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Johnny Mac coming back

One person who matches John McEnroe's "excitement " for the game is Marat Safin. John himself comments all the time (when he was commentating) on how much he likes to watch Marat. Who else goes so nutso on the court? You can just watch him have a meltdown. Except recently it seems he is staying way more in control. I think that's been too bad, for him (he played better when he exploded), too bad for tennis and too bad for all of us who liked to watch him articulate his latest problems. I don't know of anyone i would say he was in a rivalry with but in 2005 at the Aussie open he took out Roger.

posted by 2sweet<> at 11:23 PM on February 15, 2006

Marat Safinís Knee Injury Makes Him Quit Tournament, Doubt Australian Open Participation

I say if there's anyway that Marat can play. He'll go to the Australian. He'll try to play through the pain. At least show up. If it doesn't further the injury. Besides he can again celebrate his birthday downunder.

posted by 2sweet<> at 10:33 PM on January 09, 2006

The end for Puerta.

McGuire admitted to using a banned substance he wasn't tested for. Besides things are a little different in tennis as it is in baseball.

posted by 2sweet<> at 11:38 PM on December 22, 2005

Russian Star Anna Kournikova Says May Return to Tennis

That's right if she spent more time winning matches and not flashing her bling to reporters and having billboards made of her posing in sports bras she could have been considered. But Anna never intended to be a real tennis star she just wanted to show everyone how pretty and sexy she was, make a lot of money on promoting. Tennis was not her number one priority. Maria is more talented and much more level headed. She is in commercials and she still can find the time and motivation to win a major. And at her age. Anna could never do it, she was way too immature running around with Sergi and Pavel. Remember when everyone started calling Daniela Hantuchova the next Anna? She hasn't done squat.

posted by 2sweet<> at 11:36 PM on December 22, 2005

The end for Puerta.

Puerta knew that if he got caught again that it was basically it for him.. He screwed up and that's that.. No more chances for him.

posted by 2sweet<> at 11:07 PM on December 21, 2005