPN cans Michael, who takes his place?

posted by dbt302 at 07:30 PM on November 27

Sounds like ole Michael is up to some old tricks what did you expect once a bum always a bum.....

posted by BigDogintheCity at 08:45 PM on November 27

Give him a break. Those deamons are sometimes too much for any person to overcome. Hate him for his actions , not for his addiction. I hope for his best.

posted by Richard j Garcia at 09:09 PM on November 27

weed aint no addiction ok? he is just a doofus with a minor crack habit

posted by GoBirds at 09:13 PM on November 27

I was wondering-He is has been harder to understand. He laughs at jokes that make know since. I wont even comment on is Bret Favre comments. However, I will not fault the man as his is dealing with some really strong deamons.. Weed, crack, booze etc its all the same in my book.....

posted by daddisamm at 09:25 PM on November 27

Walk a mile in his shoes and see how easy it is to break these bad habbits. Get help, stay with a recovery program , and relize it will never be a done deal.

posted by Richard j Garcia at 09:50 PM on November 27

(daddisamm, don't lump weed in with those those other two evil, evil drugs. :) ) I'm not crazy about Michael Irvin as an analyst, but he serves a purpose on that show. There is no subject that comes up on that panel that all four of them will agree. There's always a discussion with two sides to it, which is good on a panel-type show. The other guys may not like him, but they often enjoy arguing. (Kind of like here.)

posted by chicobangs at 09:55 PM on November 27

I can't say that I'm surprised, but like my friend RJ Garcia said, habits are hard to break. I really don't think "playfaker" is actually trying to break any of his bad habits. He has always seemed to be all about himself, and has never taken any responsibility for his actions. I may not be a C'boy fan, but if I were, I'd be embarrased to have him in any "Ring of Honor"!! And like sfts2 said, I can start watching ESPN on sunday mornings again.

posted by sportscop76 at 10:01 PM on November 27

I didnt like irvin when he played, i started to think he was ok running his mouth as an analyst. BUT, to hear some of you comment about 'cutting him a break". "He's dealing with demons". There are always excuses for this guy who is married and has kids. If this was TO things would be alot different.Some of us think its ok to be involved with drugs as a parent of small kids. But we think someone who speaks his opinion(however outrageous and self centered it may be) should be banned from their career for life. So i ask this question. Lets say all stats being pretty much even(and say TO gets a few superbowl rings before he retires). Who would you rather see inducted in the hall of fame? Which "type" of person do you think would deserve more forgiveness for their character flaws? The repeat drug offender or the "bad attitude" crybaby who runs his mouth? Or should character/personality be totally ignored and they be judged by their athletic ability alone? And the final (and toughest) question, which category would randy moss fall under?

posted by RZA at 11:03 PM on November 27

It's not 'OK'. He is not a good role model. He needs to pay the price for his crimes. Let it be jail time. That might wake up someone who has it made in the shade and make them realize, 'Hey, I'm better than this!'. Also, can you guys spell?

posted by Smitty63 at 05:52 AM on November 28

The fact that they didn't find any drugs in his car leads me to believe that he is telling the truth. Just maybe It was a "friends" pipe. Say what you want to about Michael, But I haven't heard one of his teamates complain about him.

posted by Rabbit504 at 06:08 AM on November 28

First of all Irvin is stupid but what a man does with his time away from work is his problem. Don't judge people until you've walked a mile in their shoes. 2nd T.O is a loud mouth but that does not change what he can do on the field, if his stats put him in Canton someday then he should be there.

posted by cdlchad at 06:15 AM on November 28

For now, I am willing to accept Irvin's explaination that the "stuff" belongs to a friend he was trying to help. I hope and pray that is all it is. I still say he has a hard enough time fighting the demons he has to fight. Demons that we all have to fight at one time or another. Sorry Chico-I have to include weed in with the othe evils--sorry but thats who I am---:-). We shouldn't judge others-If someone is in trouble, we should lend them a hand...........;-)

posted by daddisamm at 06:31 AM on November 28

Seriously, some of you should take a look for typos before you submit. Everyone has an opinion about Irvin's "deamons", but the fact of the matter is that the man is no longer a professional athlete, and is not getting paid for the well being of his body. I guess you could say that he is getting paid for the well being of his analysis skills, but seriously... you all have watched him work. People are so quick to judge (Bonds, Palmeiro, Armstrong, etc... ) without looking at all the circumstances, or considering the possibility that there may be no way to know all the circumstances. who has the right to judge these people, and who would want to be judged with the same scrutiny? Luke 6:37

posted by everett at 06:51 AM on November 28

Pretty minor charges here, people. Irvin may be in a little bit more trouble because of his past convictions, but I would be very surprised if this actually leads to any substantial punishment. It would be much more entertaining if it was Chris Berman. Irvin - too predictable.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 08:03 AM on November 28

