October 11, 2003

What a bunch of losers!: "Separation Saturday" indeed! ESPN hype aside, something must be in the lockerroom watercoolers today for five of the top 10 college football teams to lose on the same day. Ohio State, Florida, LSU, Arkansas, and Nebraska all went down, though Florida at least is not a surprise even if Miami was a road dog. Can Missou follow up their upset with an even bigger win next Saturday at No. 1 Oklahoma?

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Had the Badgers lost, would the headlines have contained the word "choke"? Thankfully, that backup QB didn't choke (and Barry Alvarez had some real stones to call that deep out to Evans, and later the naked bootleg on 3rd and 2, with said untested backup). Thankfully Jim Sorgi didn't choke after the attempted tracheotomy that went unflagged and left him unable to swallow, let alone talk. No one should weep for the passing of the Buckeyes' winning streak after that.

posted by taupe at 01:48 AM on October 12

Several of those "top 10" losers were shaky top 10's to begin with. Most notably Ohio State, Florida State, and Nebraska...OSU barely squeaked through the cupcake portion of it's sched and FSU and Nebraska hadn't really played anyone until his week. The answer to the Mizzou beating the Sooners next week? **Shakes Magic 8-Ball** - "Outlook not so good."

posted by pivo at 07:31 AM on October 12

Mizzou is an enigma. They were unimpressive in their wins against my beloved 1-win Illinois team and Eastern Illinois, and had to come back from two TDs to force overtime against Middle Tennessee. Then they lost to Kansas. I'm guessing last night's game was more a fluke than anything else.

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OSU, pivo, how could they have been a shaky top 10 team? Returning national champs, no losses and they stayed in the (Coaches' poll) top 10 though Wisconsin did jump 10 places to 12. I give more credence (as I'm sure most of us do) to the AP poll but I expect a similar result there when released later today.

posted by billsaysthis at 01:47 PM on October 12

Ohio St wasn't so much a shaky top 10 team but definitely the one of the top 5 that I expected to lose sometime soon. It was Florida St,not Florida :) Go Gators! Way to avenge two bad losses... now keep it up. Nebraska was hugely overrated and I bet Missouri because I knew this. They've always been overrated and this year was really bad. They'll lose at least 3 more games this year too. FSU and KState were my other 2 big top 10 overrated teams (KSU before they showed that they suck, earlier this year). I thought VT was too, but they looked damn good pasting an improved Syracuse team. And Oklahoma... whooo... that was unbelievable. They're good. Because Texas may have been a legit #11 before that.

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Bern, who do you see in the BCS championship game at this point? Any chance for my Trojans to squeeze their way in? What if they hadn't lost to Cal?

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OSU, pivo, how could they have been a shaky top 10 team? Well, they have no offense, for starters. They've had a couple of scares already this season against some not-so-good teams (SDSU). They were very lucky to win all the close games last season and early this season and the ball was bound to bounce the other way some time.

posted by gyc at 03:44 PM on October 12

OSU, pivo, how could they have been a shaky top 10 team? gyc's post just above sums it up nicely, the same reasons I said it originally. To that I will add that their best player is currently in court most of the time.

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Arkansas wasn't a legit top 10 team, but Auburn got a lot of help from the refs to win that game.

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hard to say but Cal is not that good so that loss will hurt... but if Miami or OU loses they have a chance to elbow their way in. If thosetwo go unbeaten, which I think is very likely unless VT can knock off Miami, then there's no chance.

posted by Bernreuther at 11:18 PM on October 12

Go Mizzou!!!

posted by billsaysthis at 12:46 PM on October 13

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