July 08, 2010

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posted by huddle to general at 06:00 AM - 21 comments

Barcelona fail to pay player wages for June.

The club has secured a new E150m loan to pay the wages going forward.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 07:20 AM on July 08

And Barca still think they can afford Fabregas?

posted by trox at 11:52 AM on July 08

NBA Draft Picks: who owes what, when, and to which team

As someone who acts as the transaction secretary for his fantasy baseball league, traded draft picks are a pain in the ass.

We had to institute a rule that you couldn't deal a pick more 365 days before the pick was to be made, as there were some people who were trying to deal 2010 picks back in 2008.

Our record is a 1st round pick being dealt from Team A to Team B to Team C to Team D to Team B, all in a calendar year. That was a nightmare to keep track.

posted by grum@work at 12:06 PM on July 08

England reach world cup final after all.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 01:12 PM on July 08

A reason to root for, or maybe against, the Netherlands. Warning, adult situations a-head...

posted by MeatSaber at 03:11 PM on July 08

Octopus oracle unfazed by death threats to turn him into paella after Germany's loss to Spain.

posted by tommytrump at 04:22 PM on July 08

Player shoots 59 in PGA tournament. Paul Goydos 4th player to shoot that low in a PGA event. Round included 8 birdies in last 9 holes.

posted by graymatters at 04:44 PM on July 08

Carlos Puyol takes long showers. [via]

posted by yerfatma at 05:37 PM on July 08

A World Cup final theme seems to be establishing itself: "love the legacy of Dutch football? Then support Spain on Sunday." I'm not quite there yet, but I can see where it's coming from.

posted by etagloh at 07:03 PM on July 08

I hate sentimental arguments for why teams should continue to lose, like the folks who said it would be terrible if the Red Sox won a Series. "Dutch soccer wouldn't be Dutch soccer without the excruciating losses"? Bah humbug on that. They're 90 minutes plus extra time from immortality!

posted by rcade at 08:02 PM on July 08

NASA tests confirm World Cup ball is 'unpredictable'. Thanks NASA!

posted by BoKnows at 08:26 PM on July 08

Really, Reuters? That's the headline you are going to go with?

posted by NoMich at 08:29 PM on July 08

That is priceless.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 09:00 PM on July 08

It's not because I don't like Holland; it's because I like the history of Holland so much. (from etagloh's link)

What? That's why you want them to lose? Because they are lovable losers? Seriously?

posted by tselson at 11:24 PM on July 08

I was hoping for a Germay-Holland or Argentina-Holland final, so the Dutch could get appropriate revenge for the ones they should have won in the 70s.

It would have been ironic in the extreme if this pragmatic, solid and efficient Dutch side beat a free flowing, skilful and attacking German one.

posted by owlhouse at 07:20 AM on July 09

Does anyone buy the idea that with so many Barca players, the Spanish are the real Total Football side in the match?

posted by yerfatma at 08:22 AM on July 09

Heavy Petting Football, you mean.

posted by owlhouse at 09:13 AM on July 09

Does anyone buy the idea that with so many Barca players, the Spanish are the real Total Football side in the match?

My understanding of Total Football is that its core principle was positional interchange. This Spain/Barca team, while influenced by the figurehead (at least as a player) of Total Football (Johann Cruyff), does not rely on positional interchange. As noted in the Football Daily podcast from a day or two ago, these Spain players all have keen positional sense, but do not really rotate positionally.

posted by holden at 03:21 PM on July 09

They rotate the ball, not themselves.

They're a lot closer to "total football" than the current Netherlands team though.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 04:00 PM on July 09

I guess it's a bit from column A, a bit from column B:

"This could be a description of Barcelona flexibility, making the pitch as wide as possible, heavy pressing, a high line and an aggressive offside trap . . . Puyol, Pique, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta and Pedro . . . all grew up in surroundings inherently shaped by Dutch figures and Dutch theories, dating back to Total Football."

posted by yerfatma at 11:01 AM on July 10

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