Lets see if Dan Patrick will still suck Irvins pipe, errrrrr kiss his ass.

posted by Turbo at 08:04 AM on November 28

What a crock of shit!!! Yea ok, it was your friends pipe, just another lie. Last time he got nailed it was a felony, did he do time? hell no!! FIRE HIS ASS ESPN!!

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His friends pipe. I used that excuse in high school and my dumb ass parents didn't believe it. The article doesn't speicify what kind of drug he was using (drug pipe, laughed my ass off at that one) If it's weed not a big deal, don't smoke it in public stupid. If it's crack then the brother needs some help.

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A "drug" pipe. That tells me nothing. My grandpa puffed on a drug pipe. The drug was called tobacco. And I loved the smell of it. Me and the missus take hits off a drug pipe. It's a sweet water bong for puffing B.C.'s finest. Was Irvin's drug something else? The press should stop being so vague, and the cops should stop being so invasive. I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that Irvin was pulled over because he was a black man driving an expensive car, and that's smoking-gun proof that he's "uppity," guilty as charged. Unless he was a hazard in traffic and actually caught inhaling drugs, then leave the guy alone.

posted by the red terror at 09:28 AM on November 28

I used that excuse in high school and my dumb ass parents didn't believe it. Absolutely. WeedyMcSmokey Hopefully that's not Michael's attorney's name. Way to throw one more negative into your Hall of Fame resume, Michael. Great timing. And with regards to this "deamons" crap and how we need to "feel his pain," etc., I still classify this problem as a "weakness" not an "illness." This has been going on since he was an active player, recalling the time he was in the hotel room with the hookers and drugs (all circumstantial, I believe Michael claimed). If Michael indeed DOES have a major problem, then between his own money and that of his former teammates, who everyone says he was so popular with, they'd better come to his aide and get him some help. Once he gets canned from ESPN for this type of behavior, he's burned that bridge (one he was lucky to get in the first place). I don't feel sorry one bit for Michael, but I do feel for his family and what they must go through. Yes, this may be a "minor" arrest/issue, but I can't get passed the feeling there's still much bigger issues revolving around Michael.

posted by dyams at 09:30 AM on November 28

I agree with the criticism of the "drug pipe" explanation. I am a firm believer that what type of "drug" does make a significant difference. Daddisamm, despite U.S. Govt & drug company propaganda, weed does not even closely belong in the same category as crack or alcohol. Decades of personal experience with all, (and much much more, maybe too much), and imperical evidence easily demonstrate such. As far as Mr. Irwin in concerned, if it was your "friends" pipe, (esp crack), and you were trying to protect your family, the best thing that you should do is keep these kind of friends away from your family. You can do so, and still support your friends.

posted by RedStrike at 10:01 AM on November 28

What I find interesting here is that it was just a pipe. No drugs. I guess head shops aren't legal in Texas, but man, these things are available freely in legal retail stores all over this country.

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To Daddisamm, we kid cause we love Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn't the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit... unnatural? You know what I mean? It's nature. How do you make nature against the fucking law? - B.H.

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Does anyone remember that hippie character that used to be on early Conan O'Brien that could take any three objects of your choice and fashion it into a "drug bong"? (I think he was played by Tom Davis, the former comedy team partner of Al Franken.) With a little creativity, a cop could take a seatbelt, car keys and cigarette lighter and go: A-HA!!! Caught red-naded with drug paraphenalia!!! Jeezuz, they didn't even find any drugs on the guy. He's guilty of a thought-crime.

