June 04, 2012

Tiger Woods Wins Memorial: With three birdies on the final four holes, Tiger Woods won the PGA Memorial tournament Sunday and tied Jack Nicklaus at second place in career tour victories. His 73rd tour victory included a chip shot on 16 described by Nicklaus as "one of the most incredible golf shots I think you will ever see played." Sam Snead leads them both at 82.

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So Tiger goes and has an old-school Tiger final round:

- playing partner completely collapses (Rickie Fowler shot a +10)
- solid play, no miss hits at all
- make a shot that everyone agrees is the greatest ever made at the course (including the designer, Jack Nicklaus)
- finish strong (3 birdies in final 4 holes)
- win the last tournament he plays before a major

posted by grum@work at 09:59 PM on June 03

And, Sabbatini spends the day floundering around and is forced to accept Tiger's superiority once again. That's the cherry on top.

At times when I have found a dislike for Tiger building from within, I remind myself that one of the reasons he was put on this earth was to torment Sabbatini's existence, which is a worthy endeavor.

posted by beaverboard at 10:17 PM on June 03

Not that it's necessary, but is there any reason for tormenting him other than the hat? I haven't heard the story, if there is one.

posted by feloniousmonk at 12:13 AM on June 04

I remember he finished a hole ahead of Ben Crane, his playing partner, years ago because he was playing slow...but that did beget the Ben Crane videos, so not all bad.

posted by dfleming at 06:51 AM on June 04

Thank you, dfleming. That is awesome.

posted by DudeDykstra at 07:02 PM on June 04

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