October 07, 2008

MLB Post-Season Pick 'Em, LCS Edition: The cute little five-game exhibition is done, and now we're into real seven-game baseball series. Not a lot of bonus action in the charts from the LDS, but you all have a big chance to turn that around with this round's bonus questions. Make your picks inside.

The surprise winner of the batting title is Derrek Lee, who went 6 for 11 with a walk to hit .583 in a losing cause. The AL scored 65 runs to the NL's 50, taking the Grudge pick by a spread of 15. Nobody hit the spread for the fat two points, but enough people picked the right league to give us at least some bonus action this round.

I've also started doing the table CFL-styles. Instead of entering all data and boldfacing the point-scoring picks, I just left out the picks that didn't score you any points. It's cleaner and easier to read. Shoot me any questions if you have them.

SpoFiteMIL vs PHILAD vs CHCBOS vs LAACHS vs TAMGrudgePointsTotal Points
owlhousePhiladelphia in 4Los AngelesBoston in 4Tampa in 5AL78
DrJohnEvans BostonTampa in 4AL46
Howard_TPhiladelphia in 4 Tampa AL46
FolkwaysPhiladelphia Boston in 4Tampa in 4 56
Ying Yang MafiaPhiladelphia in 4Los Angeles Tampa in 4AL66
BoKnowsPhiladelphia Boston Tampa in 4AL55
trox Boston in 4Tampa in 4AL55
boredom_88 Los Angeles Tampa in 4AL44
yerfatmaPhiladelphia BostonTampaAL44
NoMichPhiladelphia in 4 23
holden Tampa in 4 23
Monica Poland Tampa in 4AL33
mbd1Philadelphia AL22
apoch Tampa 11

Please double-check your picks to make sure I got 'em right.


Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Begins Thursday, October 9


Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Begins Friday, October 10, right after we hunt down all those pundits who thought the AL Central was the best division in baseball


Pick the two pitchers, one for each league, who will have the lowest ERA in their respective LCS. Minimum 6.0 IP.


Pick the league that will have more bases stolen in its LCS. Pick the differential as well.

Total points available: 4 (LCS picks) + 2 (Bonus) + 2 (Love Child Bonus) = 8

Example pick:
Dodgers in 6
Red Sox in 5
Lowe, Kazmir
NL +3

posted by DrJohnEvans to fantasy at 12:31 PM - 23 comments

Sometimes you get the new posting system, sometimes the new posting system gets you. While reading the above, please feel free to insert your own line breaks in the appropriate places.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 12:32 PM on October 07

In on time this round:

Dodgers in 6 Rays in 6

Chad Billingsley, Jon Lester

NL +5

posted by mbd1 at 01:24 PM on October 07

Dodgers in 5 Red Sox in 6

Derek Lowe, Jon Lester

NL +7

posted by trox at 01:33 PM on October 07

Dodgers 7 Rays 6

Cole Hamels (NL), James Shields (AL)

NL +4

posted by holden at 01:38 PM on October 07

Dodgers in 5 Red Sox in 5. Lowe, Lester. NL +6

posted by jasonspaceman at 03:06 PM on October 07

Phillies in 6 Rays in 5 Hamels, Shields NL by 5

posted by apoch at 03:19 PM on October 07

Dodgers in 7 Red Sox in 5 Kuroda, Beckett NL by 3

posted by owlhouse at 04:59 PM on October 07

And you might have missed a point of mine there, Dr J, old mate.

posted by owlhouse at 06:03 PM on October 07

Well, blimey. I did indeed. You have eight points this round, for nine total. Good catch, and sorry about that!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 06:09 PM on October 07

Phillies in 6 Red Sox in 7 Hamels, Lester AL +2

posted by yerfatma at 08:13 PM on October 07

Phillies in 7 Rays in 6 Kuroda, Sonnanstine AL +3

posted by boredom_08 at 11:27 PM on October 07

Phillies in 5 Red Sox in 6 Hamels, Dice-K AL +4

posted by BoKnows at 03:07 AM on October 08

Dodgers 6 Rays 5

Lowe (NL), Shields (AL)

AL +3

posted by Monica Poland at 03:56 AM on October 08

Boston in 6. This will be a war, but experience and maturity will prevail.

Philadelphia in 7. The Dodgers are the hot team, but the Phils just do too many things well.

Hamels will have the lowest ERA in the NLCS.

For the ALCS, I will go with Paplebon on a hunch that he will get the required 6 innings. (But just barely)

The NL outruns the AL by 2 steals.

posted by Howard_T at 10:05 AM on October 08

Papelbon! Gutsy call, and it gives me a reason to watch the 9th inning of Sox games. Glad I made it 6 IP and not the 5 we used last year. (Trying to avoid the "fourth game starter throws a five-inning shutout" situation as much as possible.)

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:07 AM on October 08

I'd just like to say, at this point, it looks my Costanza Collection will be growing.

posted by apoch at 12:16 PM on October 08

Phillies in 6 Rays in 6

Hamels Beckett

NL by 5 steals

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 01:16 AM on October 09

Dodgers in 6 Someone in the AL by some number of games

Lowe/Lester AL +6

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:28 AM on October 09

Oh, whatever. Tampa in 7.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:25 PM on October 09

Two hours thirty-six for a Fox playoff broadcast? Not bad, Fox. Not bad at all.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:48 AM on October 10

Of course, have only two run-scoring innings helps. Without Fox that game is probably tickling the two-hour mark.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 08:49 AM on October 10

Phillies in 6 Rays in 5 Lowe/Lester NL by 5

Shit, I thought I hit post but seems I only got as far as far as preview when I shut the damn thing down. Oh Well :-(~~~~~

posted by Folkways at 11:59 AM on October 16

And you might have missed a point of mine there, Dr J, old mate.

Sorry owlhouse, upon closer investigation it turns out that I got the points right and the table wrong. The table should've read "Tampa" next to your name, not "Tampa in 5". You picked 5 and they won in 4, so that's worth only one point.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 05:31 PM on October 20

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