December 02, 2003

***SPOFI LOCKER ROOM INTERVIEW #14*** goddam: "uh oh." OK. It's back. Our fourth lady interviewee, goddam, has kindly consented to an interview. New Jersey jokes, what makes a guy hot, half-naked archer babes, we've got it all. goddam!

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Does anyone realize this interview series is one month away from being a year old? Yes, it's been almost a year since I did that fateful first interview with the Fooker. But, fook it, we're not here for the Fooker, we're here for the goddam! So, let's go!

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Q1. With a nickname like goddam, you know my first question has to be, what's up with the nickname?

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well, it's actually my college nickname spelled backwards. i was dubbed maddog by both the soccer and softball teams. i like to think it was because of my style of play, namely my lack of regard for my own safety and that of my opponents. but sadly, it's mainly due to the fact that MD 20/20 was my drink of choice in college. i was turned off from beer after a bad experience with a couple of keg stands at my softball rookie party so i stuck with the maddog. i didn't touch a beer again until my senior year. so when i signed up for MeFi i needed a nickname. maddog didn't seem to fit me anymore. so i just turned it around.

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And I thought you were trying to be shocking.

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wb wc.

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Mark Madsen Oh great, now I have a Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen image of you.

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tsk. you better post a picture, so dusted can sleep tonight! /sarcasm

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Gosh, you sound more like a nutso fratboy than my vision of Artemis. Q2. But while we're on the subject of myth and legend, tell us how you found out about SpoFi and what made you join?

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you sound more like a nutso fratboy what can i say, soccer chicks know how to party. i found out about SpoFi on MeFi. i guess i joined because i liked the idea of sports discussions without all the MeFi drama that generally ensues.

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Q3. Well, let's get back to soccer chicks and partying. How do soccer chicks party? What was the "bad experience" you had with the keg stands? And when you weren't wreaking terror on the field or at parties, what were you studying in school? I mean, there was some studying somewhere in there, right?

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how do soccer chicks party? that's kind of a tough one to answer. we partied like everyone else i guess. our college didn't have a football team so in the fall soccer was the big sport as far as on campus parties went. i'd give specifics if i could remember them, but i drank maddog for chrissakes (and i've had a few concussions along the way :-). as for my keg stand experience, it was my softball rookie party. it was my turn to do a keg stand and by then i had already put a pretty good dent in my bottle of MD. i thought i was fine after the first one so i did another one a little while later. then everything seemed to hit me all at once. i stumbled to a soccer teammate's apartment, puked in their bathroom, somehow made it back to my dormroom and proceed to get sick for what seemed like every hour on the hour til the next morning. i was still a bit hungover for our game on monday. after that i couldn't go near beer for a couple years. i studied graphic design at RIT.

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Cool. RIT, I mean. Q4. So, do you do anything with the design degree today? What's your job?

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Wow, Mad Dog. You are only the second woman I've ever met who admits they drank that stuff, but if yer anything like the first, yer alright in my book. Me, I was a Night Train guy. Three for $5 at ABC Liquors in glorious Carbondale, Illinois, home of the Drinkin' Salukis. There's nothing like bright red vomit to make you want to go out again the next night.

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i'm a designer for a small business college (with campuses in new jersey and new york) in their internal advertising department. i do mailers, flyers, posters, brochures, etc. nothing spectacular as far as a portfolio goes. i've always drifted towards a more corporate style, which fits nicely the business college thing. and i'll do some freelance when it comes up.

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wfrazerjr: i was introduced to MD by a friend of mine who we affectionately called The Mass Murderer. (he reminded me of an Italian/Polish-American version of Sen Dog from Cypress Hill). never had Night Train but i did have Cisco once. spilled some on my hand and that shit nearly ate through my skin.

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Q5. OK, enough with business and booze. Let's talk sports. How did you get to be such a jock? And how did you go from softball and soccer to archery? Please share with us your, erm, quiver of sharp sports stories.