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red-naded A mind is a terrible thing to waste. How do you make nature against the fucking law? I don't make the laws, or agree with some laws, and I doubt anyone posting on this site wrote many of these laws (particularly judging by some of the spelling). That doesn't change the fact, however, that they are LAWS. Just because I think the pot law is stupid doesn't mean I go driving around town with my Elvis-head bong sitting on my passenger seat.

posted by dyams at 11:24 AM on November 28

He needs to pay the price for his crimes. Let it be jail time. For a misdemeanor charge involving a drug pipe and no drugs? Irvin's explanation is obviously suspect, but if people were willing to believe that Barry Switzer accidentally took a handgun onto a plane in his luggage, why not Irvin's "that was my friend's pipe" explanation? It's a shame this happened, because it means he's either back on drugs or has tarnished his Hall of Fame chances for an innocent situation. But the comments treating him like Nate Newton are excessive. These pipes are legal throughout the world. It's a dumb, trumped-up charge.

posted by rcade at 11:27 AM on November 28

A "drug pipe" but no drugs? Shouldn't have even been arrested. I personally think it's wrong and a little stupid, but not enough to tie up our courts and resources on. Give people a ticket for stuff like this with a big fine. Put the users to work cleaning streets or graffiti but keep them out of jail.

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If there is resin, that is drugs. That's how you get paraphernalia (that's a lot harder to spell than I thought) out of the NED safely, by waiting to use them until you get home.

posted by garfield at 12:28 PM on November 28

Does the fact that Irvin was actually arrested for a prior speeding violation that he claims to have "thought he had paid" tell us anything about the general demeanor of the man? He forgot to dump the pipe and he forgot to pay the speeding ticket.

posted by Termite at 12:52 PM on November 28

It bothers me that you all think you know whats going on. Half of you didnt even read the whole article, he will be broadcasting tonight, yet you feel compeled to offer your uneducated opinion.

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Daahh, jeez George, dah, dat's wot I thought, (I sit therefore I am), deez forums were for, ah dah . . .

posted by RedStrike at 12:57 PM on November 28

What particular points are you, um, bothered with, humpnine? It's a long article with lots of, er, facts...tell us which ones we're ignoring and then we can get into a nice debate. Hopefully one rife with undereducuperated opinions.

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If ESPN cans Michael, who takes his place? I heard T.O. might be available.........hehehe

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Does the fact that Irvin was actually arrested for a prior speeding violation that he claims to have "thought he had paid" tell us anything about the general demeanor of the man? He's hardly the only person to have overlooked a ticket.

posted by rcade at 01:35 PM on November 28

Irvin said he put the pipe in his car because he didn't want it in his house where his children might find it. He said he planned to drive somewhere the next day, like a grocery trash bin, and throw the pipe away but forgot. How big a pipe was this, anyways? Was it the size of a golden retriever or something? Most people would have just thrown it in the woods or into a lake, etc. Of all the things Michael Irvin may be, at least he's no litter bug.

posted by dyams at 01:36 PM on November 28

posted by rcade at 01:58 PM on November 28

The craziest thing about this forum is that it seems people have sympathy for drugs (not just the user). Man, "it matters what drug their on" is a bunch of crap. If someone was prescribed vicotin for pain, but decided to take four pills instead of one and was driving on the road----they are considered dangerous due to their impairment. I do not have the desire to drive my family anywhere near someone driving under the influence, even though it happens unknowingly on a daily bases. I don't know if Mike is telling the truth or not, but this will definetly have it's consequences!

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Dear Santa....

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:15 PM on November 28

Feel sorry for the guy? Screw him. 420/24/7.Did I hear that he was driving almost 40mph over the speed limit? Thats looking out for friends and family. Learn to spell well...spell well get it? haha

posted by GoBirds at 02:17 PM on November 28

Man, "it matters what drug their on" is a bunch of crap. You may think it's a bunch o' crap, but the justice dep't does not, which is why they classify some drugs like caffeine and alcohol differently than they do LSD and PCP. Now, I don't know about you, but I'd much rather my kid was drinking four colas a day than injecting heroin into his arm four times a day. You say that's a bunch of crap, to me it seems like common sense. And nobody that does mind-altering drugs like booze or hash advocates operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

posted by the red terror at 02:17 PM on November 28

My sympathies lie with the people being judged by hypocritical knee jerks that lump everything into categories, such as drugs = bad, without intelligence enough to be nuanced in a discussion such as this one. There's plenty of O.F.Ps out there driving carelessly and even wrecklessly without being on any drug, (legal or not). Where's the hue & cry to remove them? Ohh, that's right, drugs are bad. People are not.

posted by RedStrike at 02:29 PM on November 28

If someone was prescribed vicotin for pain They need to find a new doctor.

