November 23, 2004

Union Appeals Suspensions in NBA Brawl: NEW YORK - The NBA players' union filed an appeal Tuesday on behalf of Indiana Pacers Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O'Neal, who were suspended for their roles in a brawl with Detroit Pistons fans last week. The union also is considering has said another avenue of appeal it was considering taking the case to U.S. Federal Court, although a similar strategy failed in 1997 when the union contested the suspensions handed out to four members of the New York Knicks for leaving the bench during a fight in a playoff game against the Miami Heat

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There we go this is going to be a war of epic proportions, and just wait for the law suits coming from the so called “endure distress” some fans suffered because of the brawl . . . oh yeah baby I can ascertain that and also the money to be paid to some of these fans uh . . .

posted by LROD at 02:14 PM on November 23

Dude, how 'bout one thead to rule them all?

posted by yerfatma at 02:24 PM on November 23

Hey yesfatma this is an ongoing Problem if you don't like it DON"T READ IT!

posted by LROD at 02:34 PM on November 23

LROD, he's just trying to minimize front page clutter, is all.

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Thanks garfield, you make it sound so sweet by the way I liked the movie.

posted by LROD at 02:41 PM on November 23

So has anybody bid on the actual cup that smacked Artest... No beer in it though, but it smells just like a sports memorabilia scam...hey, strike when its hot

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Another minor quibble, but if I want AP lead-ins I can go to Yahoo! Sports.

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nizzle pleez

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At this point, I only read the links if they go to an interesting article, not an explanation of the events that I am already familiar with. But the discussion is still appropriate (203 comment threads are just too much). Well, we all saw this coming. They'll cite the Maxwell case as precedent (which is really a different animal since Vernon went after the specific person and didn't get any joiners) and my bet is O'Neal's suspension may be cut down. After seeing the footage again it seems to me like Jackson should have gotten almost as much as Artest, since it seems he jumped on the opportunity to beat some people up.

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I'll side with yerfatma, DrJE and weedy. we've got FOUR threads active on this incident including one that was posted only 3.5 hrs earlier. I don't have a problem with the 3rd of the four threads since the first one is getting bumped farther down the page and opening up a new thread isn't such a bad idea. the three LROD links could have been combined into one thread (not necessarily in the post itself) rather than spread out which only divides discussion. I'm all for posts from new blood but - quality, not quantity. And telling yerfatma to, basically, piss off when he perfectly sensibly raised the issue that three LROD threads on the same topic could conceivably be pared down... don't hate, elevate.

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Perfectly and sensibly I'll tell you the same thing, DON'T READ IT! And keep siding up with yerfatma, DrJE, weedy for soon enough you guys gonna have an ABA team.

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Perfectly and sensibly I'll tell you the same thing, DON'T READ IT! And keep siding up with yerfatma, DrJE, weedy for soon enough you guys gonna have an ABA team. How is that either perfect or sensible, man? gspm has a very, very good point.

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Matt could shit this. Guess you got yourselves a centre-back for that ABA team guys. If they have centre-backs in basketball. Or even if they don't.

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I think gspm, DrJE, yerfatma and weedy have a lot of Stress, lighten up guys! And I am not a hater gspm.

posted by LROD at 06:24 PM on November 23

At the risk of sounding ruder than I apparently already have, it's technically 4 threads. One got deleted for being a duplicate. You're taking this the wrong way LROD: no one is saying we don't want to discuss this. I want to and I'm interested in anyone's opinion. It's just that fracturing things into multiple posts makes it harder to have a cohesive discussion. Link away, but there's no reason you couldn't just post the follow-up links in an existing thread.

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Now that is a enlightened post, thanks yerfatma and I apologized to you because I didn’t take it the right way in your previous comment, I just think that this is very important since is going to bring a lot of changes and new rules to the league. I guess the Artest chronicles was getting to me. Once again my apologies to you and the other guys and by the way the ABA thing was just a joke gspm.

posted by LROD at 06:46 PM on November 23

I'm with DrJ. If you must post with such frequency about a topic you clearly hold dear then please take the time to be more creative than AP or Please. Remember that a post is a place to discuss the broad implications of a topic and if a post for a certain topic exists then the discussion should be there and you should weigh carefully the need for a new one. yerfatma said it best over here.

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Aww, I was looking forward to playing in that ABA team too. Damned people apologising and spoiling all my fun.

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I apologise to you too squealy!

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Wait, is the ABA thing out now? Damnit. If I'd known I was going to screw the whole thing up, I'd have waded into the crowd and started swinging. yerfatma said it best over here. There's a first time for everything, but I imagine the immediate follow-up this will get more use.

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Now that geekyguy is so smart he might be able to put that ABA team together!, he might be the point guard and I can give you an idea for the team's name too... the nitpickers.

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So which is the thread, now? Is this the thread? I don't think we can know how fair the suspensions actually are until Stern drops whatever other shoe he plans to drop on the Pistons organisation. The Oakland County cops may or may not be able to mete out the appropriate individual justice to each of the scores of fans who threw shit. But as things stand after just the player suspensions, those same fans, whether prosecuted or not, have the satisfaction of having successfully provoked their strongest division rival into destroying their season. That ain't right. If we're just talking the player end, it would have been fairer to swap Jackson's and Artest's suspensions, and maybe add onto Artest's the requirement of an affidavit saying he's received and is still undergoing treatment for anger-management issues before letting him back in the league. The profile that's emerging of Artest is of someone with a genuine mental illness, and people in that position need help. Someone before has already nailed it that the union's efforts are best invested in addressing the conditions in which management makes them play, rather than simply fighting these suspension lengths for the sake of so doing and prolonging the ugliness.

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I want to be either the scrum half of this ABA team, or whoever gets to hold a bat.

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the way LROD is swinging you'd think somebody threw a plastic cup at him. and I ain't stressed. my caps lock key remains unpressed. (not tryin' to start or continue anything, just sayin') anyway, to contribute to the discussion: from the Artest's history of trouble contributed (duh) to the length of the suspension angle - some perspective.

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On the heels of this comes this. It is only a matter of time before the latter looks like the former.

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Free Kobe: Because we're running out of heroes. Lord help us all.

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The profile that's emerging of Artest is of someone with a genuine mental illness, and people in that position need help. On interviews yesterday, Artest used the experience as an excuse to promote his rap CD over and over. He doesn't have an ounce of genuine remorse and doesn't even appear to be upset about all the money he lost. I don't think it's fair to call him a thug. The term fits the beer-thrower, a three-time DUI loser who has been convicted of felony assault, much more closely. But Artest is definitely a putz. By the standards of the music industry, that's mild. I'm thinking about buying his CD.

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Artest used the experience as an excuse to promote his rap CD over and over Rcade, are you talking about the Today show interview or did Artest do other interviews as well?

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SportsCenter led last night with an Artest interview, but I don't know if they did it or ran with Today footage. After he again promoted the CD at the end, Stephen A. Smith was apoplectic, calling Artest an idiot and apologizing for ever trying to rationalize his actions on Friday night.

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More on John Green, who once tried to bribe a traffic cop with Pistons ticket and broke a girlfriend's wrist with a telephone, threatening to throw her from a second-story window.

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I think this John Green guy is a coward, I mean as a man you have to take responsibility for your actions, instead of Artest beating the alcohol out of this guy he gets the poor and I guess drunken guy next to him and who couldn't put his hand up to defend himself, probably John Green needed a telephone to fight face to face.

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I hope Gspm lock keys remain as is and I blame the ABA wanna b's for the swinging.

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rcade, you spelled "Moron" wrong. It happens.

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I thought Cuban made some insightful comments.

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