December 26, 2010

Heat Beat Lakers on Christmas Day: Only a few weeks after the team was floundering in disarray, the Miami Heat won their 14th out of 15 games with a 96-80 Christmas Day victory over the defending NBA champions Los Angeles Lakers. Since LeBron James returned to Cleveland Dec. 2, the Heat are 9-1 and the Cavaliers 1-9. "Was the hostile crowd and adver­sity just the spark Miami needed?" asks Christopher Fuhrmeister.

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won their 14th out of 15 games . . . are 9-1

Allow me to gloat. The 15th game and the 1 are the Dallas Mavericks.

posted by graymatters at 07:56 PM on December 26

Sometimes, you get what you deserve.

Sure, the Lakers have big talent up and down their roster, but as most any sports fan knows -- if you don't focus, hustle and give effort on every possession, and if your shots aren't falling -- then you're gonna get your butt whipped.

Personally, and I probably speak for alot of folks, the Lakers have brought their pain upon themselves -- and deserve nothing less than the suffering that surrounds them now.

When I observe the Chicago Bulls, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the LA Clippers, the New Jersey Nets, the Memphis Grizzlies, the Utah Jazz, the Mavs and the Spurs -- just about all of the present NBA -- those teams BRING IT every night. Those guys hustle and give effort on every possession.

The Lakers seem to sleep walk through alot of their games, or a good portion of most of their games.

That Andrew Bynum fella is a huge underachiever. If he just upped his effort to around a 50% level, he'd be a force. Yes, he's been injured (seems he always injured . . .), but nevertheless, that guy just doesn't have the drive and the passion it takes to be great. For whatever reason, its just not there.

And Pau Gasol, he seems totally lost in the low post as of late. And Ron Artest -- it seems his best is behind him. Only Derrick Fisher hustles, but at his age (though he's in tremendous shape), he just can't run for near 40 minutes a night any more.

Oh yes, that Kobe Bryant guy, yeah he gives effort, but when he strays away from playing a team game, all his hustle still usually adds up to a loss for the Lakers (just check the record -- big point totals don't mean big wins).

Overall, the Lakers don't play as a team and have little or no cohesion.

The San Antonio Spurs bring it every night -- and they're winning without probably half the talent as the Lakers. Perhaps some of the Lakers have some off the court/personal issues that the public isn't aware of. With their inconsistency, it makes you wonder.

Something is very wrong with that group which should winning at least 85 - 90% of the time.

The Laker Haters are rejoicing -- and for good reason: The Lakers are getting what they deserve. Each of those players are professionals being paid massive sums of money -- though they are allowed to be unfocused and give "effort" that doesn't come close to matching their salaries.

Watching the heart and hustle by teams like the Golden State Warriors and the LA Clippers makes a fan appreciate the players and all the good that comes their way. If the Lakers played like those teams, they'd be near impossible to beat -- but it won't happen because the don't bring it.

And by the way, I'm a Houston Rockets fan.

posted by naturalpro at 01:10 AM on December 27

Phil Jackson is a genius. Let 'em have the regular season, let 'em believe their hype. Kings fan

posted by geekyguy at 11:34 AM on December 28

Naturalpro - the reason the Lakers don't bring it as you say every night is because that is not what the NBA is all about. Allowing teams to look more competitive that they really are helps sell tickets and keeps the league working. So if the Lakers or the Heat for example wipe out lesser teams every night just how good do you think that is for the league? All I know is the NBA has too long of a season and almost every decent team makes it into the playoff picture so hold your tongue because when the playoffs begin it will pretty much get down to the four teams we know it will. LA, Miami, Boston and insert what ever team you want to number 4. Anybody willing to write off the two time defending champs just yet is a premature prognosticator.

Putting too much emphasis on how the Lakers play day in and day out has not proved to too smart when it comes to play off time, the only time the NBA really matters on a game by game basis.

posted by Atheist at 02:26 PM on December 28

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