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well, softball was a given. i was a tom boy growing up (suppose i still am). and i was always tagging along with my older brother when he'd play whiffle ball with the other kids in the neighborhood. plus i grew up a yankee fan (my mom had a lot to do with that). when i was 7 my dad started me in t-ball (he was involved with the local little league. he would be my coach at various times over the years in both soccer and softball). the next year i was old enough to play in the local softball league. so i played in the local league and on the town all-star team through high school and eventually in college. in high school i was a catcher (my favorite player is Yogi Berra) and played some third in college. i also started playing soccer when i was 8. i'm not quite sure how i got into it. my first coach was my dad's barber, so i guess he talked my dad into getting me to play. i hadn't seen much soccer at that age. i knew who Pele was (we share the same birthday:-) but that was about it. i did know hockey though and i always like the goalies. so, i decided i wanted to be a goalie. and from day one through college i was a goalie. a year and a half later i was on the first traveling girls soccer team in my town, which i played on til i graduated. i also played a summer with the Central Jersey Select Team and on a boys team at one point (i forgot which organization was running that though). i went to the all pro goalkeepers school at trenton state college every summer for about 6 years. it was run by Gary Hindley who if i remember right had coached the Chicago Sting and the Cleveland Crunch? he'd bring along one of his goalies from whatever team he was coaching (forgot the guys name but he was hot) and college goalies from Jersey and PA. the only one that really stands out was Bill Andracki, who plays for the Rochester Rhinos. i fell in love with the game right away. especially being a goalie. i think it's the masochist in me. i'd get a rush out of taking a shot off the face from 3 yards away. or breaking someone's leg (not that i did it on purpose, i was only 11 when i did that:-). and i held my own as a goalie. i was fairly good on breakaways and my diving technique wasn't too bad. the problem was that i stopped growing once i hit 5'2". i could get away with it in high school, but not college. so i went from the only goalie in town right to the bench. but i became good friends with the starting keeper who had a good 4 year run, so it was nice to see her do well. i did let myself go by my senior year though. i'm certainly not the jock i once was. (especially now that i'm a Guinness girl) and it's quite depressing. but i'm working on getting it back. i would love to play again. soccer or softball, i just want to be on a team again. and now on to archery. about 5 years ago while working in hackensack a co-worker (who is now a good friend) introduced me to archery. she had an old bow that belong to an ex. so after work we'd go to the local pro shop and fling arrows. we'd take shots at the designs that were rejected by the muckity mucks during day. one of the guys that works there started giving us tips on shooting. eventually we bought our own bows. 4 months after we started we went to a huge tournament in Atlantic City and it's just snowballed from there. the next year we were introduced to field archery and that summer we went to the outdoor nationals in Darrington, WA. i've been to every nationals since then and other tournaments in Vegas, Redding CA and throughout Jersey and PA. in the winter i shoot in a league at my club and in the summer i spend pretty much every sunday in south jersey at field shoots (right around great adventure). last year i went to a big tournament in Bloomfield, NJ. some of the top shooters in the country and world were there (that's where i shot against the half-naked chick, who's an absolutely amazing woman). it was really cool to be shooting down the line from guys that have been to the olympics and won medals. ok. i think i've rambled on enough.

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oh and i played some basketball too but quit after my freshmen year (in HS) to join the stage crew for the school plays. i may have played sports but i didn't fit in with the jocks in school. i gravitated towards the misfits.

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and the hot keeper from Cleveland was Chris Vaccaro. can't find a pic though.

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Softball. Guinness. Mad Dog. I know it's horribly un-P.C., but ... *swoon*

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a big tournament in Bloomfield, NJ You're kidding right? Bloomfield?!?!?! Just curious but since I grew up in Jersey too (Livingston), what high school were you at?

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i grew up in Sayreville. yup, Bloomfield. Brookdale Park to be exact. the Bloomfield Archers have a huge field there. they get close to 200 shooters for the Gold Cup. it's also where the semis for the olympic qualifiers where held a few years ago (the one Geena Davis shot in). and i guess that settles it. i won't be posting a pic lest i shatter wfrazerjr's illusion that i'm something to swoon at ;-)

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kiwi strawberry maddog in college almost made me perform improper acts with a border collie at a frat party. /just saying.

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Q6. So, wait, you're saying Geena Davis actually competed in archery in the Olympics, and it wasn't just a movie role? And do you still compete in archery? This half-naked thing, is it popular among the women archers (archeresses?)? Do you take part in any other sports? How do you keep fit?

