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Panthers Cheerleaders Arrested after Sex at Bar.

Update: Renee's 2005 Profile Angela's 2005 Profile If those don't work (try 'em a couple of times), I took screen captures: Angela & Renee.

posted by rebeuthl at 09:23 PM on November 07, 2005

Panthers Cheerleaders Arrested after Sex at Bar.

Here's Angela's 2004 profile from the Internet Archives. Here's Renee's profile via Google's cache, but that was taking forever to load.

posted by rebeuthl at 09:14 PM on November 07, 2005

5 Ks in One Inning!

Not only that, but he struck the same batter out twice in that same inning.

posted by rebeuthl at 04:55 PM on July 16, 2004

"Old White Guy Makes Racially Insensitive Remark"

On Walton, Madsen, and other white guys: The fan always cheers for the underdog, which a talented white player has become in the NBA. Or, maybe I'm off base and it's really because Luke has his dad, and Madsen has mad dance skillz.

posted by rebeuthl at 03:59 PM on June 09, 2004

Maybe we should just have a cage match free-for-all and include the Dahm Triplets (Warning: Pay site, may not be appropriate for work setting!)

posted by rebeuthl at 09:46 AM on October 03, 2002

If you remember, Ricky was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, and is now well on his way to being social. I think that this website is part of his recovery, and something that he wants to do. More power to him.

posted by rebeuthl at 09:24 AM on August 28, 2002

John Stockton will be back this season.

I am tired of hearing Bill Walton talk, period. In order to spice up the Jazz vs. Lakers games, make John wear Shaq's shorts and vice versa. Much like Shaq did a while back.

posted by rebeuthl at 03:30 PM on August 12, 2002

Among the believers

If you read the Hogette's web site, I found it interesting to learn that they were born out of a philanthropic role, rather than football fans. And it sounds like entertaining kids in hospitals is what interests them the most. I missed that in the VISA commercial.

posted by rebeuthl at 01:40 PM on August 06, 2002

"Mobsters on ice." (check out the last sentence of this article)

Here we go with another 'real sport' question. I know I am guilty of questioning pastimes (baseball, speed eating, etc.) as sports in the past, but I think enough is enough. We all know that ice skating is a soap opera. Do we keep having to bring this one up?

posted by rebeuthl at 05:36 PM on August 02, 2002

Bowden must go,

Sr. Sun Tan, I don't think I misunderstood the quote. But why even make any comparison? The two are not on the same scale. If anyone thinks it is, they need some help. If anything, 9/11 taught many people where sports belong; as entertainment. Not the end-all, be-all to life. I think that's why everyone is making a stink of the quote. The two (baseball & 9/11) do not belong on the same level.

posted by rebeuthl at 05:03 PM on August 02, 2002

Bowden must go,

No, maybe it isn't the worst he could've said, but he could've chosen better words. I think we all agree that baseball will go down with a strike, but I hate to think that it will be as devastating as 9/11. If baseball ends, it won't make me rethink the value my life, as I am sure many other did, after the attacks. No, Bowden shouldn't be fired, but he should've stepped up to the mic on the apology.

posted by rebeuthl at 11:07 AM on August 02, 2002

Is Lance Armstrong An Athelete?

It surprises me at the level of intellience (or lack thereof) exhibited by "sport experts/journalists." I am under the impression that sports journalists have dream jobs. How could you not love writing about sports, which presumibly got you into sports writing in the first place? Bill Simmons is a sports journalist that takes his job seriously, but still knows how to have fun. In all the commentary he writes, he never blindly makes statements, or shoots from the hip as Mr. Borges does here. Just by the level of detail he uses, respect is instantly gained. And his 'mailbag' columns show the respect his fans have for him. On another note, I am sick of the constant questioning of the definitions of sports and/or athletes. If you don't play pool, don't question their skills. If you don't swim, run, kick, hit, throw, chop, etc., get the hell out of here, cause we don't like you.

posted by rebeuthl at 01:51 PM on July 26, 2002

If you were Commissioner of all Sports for one day, what three changes would you make?

I asked this same question around the table tonight, and had one interesting reply. She said that after cutting all professional salaries in half, to make sure that coaches get paid more than the athletes to foster respect. An interesting take, I think. It would make things very different.

posted by rebeuthl at 10:28 PM on July 17, 2002

Kissing your sister.

If you're from Tennesee, kissing your sister is pretty common I hear. But I think the way the game played itself out; very exciting to start, and then downhill ending in a tie, is very representative of the 2002 season. Lots of teams with lots of potential at the begining (people hitting home runs like crazy, hitting & home run streaks are being watched, etc.) downhill to the point where no one really knows if the season will finish. But as far as Bud's decision, he was in a no-win situation and made the right call. As far as his decisions with the rest of baseball, well...that's for another post.

posted by rebeuthl at 08:59 AM on July 10, 2002

Is speed eating a sport?

I have to say that it is a sport in someway. It's challenging, you need to train to become successful, and doing so may reap grand awards. (Kobayashi made $150,000 in contests last year.) But in reference to your other post, you made a comment about baseball and the condition of its pitchers. I seem to recall that baseball is a 'national pastime'. A pastime isn't really a sport, is it?

posted by rebeuthl at 04:54 PM on July 03, 2002