posted by yerfatma at 02:43 PM on November 28

I havent Heard the DP show yet--Is he standing by his man? the "playmaker" It will be interesting to see what old DP says. I have looked at this situation from a "christian" perspective. After all, Irvan has came out as a "born again" christain. I know that means little to most of you. Some would even say that it shows how much of a Hypocrit Irving or any other Christian falling into sin is. Thats why I wont judge Irvin in this or any case. To Daddisamm, we kid cause we love I know that Hater-the same back at you! :-) rcade-is that a pipe or a thing used for crop irregation??

posted by daddisamm at 02:51 PM on November 28

Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn't the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit... unnatural? You know what I mean? It's nature. How do you make nature against the fucking law? - B.H. Now I've heard everything!

posted by STLCardinalfan at 03:00 PM on November 28

my Elvis-head bong You, sir, are the Man.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 03:04 PM on November 28

Irvan has came out as a "born again" christain. I know that means little to most of you. You know, you say a lot of things that I could agree with, then you throw something in that paints the rest of us as heathen and you as the last scion of Christ. Get off that horse, man, it's far too high. Besides, it means so much to you, I would think you'd at least spell the man's name right and capitalize "Christian." Obviously, Michael Irvin's status as a "born again" Christian means little to you.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 03:12 PM on November 28

rcade: I knew when I said that, someone would reference some massive pipe. What I didn't know was you had this stuff organized in your archives. If Mike's was something like that, he definitely shouldn't have had it in his car. He would have had to strap it on his roof-rack.

posted by dyams at 03:33 PM on November 28

Can you smoke religion? I would like to puff on Dyam's Elvis-head bong packed with a little bit of the ol green "Jesus".Born again has always sounded like a cop-out to me."deamons" and "christains"? Everyone is so "devout" they have forgotten how to spell.C'mon people!

posted by GoBirds at 03:35 PM on November 28

I will not judge. I'm not him. But even more than Bill Hicks, the quote that comes to mind for me, whenever Michael Irvin's name comes up, is Lou Reed: Does anybody need another self-righteous rock singer, whose nose, he says, has led him straight to God? (That said, nothing in this situation would be different if he were an atheist or a Satan worshipper or a Scientologist or from Arcturus. Nothing.) None of us are in his head, and while the evidence is damning, and though we all think we know what actually happened in that car and what Irvin's relationship with drugs, the penal system, his family, his job and his God is, fact is, we don't. I love the absolutely bogus piety of people in this thread who somehow feel they're justified in passing judgement, yea or nay, on Michael Irvin, or anyone else.

posted by chicobangs at 03:35 PM on November 28

Awww - but isn't that the perk of being all religiousy? The bogus piety and self-righteousness? I mean, if you can't do THAT, then what's the point of missing football? I find I'm at my self-righteous best watching football, anyway.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 03:53 PM on November 28

On "The Smoking Gun" website, the copy of the citation issued to Irvin shows Michael's statement to the cops said the pipe belonged to his brother. He later changed the story to the pipe belonging to "a friend of his" for the past 17 years. Call it "bogus piety" but if I was caught with a pipe in my ride, I doubt I'd be a big enough asshole to blame either a relative or a "friend." His mind's so fried he can't even keep his lies straight! I've done illegal things in my life, granted, but when caught, red-handed (like Michael) I doubt anyone would believe all these bullshit excuses, especially with a past that reads like his. And don't start throwing around "born again" shit and how he wants to "protect his family." Obviously, if you believe his second lie, he invited another drug addict friend over for Thanksgiving, and this "friend" (just out of rehab) decided to bring his pipe! Mike needs to start worrying less about his great pals and more about himself. Does he have ANY friends who aren't drug users? Like when he was caught a few years back in a police bust at that chick's apartment who was under surveillance for heroin dealing. Mike's excuse? "I was in the wrong place at the wrong time." Do ya' think? It really puzzles me how people think criticizing someone like Irvin, in this case, is so horrible, and that WE are the ones that should feel guilty because of it!! Whether or not I'd like to go buy a bag of weed right now or not, the main reason I wouldn't is because it would destroy my career, my family, and everything else. And it would be MY fault, not my "brother's" or my "friend's."