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no, no. she didn't compete in the actual olympics. she attempted to make the archery team but came in 24 out of 28 in the semi-finals (i think only the top 16 moved on to the finals). it wasn't for a movie role, she started shooting and training to make it to the olympics after seeing Justin Huish win gold in 1996 in Atlanta. yes, i still compete. my next big shoot will probably be in Atlantic City in April. after that the outdoor season starts. i plan on going to the nationals again (in Watkins Glen, NY). until then there's some state and regional indoor shoots. the half-naked thing really isn't popular among female archers. i doubt you'd want to see a majority of us half naked anyway. sorry to disappoint you. but to make up for it, here's an old archery ad with boobies. (um, NSFW) i don't do any other sports right now. and i'm far from fit. although i'm trying to remedy the situation. i've had achilles tendon problems in the past year or so. i had a couple surgeries on one foot which helped, but now i'm having problems with the other. so running really isn't feasible right now. but i do walk about 3 miles everyday. and i do some lifting 3-4 days a week. i'm reading The Art of Expressing the Human Body from the Bruce Lee library (a book that was recommended by a Canadian archer i met online who's trying to make it to Athens next year). it goes into circuit training, which is something that i think will help me. if/when i get back in shape i'd love to play softball again. i know there are some fast pitch leagues in north jersey. not sure about soccer though.

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Wow, after seeing that old archery ad, I sure would like to "learn more about the challenge of bow and arrow!" But, after ogling the picture of a beautiful woman, it is somewhat apropos, I think, to ask ... Q7. What qualities, for you, define a hot guy? Which male body part do you find the most sexy? And which sports (or other) celebrities do you think are hot?

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this is an interesting interview. the 'hiatus' agreed with worldcup because he's back and sassier than ever. sassy!

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Sayreville? I'm sure you spent many a night at Hunka Bunka...

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j-girl, do you like your men sassy? btw, where is goddam? goddam!

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hey this isnt my interview. :) the JG interview: Redux depends on what you mean by sassy. if you mean a little daring and a lot spontaneous, yes. if you mean prancing around in an ascot, a satin robe, house slippers, pencil thin moustache and cigarette holder, no.

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note to self: scratch satin robe and ascot from x-mas list.

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For the Geena Davis lusters out there, she just gave birth to twin sons (and her husband is a dozen years younger than her!).

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physical traits i find hot (and there are always exceptions to the rules): i like the swarthy types. a nice smile. a wry smile works for me too. i find catchers hot. joe girardi has probably the best catcher's build in my opinion. broad shoulders, strong thighs, and outstanding forearms (my god the forearms!). non-physical traits i find hot: good sense of humor. sarcasm is always a plus. and i'm not quite sure why, but i'm a sucker for canadian accents. body part i find the most sexy: forearms. it's all relative to proportion of the rest of the body though. for example, in the big guy category, i'd have to say that mcgwire has the best. and tino martinez is probably the best example of a medium size. there's a guy i've shot with from Maryland (Jim Brown) who has the best forearms i've seen for a small guy. my favorite baseball photos are ones taken at the moment a hitter makes contact with the ball because of the way the forearms muscles are flexed. that's why i find baseball players the most attractive while in uniform, because the forearms are the only parts exposed. some hot sports celebs in addition to those mentioned above (in no particular order): Alexi Lalas (generally not into redheads, but there's just something about him), Cobi Jones, Tony Meola (he's get points for being a Jersey boy), Derek Jeter, John Vanbiesbrouck, Scott Gomez, David Beckham, Tiki Barber. my first sports celeb crush was Ron Duguay, because of his hair.

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I'm sure you spent many a night at Hunka Bunka... i figured the first comment re:Sayreville was either gonna be about Bon Jovi or Hunka Bunka. i am proud to say that i have never stepped foot in Hunka Bunka. however, the club is no more. it was recently bought and is reopening this weekend as the Starland Ballroom. i'll be going there next weekend to see Guster.

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While I have no idea what all the Jersey banter is about, I'm glad you guys are taking care of it. All I know to say about Jersey is, "Oh yeah? Which turnpike?" Hahaha. Erm. But, seriously, all across the SpoFi universe, men are taking notes based on your reply to Q7. Work those forearms, gentlemen!

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OK, we've covered New Jersey, what defines a hot guy, and half-naked archer babes ... Q8. Do you know jerseygirl? Will you go to see Jersey Girl? And, what's up with the pictures of semi-nude archers? Is this a collection? Can you just link us to the entire stash?

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Guster is coming to Hunka Bunka? A friend of mine is their road manager. See you back stage. I'll be wearing the jeans, tee, and cap.

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Spofi: Where men work on their forearms. ugh.

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no, i don't know jerseygirl, but she seems cool (eventhough she's from boston:-). not sure if i'm going to see Jersey Girl (i like kevin smith, but i can't stand ben affleck). i'll probably wait for the video. my resource for most things archery is the guys that run that site also run oh, and the joke goes "you from jersey? what exit?"

