October 16, 2003

Jimmie Walker has thrown some dyn-o-mite into the controversy over black NFL quarterbacks, claiming that Kordell Stewart and Eric Crouch got different treatment as rookies because "affirmative action has floated its way into the NFL."

posted by rcade to football at 07:30 PM - 13 comments

There were no "racial overtones" in what Rush said on-air. He was just reporting the facts as troubling as they may be. pure bullshit.

posted by oliver_crunk at 08:34 PM on October 16

Jimmy Walker is chimming in? lol,lol,lol,,lol,lol,lol,lol,lol. Eric Crouch got his chance to back up Favre in GB and got cut.

posted by jbou at 09:29 PM on October 16

Jimmie Walker, writing for the Jewish World Review. I bet they want him to do well.

posted by taupe at 09:57 PM on October 16

Jimmy Walker, didn't he used to be the Mayor of NYC?

posted by billsaysthis at 10:35 PM on October 16

Let me see if I can get this straight...a Black quarterback sucks ass at his position, he gets benched in favor of a White quarterback, and this...is proof of Affirmative Action for Black quarterbacks. O...K...

posted by NoMich at 11:58 PM on October 16

First Dennis Miller, and now Jimmie Walker? What's with all these comedians becoming right-wing apologists? I guess they gotta go where the money is. I mean, it's not like Jimmie's getting a lot of work lately.

posted by Scott Carefoot at 07:50 AM on October 17

What's with all these comedians becoming right-wing apologists? To differentiate themselves from 99 percent of the left wing comedians. Besides, Garofalo and Franken have been doing pretty well financially with left wing rhetoric, so fair is fair don't ya think?

posted by justgary at 08:46 AM on October 17

My favorite politcal commedian is Ann Coulter. But I can't decide if she's right wing or left wing.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 09:12 AM on October 17

Jimmie Walker writing political commentary is as valid as Henry Kissinger doing stand-up.

posted by wfrazerjr at 09:28 AM on October 17

Listen, when I was in (Go Trojans!) college, during the Carter years, I was in this little hole in the wall comedy club in LA and who should come to the stage during Open Mike night but ol' Henry himself. Riffing on the drunken nights praying with Dick, getting head from the Vietnamese delegation in Paris, kind of a black humor approach. Very strange.

posted by billsaysthis at 02:10 PM on October 17

And Jimmie Walker is more qualified than your average schlub to comment on football or politics because... ?

posted by Joey Michaels at 04:14 PM on October 17

...because the media is desirous that a washed-up comedian do so.
Dyno-Mite indeed.

posted by lilnemo at 05:33 PM on October 17

Fair enough.

posted by Joey Michaels at 06:24 PM on October 17

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