posted by dyams at 04:01 PM on November 28

I can only be self righteous with the proper amount of inebriation. ie: bongs and beers

posted by GoBirds at 04:02 PM on November 28

I does not matter if Irvin said its the tooth fairy's pipe. In situations like these the owner of the car is in CONSTRUCTIVE POSSESSION. So bottom line its IRVIN's pipe. I think he should have proven he didn't smoke be subjecting himself to a drug test on the spot or before he could get some clean out products. So I don't believe its his brothers pipe because he did't prove he was clean when he had the chance and the law will say its his pipe.

posted by T$PORT4lawschool at 05:11 PM on November 28

My point is only a real stupid-ass scumbag would blame his brother and/or friend. I think the guy would PISS smoke.

posted by dyams at 05:38 PM on November 28

Seriously, some of you should take a look for typos before you submit Everyone has an opinion about Irvin's "deamons", You meant "demons" who has the right to judge these people, and who would want to be judged with the same scrutiny? Luke 6:37 posted by everett at 6:51 AM CST on November 28 Anyone that has the nerve to call out others mistakes and then make their own should learn other scriptures besides luke 6:37. How about reading just a little further to Luke 6:42(partial) "THOU HYPOCRITE,cast out first the beam(telephone pole) out of thine own eye, and then thou shalt see clearly to pull out the mote(small splinter) that is in thy brothers eye".

posted by RZA at 05:58 PM on November 28

What is funny is that everybody hates Mike soooo much. Call him "playfaker", go ahead, do your worst. I'm always amazed at how many people talk about how he didn't contribute on the field, or he wasn't that great, but why do so many of you not like him? It's not his analyst job, you hated him before. In fact I think most of you hated him when he was playing. Do you know why? Because he flat out beat the hell out of every corner he played against. He blocked in the running game. He made the plays he made against your precious defenders. As a Cowboys fan I'm biased and I'll admit that. But as non Cowboys fans you will have to look deep and acknowledge that you hate on him because he was a Cowboy. Wanna talk about drugs. Go ahead. Has he had issues? Hell he don't have issues,he has a subscription. On the field though, he got you, and he still gets you. That's why this post stream is longer than any I've seen since I've been here.

posted by sumokenobi at 06:36 PM on November 28

sumokenobi, who are you talking to?

posted by chicobangs at 06:44 PM on November 28

I loved Mike as a player. As a person, not so much, but I never went to Cowboys games to cheer on acts of good citizenship.

posted by rcade at 07:12 PM on November 28

sumokenobi, who are you talking to? Don't worry, dude, it wasn't you...she's talking about that other guy...chicobangs19284231. He's a freak.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 09:27 PM on November 28

Actually, this thread and irvin are no comparrison to the "i hate TO" threads. And why do dallas fans love to talk about that era of cowboys football so much?it was over 10 years ago. Get some more recent good memories please. On the field though, he got you, and he still gets you. Now that is funny. The only thing Mike "got" was caught with dope a lot. And the only thing he still "gets" is high. And who cares. Again if this was a TO thread about repeated drug related charges, cowboy fans would be calling for a congressional hearing. Unless of course Jerry jones tampering works and TO becomes a Cowboy. then Cowboy fans will be talking about ; TO isnt that bad! P.S. Irvin beat every corner except that one in philly that took him from "playmaker" to "playcaller"with one hit.

posted by RZA at 01:33 AM on November 29

So I didnt spell a few words right-I always screw up on spelling. Its part of my "street cred" Besides I always spell worse on chemo days.....:-) My bringing up the Christian thing was is no way putting anybody down. The fact is, many of you who post here could care less about people who say they are "born again" If it makes you feel good to point out my spelling--go for it.

posted by daddisamm at 02:19 AM on November 29

Demons are everywhere! :-0

posted by daddisamm at 02:21 AM on November 29

The only thing Mike "got" was caught with dope a lot. That's weak taunting. Five Pro Bowls. 11,900 yards. 68 touchdowns. Three Super Bowl rings. Irvin was so good at fighting off corners that he helped change the game, ushering in the age of giant receivers.

posted by rcade at 05:59 AM on November 29

I never have, and never will, say anything negative with regards to Michael's playing skills. He had that same swagger on the field that defined those great Cowboy teams. Beyond that, though, the guy continues to tarnish his image, Hall of Fame chances, and post-playing days career opportunities with his obvious problem. Smoking an occasional bowl is one thing, but Mike needs to get some help. Everyone that's so casual about weed and picking and choosing what illegal drugs will be tolerated and which won't, you need to realize that all drug problems start someplace. My school district just buried a 19-year old alumni who started out a few years back smoking a lot of weed, but had since moved up the ladder to injecting prescription pain killer. He O.D'd, and two other young guys who were with them, and weren't too forthcoming with information about what they were doing at the hospital, are now facing manslaughter charges. That's the extreme case, I realize, but some individuals with addictive personalities just aren't strong enough to limit their drug use to the recreational stage. If two years down the road we're posting with regards to a story about the death of Michael Irvin, I don't think anyone would be too surprised.