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I'll be wearing the jeans, tee, and cap. and a canadian accent?

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non-physical traits i find hot: good sense of humor. sarcasm is always a plus. and i'm not quite sure why, but i'm a sucker for canadian accents. hey, how ya doin', eh?

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Q9. So, we know how you came to archery. But how did you fall in love with it? What keeps you going back for more? Why would you recommend it to others, and particularly to women?

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i'll second the attraction to catchers, the forearms, sense of humor and sarcasm. she's right on.

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With my forearms, I'm lucky if I catch a cold.

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perhaps what you lack in forearms, you make up for it in sarcasm and humor.

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What is it with forearms? And do you notice if one is larger than the other? goddam, the accent comes and least the most noticebale traits. But the occasional 'eh' is unavoidable.

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I also have a large, well-developed Canadian accent. Get owt and abowt, eh! Eh!

posted by worldcup2002 at 02:33 PM on December 03

non-physical traits i find hot: good sense of humor. sarcasm is always a plus. and i'm not quite sure why, but i'm a sucker for canadian accents. hey, how ya doin', eh? They say I'm slow be-cause I'm from Can-ah-dah, eh? /simpsons.

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someone once said i had a canadian-eque accent because my "about" sounds funny. of course, he was a Lawn Guyland'er. i don't think i have a serious boston accent, but then again, Nomah Gahseeyapahra... yes i do.

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Canadian accents eh? I go oot and aboot, but the origin of that particular tic is tidewater virginia, no the great white north. Still work?

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Yeah, trox, how come Virginians have that particular tic, coming from the South, like? I do know someone from Virginia who speaks like that.

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i guess i first fell in love with the tournament atmosphere. like i said before, my first tourney was at Atlantic City, at the convention center (not the miss america one, the newer one). it was an awesome sight. you have about 150 archers on the line at once and when the opening whistle blows you hear all of the arrows go almost in unison. it was amazing. and the people i meet are great. everyone is very nice to newcomers, mainly because the sport is dying. so any new shooters are welcomed with open arms. plus, it's nice to go to shoots all over the country and see people you know from year to year. it's a sport where there's always room for improvement. there are constant goals i'm setting for myself and other archers that i aim to beat every year. it also gives me an excuse to travel. i probably never would have gone to Las Vegas or Missouri if it wasn't for the tournaments that were there. i would highly recommend archery for anyone. there are so many different types of bows to shoot and different styles that i think almost anyone can find something to suit them. you can traipse through courses in the woods with pineys (south jersey hicks) like i do. or you can shoot FITA target, which is olympic style, which i also do except i shoot a compound not a recurve. we are in desparate need of more women in the sport and more kids. at last year's NJ state outdoor shoot the senior divisions (over 55) had more shooters than any other age group. most women seem to get into it through their husbands or boyfriends which can be detrimental sometimes because some men tend to overcoach. i think if more women discovered that you don't need to be a brute and shoot a heavy bow to be successful a lot more would join and stick with it. anyone can be successful in this sport. hell, there are people who shoot with one arm and draw the bow back with a chew strap. and on a personal note, we could use more single men shooting in New Jersey, too.

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(continuing off-topic) - a few years ago I was working at a mall kiosk in Tulsa for a summer. I had a woman approach about the product and I answered her questions. She asked me where I was from, and I told her that I was born and raised in Tulsa but going to school in Texas at the time. She accused me of lying to her and said that I must be a fellow Canadian because of my accent. I've been forunate not to pick up a drawl (I absolutely despise them) even though I've lived in the South my whole life. But Canadian? I hadn't even travelled there (at that point in time in my life). I'll take that over hillbilly anyday though.

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just to go back to the hot guy thing for a sec. i can't believe i forgot to mention it. Bruce Lee had the absolute perfect physique. i consider him to be the hottest athlete ever.

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Didn't Bruce Lee do all types of exercises with the sole purpose of gaining more fighting power?

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"I'm a nymphomaniac who's only turned on by Jewish cowboys" - "Nice to met you, I'm Bucky Goldstein" - Steven Wright If I knew how to post images, I'd be posting images of me in catcher's gear, but that would be a little ostentatious, eh? btw - this interview rawks

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he didn't workout just for fighting power. he was very aware of his physique as well. he kept careful notes on his measurements. he wasn't trying to get big necessarily. he was trying to maximize his body's potential both in appearance and performance. his workouts are detailed in that book i mentioned earlier.

