October 30, 2012

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

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Last night, Alex Smith went 18 for 19 and the only incompletion was a completely dropped ball by Delanie Walker. It was the most completions in a game with one or fewer incompletions. Stunning.

posted by dfleming at 07:55 AM on October 30

I'm not yet sold on the concept of Alex Smith being an elite quarterback, but I think his critics are starting to really look silly now. The Niners have the tools to go all the way this year.

posted by NerfballPro at 10:40 AM on October 30

Smith's coach totally agrees with you.

Got your holiday plans in order yet? Harbaugh is already in feast mode.

posted by beaverboard at 11:11 AM on October 30

I'm still somewhat of a critic of Alex Smith. I think Harbaugh's game plan is largely responsible for his success. If the 49ers ever get down more than 10 points and need to open up the passing game he's not a guy who can get it done, even with a top receiving corps of Davis, Crabtree, Manningham, Walker and Moss.

In most games I gladly accept his 15 to 20 completions and 200ish passing yards and the resulting "W". Much rather have him at the helm than someone like Romo or Rivers who can throw for 380 yards and still be a major liability to his team.

Eli, Peyton, and Rodgers (in that order) would be my choice to have at the helm when I needed quick points in a big game.

posted by cixelsyd at 11:22 AM on October 30

Anything interesting happen in the League Cup matches today?

posted by holden at 06:39 PM on October 30

Hot damn but that Reading-Arsenal game was a goodun.

posted by Hugh Janus at 09:37 PM on October 30

Steve Nash goes Hollywood

posted by tommytrump at 10:43 PM on October 30

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