March 31, 2004

Notre Dame's "Golden Boy" is still trying to get his foot out of his mouth ...: but it looks like some people are willing to forgive what looked like racist comments. Paul Hornung dropped his verbal load yesterday, saying the Irish needed to lower academic standards to allow in more black athletes. He quickly apologized. Here are a few other thoughts on Hornung's take.

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wow ... no one has an opinion on this?

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Paul Hornung is still alive?

posted by taupe at 01:12 PM on April 01

Paul Hornung is still alive?
No this is Mecha-Hornung. But seriously, he said something really, astronomically, some might even say Dubya-Bush-like stupid. He apologized, and the apology put a bit more context on what he meant, but I'm not so sure that he's sorry. It seemed that he was apologizing for not being clear in his remarks, but not for insinuating that african-americans need lower academic requirements in order to get in to Notre Dame. If that makes any sense. In any case, it neither lessens, nor improves my view of him. I think Paul gets a push on this one.

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Kinda my thoughts also, although the actual audio is horrifying, because you can visualize Hornung thinking about the words as he says them, saying them, then repeating the same ugly sentiments a couple of times. I thought Wilbon's column was right on the mark, though. The guy's not a rocket scientist, and I think he just got tangled up in his own thoughts.

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King Kaufman on Salon actually said something I agree with on Hornung. [view of ad may be required].

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