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Riffing on goddam's replies, I've got us some archery games here ... ... single men shooting in New Jersey ... ... and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. "To the Westerner the finger jabs, the side kicks, the back fist, etc., are tools of destruction and violence which is, indeed, one of their functions. But the Oriental believes that the primary function of such tools is revealed when they are self-directed and destroy greed, fear, anger and folly." (Self-mastery, dusted, self-mastery.)

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wc, we say asian not oriental now. Vito's gonna kick your ass. With finger-jabs, I hope.

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OT: wc2k2, I'm not sure about the VA accent thing. I had a professor from there who claimed it was the "English o," thus connecting us more closely with the mother tongue (he taught Restoration Lit, go figure); this does make a little sense though, since eastern VA is peopled with a lot of families who originally cut their colonial teeth in Jamestown and Williamsburg. I've heard the same weird accent in eastern MD and NC as well, thought not as widespread as VA. Makes for a honey dripping accent that cannot be resisted (if you ask me but I'm biased). Sort of Canada meets Southern with both in moderation.

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vito: I was quoting from Bruce Lee's own book Jeet Kune Do: the path to liberation. I love the term "Oriental" as much as you do. Follow the link.

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:32 PM on December 03

erm. Jeet Kune Do: toward person liberation.

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:33 PM on December 03

And now for my last trick. Q10. Aside from archery, what other fun stuff do you do, read, watch, listen to? How about fave food and drink? While you're at it, name your fave SpoFi person who I should interview.

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OTx2: asian vs. oriental. Orientalism: though not popular, it is an excellent thought-provoking exercise. Kinda reminds of me of how I defined myself as a teen: in contrast.

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please, please, please, everyone: they like to be called CHINKS. or CHOPSTICK JOCKEYS. or YELLOW MARTIANS.
any of the above will do.
didn't you get the memo?

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"And, if you look out the window to your right, you'll see the wreckage of what once was a tremendously solid interview."

posted by wfrazerjr at 07:46 PM on December 03

I think it's pretty fucking hilarious for anyone here to question WC on the asian/oriental thing. I'm laughing pretty damn hard over here, in fact.

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just got back from my department's xmas dinner. i'm a little drunk. (goddam Macaroni Grill and their Tiratinis) ok, so what other stuff do i do? i go fishing once in a while. fresh water. (i'm not very good on boats, especially in the ocean.) i like to cook and bake. i like going to the Big M. i try to get to yankee stadium as much as i possibly can (which unfortunately isn't as much as it should be lately). that's one of the reasons i moved to north jersey actually. in fact i'll go to pretty much any sporting event in the area if i can. (SpoFi meetup at a Devils game anyone?) i'm not much of a reader, but on the rare occasion that i do, i prefer non-fiction. i don't have cable so my tv options are limited. i end up watching a lot of PBS and simpsons reruns. but mainly i just sit in front of the computer and listen to music. an odd mix of stuff. Queen, Johnny Cash, Concrete Blonde, G. Love, Fountains of Wayne, Bruce, TMBG, Barenaked Ladies, Jack Johnson, Operation Ivy, Otis Redding, The Pogues, The Stones, The Who, the Wainwrights (both Rufus and Loudon), 80s "guilty pleasure" pop. and a LOT of Tom Waits. my listening selection has been limited lately though. i got my CDs stolen in the city in october. actually the night of Game 1 of the WS. man that was a crappy night. but the thief was so kind as to leave their empty bottle of Colt 45 in back seat. where was i... since i'm without cable i rent a lot of movies. but the stores by me have a pretty crap selection. so many times i just end up getting a Monty Python or Mel Brooks flick. or i go to my standbys and watch Time Bandits and Brazil. the only tv show i watch religiously is the Sopranos (big surprise, i'm sure). my brother tapes them for me. i may break down and get cable for the next season though because i'm tired of trying to avoid spoilers for 3 weeks until he can get me the tape. favorite drink: Guinness. favorite food: Guinness... just kidding. i guess i'd have to say steak. i enjoy a really good black and blue steak. i also enjoy the occasional cigar. and i think you should interview garfield next.

posted by goddam at 09:01 PM on December 03

man that was a crappy night. but the thief was so kind as to leave their empty bottle of Colt 45 in back seat. well i think we've found the culprit: Billy Dee Williams.

