December 23, 2004


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I don't get it...

posted by charlatan at 03:54 PM on December 23

Shavlik Randolph is out indefinitely with mononucleosis. The last college basketball player to miss time with Mono? Andrew DeClercq. And you can thank Rick Pitino for that little tidbit. Practically screamed it during the '95 draft.

posted by lilnemo at 03:55 PM on December 23

Just an oddball story. How often do you hear guys missing time for something like this? Not very. Nothing to get.

posted by lilnemo at 03:57 PM on December 23

lilnemo: actually, the last college basketball player that I know of to miss time with mono was Duke's (and now Golden State's) Mike Dunleavy, during the 2000 season. Something about tall, skinny white guys that ill Duke women find appealing, I guess...

posted by tieguy at 05:46 PM on December 23

Hmm, guess it didn't hit me as of my friends, star of the track team, had to miss freshman year because of mono.

posted by charlatan at 06:44 AM on December 24

haha--I got mono at Duke too

posted by Mookieproof at 05:48 PM on December 24

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