posted by dyams at 07:27 AM on November 29

Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn't the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit... unnatural? You know what I mean? It's nature. How do you make nature against the fucking law? - B.H. The ben harper arguement which is bogus because then you have to stand behind all the opiates too, right. That said, I don't see how weed should be any different than alcohol.

posted by tron7 at 10:05 AM on November 29

Actually - that's Bill Hicks. The legend. However, that argument fails to hold water (yes, even for me): "Dude, weed is natural - it's from nature." "Yep. So is snake venom." The truth is weed is illegal because we're stupid as a society and democracy is an impossibly slow-moving interest-group-dominated bitch. Even if lots of people wanted to make it legal (and they do) it's terrifically hard to out-manouver the alcohol, tabacco and, uh, 'clean-livin'' groups out there. Especially when the pro-weed group keeps forgetting where they parked.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:45 AM on November 29

Especially when the pro-weed group keeps forgetting where they parked. Man, I'm getting some good laughs on this site today! Priceless.

posted by dyams at 11:46 AM on November 29

And that's George Carlin: "You know the problem [with legalization of marijuana]: they keep forgetting where they put the petitions."

posted by yerfatma at 12:22 PM on November 29

That's weak taunting. Five Pro Bowls. 11,900 yards. 68 touchdowns. Three Super Bowl rings Rcade, to be honest with you, it wasnt really intended to "taunt" anyone. I actually kind of like mike as a person.What i dont like is hypocricy.(irvins excusable/TO must die mentality) See how quick you are to point out the highlights of his career. But like i said before if this was TO, hardly anyone would mention how valuable he is on the field. They normally just cry about his attitude. Its like a double standard. 1 person can be "excused" for their behavior ,while another is held more accountable. Is a player who is disruptive with his "bad attitude" worse than another who is disruptive with constant legal trouble? Do your nephews/sons/students or any other kids you might be involved with a favor. If any get in trouble with drugs at an early age, let them know its ok aslong as they will eventually have X amount of superbowls,yards, and pro bowls. And call Bishop T.D. Jakes(irvins pastor) who had irvin stand up on TV and testify about being delivered from his drug problems and tell him to repeat irvins stats on the field to irvins kids. Im sure the children will benefit from such info. I hate to be an ass and pass judgement on mike like that but, when you're a "Christian man" trying to lead your family by example, the "stats" you had in your past job dont mean shit. And then to lie about it? its my firends? If you have prior drug history and you offer to "hold" your friends bowl,you're just an idiot. And why are you "hanging" with weed heads when you have small kids at home and you work for espn.mike has alot to lose and his decision might cost him.I honestly hope it doesnt. I dont think weed is a big deal at all. But i dont work for espn,im not an x-pro athlete with "priors" and im not a parent of young children. If mike loses his job at espn,what kind of example will that be to his kids? yeah they dont need the money,but some things are more important than money.children will follow their fathers example no matter how bad it is. My brother is an all out weedhead.his main concern for the day is to get a blunt in him before he "loses" his mind. He neglects his kids and he doesnt work. When his kids ask about their dad, and i say hes had 5 arrests,4 convictions, and 2 prison sentences,but he also had 2 promotions,3 raises and 1 employee of the month award at his old job,which numbers do you think his kids remember?

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posted by sumokenobi at 05:53 PM on November 29

P.S. Irvin beat every corner except that one in philly that took him from "playmaker" to "playcaller"with one hit. It wasn't the corner in philly that stopped him, it was the green-felt covered concrete field in the VET that stopped him. And he held on to the ball.

posted by sumokenobi at 06:11 PM on November 29

Now Mike says it wasn't his actual "brother" the pipe belonged to (as it states on the ticket he was issued), but his "bruthah" (sp.?), as in his long-time friend. Sounds like he should have had a translator with him. "Excuse me officer, but I speak jive."