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Thanks for a really solid, meaty interview, goddam. And the naked girl pics I didn't even have to ask for. Good luck with the archery and the single men in Jersey. Now, for our next lucky contestant. garfield, are you up for it? You can pick a time.

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thanks wc2k2.

posted by goddam at 09:30 PM on December 03

Need I mention that garfield is Canadian and lives in New Jersey?

posted by worldcup2002 at 09:48 PM on December 03

In the words of the new Guinness ads ... "Brilliant!" I, for one, welcome our new arrow-shooting overlord(esses)!

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since i'm without cable i rent a lot of movies. but the stores by me have a pretty crap selection Netflix is very very good thing.

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maddie: I have an OBSCENE amount of Wainwright, Waits and TMBG; rare, solo projects, bootleg and live. If yer interested in doing a little music trading, let me know. I like what I've heard of F.o.Wayne and wouldn't mind trying a bit more... and ditto what ufez said. Netflix is absolutely mandatory for anyone not living in a major city.
/temp crash pad has a dialup connection

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Garfield's up next? OTx2: asian vs. oriental. Orientalism: though not popular, it is an excellent thought-provoking exercise. Kinda reminds of me of how I defined myself as a teen: in contrast. That sort of prattle is pretty much par for the course with Garfield (it's his real middle name - no shit). He's a friend of mine, but sometimes when you're talking to him it's like he's channelling the bastard child of David Hume and William S. Burroughs. Buckle your seatbelts, kids! P.S. - I kid because I love, Mike. P.P.S. - We're getting you baked for the second half of the interview.

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Haha. Go away for one day and see what happens to a thread! So years ago some (Hawaiian) friends tell me Oriental is no longer appropriate to use, now we use "Asians". I went home and told my mom (who is Japanese). And she said, "Ah so...Was this decided by white people?"

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Netflix is very very good thing. but that would require me to get a dvd player. i'd get cable before i got a dvd player.

posted by goddam at 07:49 AM on December 04

cool. I'll try and minimize the drivel for my good pal. As for timing, I don't know about others' year-end responsibilities, but for me December is what April is like for CPAs...and my spofi habits have me a tad behind where I should be. I'd be honored to do it, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to slack for an entire 1/1 perhaps. wc, I'll keep you posted...somehow ( returns as undeliverable). I second the Netflix endorsement: best $20/month for entertainment you can spend...unless you can get bootleg copies of new releases for free...btw, Elf is funny. Not sure what it is about Bob Newheart, but the man cracks me up.

posted by garfield at 10:20 AM on December 04

i studied graphic design at RIT. Right down the road from me! They have a great radio station.

posted by jasonspaceman at 12:29 PM on December 04

WITR! a couple guys i knew had a show on there dedicated to 80s music (this was in '97). myself and some other friends joined them for a marathon show once. i think they were on for about 12 hours or so. good times. good times.

posted by goddam at 12:36 PM on December 04

goddam, btw, thanks.

posted by garfield at 01:15 PM on December 04

He's a friend of mine, but sometimes when you're talking to him it's like he's channelling the bastard child of David Hume and William S. Burroughs. And people say we don't have a quonsar here!

posted by billsaysthis at 03:17 PM on December 04

quonsar defined.....because I needed to look it up.

posted by garfield at 04:41 PM on December 04

garfield, I'll catch up with you in the new year. Maybe we can do it on Jan 2, the one-year anniversary of the first SpoFi Locker Room interview! Good luck with year-end closing (or whatever it is you're doing). btw, You should've emailed me at (No, really. I'm just kidding.)

posted by worldcup2002 at 04:53 PM on December 04

Huff huff. Sorry I'm late: archery and Monty Python! You must have had every single* D&D player at RIT following you around campus. But maybe that's the UR alum in me talking. * I know they're all single. I meant each individual.

posted by yerfatma at 08:12 PM on December 04

if i was into archery while i at school i'm sure that would be the case. but actually we used to make snide remarks about the archers as they walked past our practice field.

posted by goddam at 09:04 PM on December 04

Ok, who can we interview in the meantime?

posted by jerseygirl at 10:53 PM on December 04

Well, there's always the new guys, fork and lilnemo. And I think I found another lady: lil old bat! Seems to have gotten more visible lately, looks like an all-round sports nut with strong, detailed views. The other two we already know about. ;-)

posted by worldcup2002 at 12:36 AM on December 05

Vito, you never fail to crack me up. That's hilarious. I wouldn't mind hearing from Forky or WeedyMcSmokey while Garfield finishes rebuilding his meth lab.

