September 02, 2005

USC Lucky?: USC is lucky the Pac-10 has been down the last few years.

USC is lucky the Pac-10 has been down the last few years. It's kinda weird how they even jumped way up in the opinion polls after beating an Auburn team that was very average that year! Now that I think about... maybe it was Carson Palmer that really put the Trojans back into the spotlight! They really haven't seen Washington at their best and Oregon too, I mean who the heck is Cal. And when are the Bruins going to be good again? I even remember Washington Sate being much more consistent the last few years! It wasn't long ago that USC was getting shut down in the Sega Sports Bowl in Nevada , by UTAH no less!! Oklahoma + Orange Bowl does not always = National Title (e.g.....Miami,Washington,Arkansas). Anyone that tells you USC is/was far better than Oklahoma, should go ask all the NFL coachs who had the better players. Any Fantasy players looking for cheap"impact" WR's, should take M.Bradley or if possible M.Clayton those guys are really really really good. I know what you're thinking... 'dude, OU got crushed'. I know , I know.... But you must understand the turnover variable in Sports.....7 turnovers in a game , matching two nearly even teams. Well,... that equals a slaughter my friend. I know what you're thinking 'Oklahoma, couldn't stop you and me in the backyard'.........You're right. Their (OU) Pass defense was suspect ,but the defense and offense was loaded with really really good players. More than SC's team. But the Fact remains.... USC really smashed OU up ,....BAD! In that one game. And it's fact that USC and LSU in '03 , won national titles playing almost in their back-yards! My real point in this whole thread was how fickle peoples thinking/current opinion can be skewed.... by one game. Oklahoma had a massive melt large part to SC. But who can turn the ball over that many times and really have a chance? SC made great catch after great catch! Where were those catches in the regular season? You telling me that UCLA was better than Oklahoma these last 2 years? Oregon State? Arizona? USC beat OU a lot worse than the PAC-10 teams. Virginia Tech played SC almost to the wire!! Anything can happen & sometimes does. After each year OU killed Texas the last few seasons...the next years game was supper tough! Another instance was in '02 when Washington State beat USC, but most all people in the nation thought USC was better. They got the invite to orange bowl and played and crushed Iowa... WOW...the very next year they billed SC and Auburn great....ranked preseason top 5 or 6....USC then won and then Auburn rattled off another 3 or 4 straight loses... Just saying peoples opinions change almost weekly. Just watch and listen to Sports TV and Sports Talk Radio. See how many times their opinions change in just a couple of weeks. I do not believe their opinions are fact and you shouldn't either.

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