posted by dyams at 06:54 PM on November 29

I love the absolutely bogus piety of people in this thread who somehow feel they're justified in passing judgement, yea or nay, on Michael Irvin, or anyone else. If it's so wrong to use someone's repeated past transgressions as a barometer for telling the truth, feel free to hire Kenneth Lay to handle your finances or Susan Smith to do some babysitting for you.

posted by wfrazerjr at 07:38 PM on November 29

No offense, RZA, but are you high? You responded to a comment about Irvin's playing career with the comment, "The only thing Mike 'got' was caught with dope a lot." So a few of us respond with details about his career, and you're claiming we seek to excuse his off-field behavior -- "see how quick you are to point out the highlights of his career." If you didn't want to talk about the way he played the game, don't talk about the way he played the game. I'm sorry about your personal experience related to drugs, but I think you're sweeping a bunch of people into the pro-Mike category who are just commenting on his NFL abilities. Even in Dallas, Irvin never got the Ray Lewis treatment after his criminal problems. I was at Texas Stadium the first game he came back after his drug trial. Most fans booed his introduction.

posted by rcade at 08:52 PM on November 29

No offense taken from a random stranger on the internet. However im sure we can disagree without taking personal "jabs" at one another. With you being some sort of "admin" member here you might want to lead by example. And i responded to the statement, On the field though, he got you, and he still gets you. He got who? he still gets who? Come on man, you dont think thats a little ridiculous? Randy moss and TO get every damn DB they face, but go back to the threads about them and count how many times you see that aspect of their playing career mentioned on spofi. I read the last TO thread and found this, Owens is an ass, but the Eagles did a good job destroying themselves the last two games without his help posted by rcade at 5:27 PM CST on November 23 You mention something here they may indicate that owens is valuable as a player,however you make sure that everyone knows that you think he is an ass. I stated i like irvin as a person,but his repeated run ins with the law over drugs is getting a little old. I guess im just curious if you think the same about irvin? Or is he not an "ass" for his behavior just because you are a "fan" of his? You think i may be high because mike gets high,that doesnt mean i think you're an ass because TO may be one. you have your opinion, i have mine. It wasn't the corner in philly that stopped him, it was the green-felt covered concrete field in the VET that stopped him. And he held on to the ball He held onto the ball? But he lost his bladder, so its all good right? Its funny how far a fan will go to find anything positive in such a horrible situation. He never caught another pass again, aikmen went down hill(after the 9 sack game against philly when he got put out with like his 5th concussion), then Emmit smith played for arizona. thats bowing out gracefully. but you're right, he held on to the ball. And he still "gets us". the last thing he got me was a bad price on a dime sack.

posted by RZA at 10:46 PM on November 29

I called Owens an ass because he publicly trashes his teammates and got into a childish public spat over the Eagles doing nothing to recognize his 100th touchdown. Irvin, in spite of his off-field drug problems, was an exemplary teammate. Owens just acts like he's on drugs. It sounds to me like you're a Philly fan, which makes your defense of T.O. a little strange. He'll never wear that uniform again.

posted by rcade at 10:43 AM on November 30

I can see how it would appear that way to you. I in no way am defending a cry baby like owens. Im simply addressing the hypocrisy on this website, and pointing out the draw backs to fan loyalty. Heres the rule. If you'rer a fan of a constint fuck up(no matter the defect in personality) you want to point out the positive and ignore the negative. So if its ok for 1 person to do that, its ok for all to do it. Its ok for irvin to constantly screw up, he was on a team you liked. but owens and or moss should be band from the league,fined,benched what have you. Its so obvious, when a screw up is on another team, you naturally want something to happen to them. That way the team is less likely to beat your team. But to say a certain person should get a certain punishment in hopes of them not being able to kick your ass anymore.I find that kind of "weak". Its a shame that good teams have to suffer such things. If owens wasnt acting like an ass, and Mcnabb didnt get injured, who knows how long dallas would have went without a division title. The whole instance reminds me of players who constantly ask the ref for calls. They know deep down that they cant compete head up with such skill, so they revert to anything they can to try and win. I'll sum up all the past TO threads, "please Lord strike him down,get him off the eagles so my subpar team will have a chance at winning". Amen It all comes down to this, if owens had won you a couple superbowls, you'd be quick to defend him. BUt since all he's done is torch your team over the years, he should be benched. Look how quick you are to defend a repeat drug offender, mikes actions are exceptable because he got you some wins. my point is, if irvin played on a different team, your opinion of him would most likely be different. Which brings us back to the point i was attemping to make all along. Where do we draw the line with fan loyalty and team loyalty. Jerry jones would never have cut irvin, all he cares about is winning. And now since irvin really suffered no consequences to his bad actions, its finally catching up to him. He's still screwing up all these years later. Look at what buddy ryan did for chris carter when in philly.Even though he was valuable to the team, he cut him due to his drug/drinking problem(not sure which it was). Chris Carter says he's a better man for it on HBO 15 years later. Owens will hopefully learn from his punishment and be a better man for it. Yes,repremanding these players has cost and will cost philly wins, but hopefully its the right decision for the individual. To bad the same cant be said for , michael Irvin, Leon Lett, and a few other Dallas players. But hey, they got some rings right?And now for Jones to make comments about getting owens? How much more classless can this guy become?