posted by Samsonov14 at 01:57 AM on December 05

Forky's on the move, ain't he? Weedy might have some spare time for us, though....and the 2nd sounds like a plan to me, wc2k2.

posted by garfield at 08:35 AM on December 05

It's turning into the SpoFi View. how about... Bryant yerfatma djacobs

posted by jerseygirl at 10:09 AM on December 05

...Well, there's always the new guys, fork and lilnemo... ...The other two we already know about... Or do you? Bum-bum-BUMMMM!!!

posted by lilnemo at 12:06 PM on December 05

It's turning into the SpoFi View. Who's posing nude?

posted by lilnemo at 12:07 PM on December 05

Star Jones, I hope.

posted by wfrazerjr at 12:14 PM on December 05

Good god, no.

posted by worldcup2002 at 12:43 PM on December 05

lilnemo: I do want to interview you and forks sometime, so please don't feel slighted.

posted by worldcup2002 at 12:44 PM on December 05

i'm on weekend-mode already, so don't mind me... did we interview WorldCup already?

posted by jerseygirl at 12:49 PM on December 05

I think someone did a turnabout interview with the ace interviewer himself (SF perhaps?). I'm too lazy to look it up though.

posted by trox at 01:18 PM on December 05

me too. lazy i mean. i wish it would just be 5:00 already.

posted by jerseygirl at 01:25 PM on December 05

The worldcup2002 interview (by Ufez Jones). You lazy bastards.

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:38 PM on December 05

early closing. Wo-Hoo! thanks momma outside.

posted by garfield at 01:39 PM on December 05

damnit garf, you lucky bastard. at least i am not getting socked with the storm on the way home.

posted by jerseygirl at 01:42 PM on December 05

j-girl: Get back to work. :-P

posted by worldcup2002 at 01:50 PM on December 05

Work smerk. It's friday afternoon. Post something people so I can idly peruse and comment. (Again, I'm too lazy--looking ahead to the last night of my favorite bar).

posted by trox at 02:55 PM on December 05

Jesus, I feel like a total ZERO on the sports thing after reading this interview. I did so FEW sports growing up. And here goddam is...drinking maddog and playing every sport in the book...and sounds like she's good, to boot! If our baby is a girl, msacheson is going to make sure she plays soccer and golf early on. I'm going to involve her in hiking, snowboarding, and snorkeling. I just hope she get's his sports-ability, not mine (which doesn't exist.) I guess that all goes for a boy, too. But I still don't get the half-naked archery thing. What's the deal with that? Don't the boobs get in the way? Why not wear a shirt? Ah I can't WAIT to drink again. (2 1/2 weeks till this baby is OUT and then I'm having a six pack of Corona IN THE HOSPITAL. Do you hear that msacheson? Screw the diamond ring for having a baby, I want BOOZE.) Anyway, great interview. And BTW, WC has the FARTHEST thing from a Canadian accent-don't let him fool you. But I don't remember his forarms...they could be nice. :) Goddam, nice to have you on board. Have a drink on me...

posted by aacheson at 06:08 PM on December 05

After you drink a couple of bottles of Maddog, the idea of shirtless female archery is much more comprehensible.

posted by billsaysthis at 06:51 PM on December 05

aacheson: But I still don't get the half-naked archery thing. What's the deal with that? Don't the boobs get in the way? Boobs. They never get in the way. Screw the diamond ring for having a baby, I want BOOZE. I think what you'll be asking for is the dramamine. Or whatever they shoot into your spine. If you have a Caesarean (I pray you don't), then it'll be morphine. Mmmm. Morphine. And BTW, WC has the FARTHEST thing from a Canadian accent-don't let him fool you. But I don't remember his forarms...they could be nice. :) I do so have a Canadian accent, eh! And big Canadian lumberjack forearms! (I noticed msacheson was eyeing them.) I am also swarthy, wicked funny, (eh!) and wear nice pants. Hahahahaha.

posted by worldcup2002 at 07:10 PM on December 05

Boobs. They never get in the way. As an overweight male, I know that unfortunately sometimes they do.

posted by dng at 07:15 PM on December 05

well, aacheson this shot of jagermeister is for you and the soon to arrive little acheson. cheers!

posted by goddam at 08:10 PM on December 05

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