posted by RZA at 12:44 PM on November 30

And now for Jones to make comments about getting owens? How much more classless can this guy become? Jerry Jones got where he is today by being a cold, hardened business man who, when it comes right down to it, cares only about money and coming out on top. Big news flash there. I would have been surprised (pleasantly) if he wouldn't have made some sort of approach regarding T.O. He's at a point with the Cowboys where pulling off some miracle move and getting a guy of that caliber, especially now, could propel Dallas directly into the Super Bowl. The last thing Jones is even worried about is a player with a bad attitude. He (and his ego) wants another trophy. A bit off the Irvin topic, but I wanted to see the post counter on this thread his 80.

posted by dyams at 01:59 PM on November 30

No matter how many ways you spin it, RZA, all bad-behaving athletes are not created equally. Irvin pled no contest to second-degree felony cocaine possession in 2001 after being caught at a party with at least four grams of cocaine. He was sentenced to four years' deferred probation and a $10,000 fine. Everything else he has ever been accused of was either dropped or pursued as a misdemeanor. What should he have been cut from the Cowboys for doing, exactly? The legal system gave him probation. He had (or has) a drug problem and it was something for the team and league to take seriously back in 2001, but the offenses were not in the same league as Rae Carruth or Nate Newton. Did he ever fail an NFL drug test? I've described Owens as an ass, but that doesn't mean I'm blind to the way he plays the game. You aren't giving back last year's Super Bowl run because of how he behaves off the field, and if Dallas signed him and he played well, I wouldn't be sitting on my hands. You keep acting like I'm an Owens basher, but as the comment you quoted shows, I think Reid made a huge mistake. The window of opportunity for a Super Bowl run is a short one in the age of the salary cap. If it closes for Philly after this wasted season, that's on Reid and the GM. No one's going to say it's all T.O.'s fault.

posted by rcade at 05:04 PM on November 30

If you consider facts as "spin", the i guess there's no reasoning with you. I guess my only point now is still the hypocritical nature of some dallas fans. "TO is a big ass baby that needs to be banned from the league". "TO is coming to dallas? Yes!!!! He's awsome"!!!!!!!!!

posted by RZA at 11:38 PM on November 30

I love people who don't read a word you wrote and comment on it anyway. You're not arguing with me, RZA. You're arguing with some fictionalized version who fits your stereotype of a Dallas fan. Go find that person and play homer-vs-homer with him.

posted by rcade at 07:30 AM on December 01

Im reffering to 80% of Dallas fans. maybe you dont fall into that 80%.I just have a feeling if TO came to dallas, you wont start your comments about him with "TO is an ASS". Why is "disagreeing" with spofi veteran considered "arguing"? "Go find and play"? Why put so much feeling into your comments you make to strangers? Why cant you admit that if TO was a cowboy, you would be less critical of him. Just like you are with irvin.

posted by RZA at 09:50 PM on December 01

The following is from an article on Does jerry jones care anything at all about how is employees' turn out? PHILADELPHIA - The Philadelphia Eagles have withdrawn a tampering complaint against the Cowboys filed after Dallas owner Jerry Jones suggested on a radio show that his team is often interested in players such as suspended wide receiver Terrell Owens. Before the decision was announced, Jones seemed to express interest in Owens on a radio show. "In general, I am a risk-taker. We've gone down that road," Jones said when asked if the Cowboys might be interested in Owens. "I probably have a propensity to try and make things work. ... A top receiver could flourish with Drew Bledsoe. That's always appealing."' Talk about dragging the bottom of the barrell.

posted by RZA at 04:12 PM on December 02

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