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Athletic departments at State schools are not profitable

This is funny, because many supporters of universities developing new football teams will cite profits from schools like UF, which makes $27,000,000 off of its football team. They fail to mention the losses that UF incurs from its other sports (excluding basketball) total about $11,000,000. That cuts into a huge chunk of their profit, and this is with a highly successful athletic program. Imagine how bad off a budding lower Division team could be if it capitulates to pressure, build a football program and loses its ass off.

posted by RScannix at 01:34 PM on March 31, 2006

Leiter calls it quits

Grum, I think that little bit of wisdom pretty much ended this thread.

posted by RScannix at 03:50 PM on March 20, 2006

Albert Belle Arrested on stalking charges.

wfrazerjr, I think he was referring to the Louisiana Hall of Fame. Not delusional, but perhaps inflating his importance a bit.

posted by RScannix at 06:04 PM on February 17, 2006

Not only banned, but busted too?

Scary thought, rcade, scary thought.

posted by RScannix at 06:02 PM on February 17, 2006

Raiders look to the past for a coach,

Glad to see Shell get his second chance. Discipline seems to be just what Oakland needs right now. And, if you look closely, his only losing season with the Raiders was his first year (12 games at that).

posted by RScannix at 03:30 PM on February 11, 2006

ESPN names new MNF broadcast team.

I must say, I really like Tirico, and enjoyed that game he did during the last week of the season- Oakland vs. New York (Giants). Maybe they could put him with Herbstriedt? Or, at least someone that is knowledgable, but calm. Definitely not a jackass like Theismann.

posted by RScannix at 08:49 PM on February 08, 2006

Steelers Won Super Bowl XL

I notice that about 90% of the posts that say "Seahawks fans, stop whining" are from Steelers fans..... I wonder, what were you guys doing three weeks ago after the Polamalu call?

posted by RScannix at 10:18 PM on February 06, 2006

Game's Third team Upstaged Steelers, Seahawks

At least when the WWE starts fixing matches, they call themselves sports entertainment. That said, I think my Seahawks made too many mistakes and pretty much gave the game away, bad calls notwithstanding. They should have been able to overcome. The Steelers simply made less errors.

posted by RScannix at 10:03 PM on February 06, 2006

True Fan or Greedy Fan?

For the people saying that the fan should take advantage of the team, simply because that is the same thing the players do: Two wrongs don't make a right!

posted by RScannix at 08:10 PM on January 31, 2006

NFL Network To Air 8 Regular Season Games

I must say that as a sports fan that pays little attention to hockey, I enjoyed the NHL on NBC presentation that I watched this Saturday. I think it may actually give more exposure to the sport. In relation to this thread, perhaps if the NFL moves to pay-per-view or premium channel status, soccer could seize the opportunity, as kosmicdebris suggested. Interest has been rising for years in the sport, with youth leagues becoming more prevalent, and it's possible that the states could finally jump in on the trend... But it still won't be bigger than American football (at least not for another generation.)

posted by RScannix at 01:07 PM on January 29, 2006

Sean Payton to coach the Saints

Typically I would doubt the sagacity of hiring a young quarterbacks coach as a head coach. But, this is the Saints. Their offense needs even more help than their defense, especially at the quarterback position, where Coach Peyton is going to have to develop a rookie (probably Matt Leinart). That said, he is also one of those Parcells protéges, which, last time I checked, have fared fairly well as coaches in the NFL.

posted by RScannix at 08:36 AM on January 19, 2006

Bills Shocked by Mularkey's Resignation

Also, you guys make some really stupid decisions in hiring coaches. This is why I fully expect to see Haslett on the sidelines next year :)

posted by RScannix at 09:07 AM on January 15, 2006

Bills Shocked by Mularkey's Resignation

You know, being a fan of Flutie, I clearly remember the Johnson-Flutie switch. I remember thinking how stupid it was, how great Flutie had been playing, and how injury prone Johnson was.... Guess what happened? The next year, when Buffalo traded Flutie away, Johnson broke his arm. He played very sparingly after that, and faded away pretty quickly. They've had turmoil at the quarterback position ever since.

posted by RScannix at 09:06 AM on January 15, 2006

Lendale White leaving USC

I am actually surprised at this...I thought he would stay, try and get his name out there a little more, maybe rack up a Heisman, and try to become a #1 pick next year. But, I think it's a good decision. He is definitely recognized enough to be chosen high and given a starting role, or a shot at one. Maybe, by going lower, he will go to a halfway decent team and not be stuck in a major rebuilding situation.

posted by RScannix at 08:13 PM on January 11, 2006

Seattle Seahawks...Oh what a difference a year makes.

As a longtime Seattle fan, I am cautious about jinxing my team. All I will say is that I truly hope they can pull it off this year. Hell, if New England, St. Louis, and Tampa can do it, why not us?

posted by RScannix at 12:12 PM on January 07, 2006

Brett picks a coach

I find it funny that there is that much demand for a coach that was just fired from a 3-13 team. Sure, the Saints had extenuating cirumstances this year, but the fact is that they have been a perenially underacheiving team.

posted by RScannix at 12:04 PM on January 07, 2006

Stone Cold Lock: Jacksonville Over New England

You know, reading that article, I am almost convinced the Jags will win..... Almost. I like the combination of experience, a proven postseason record, and home-field in this one. I can't go against the Pats at home in the playoffs, not until someone goes into Foxboro does them in. Maybe Jax? Maybe; but not likely.

posted by RScannix at 04:16 PM on January 06, 2006

2006 NFL Mock Draft

I like that theory about about the L.A. sounds very devious and possible in an Irsay-ish way; I wonder if they'll pack up in the middle of the night and move down I-10 (after it gets rebuilt of course). DeAngelo in S.F....I like, I like. I had not thought of that. I predict he will be big in the NFL. While Bush gets all of the attention, he will languish on lousy teams, with his numbers to comfort him, á la Barry Sanders. DeAngelo, however, may the cornerstone of a championship squad.

posted by RScannix at 08:10 PM on January 05, 2006

Alexander Runs Away With MVP

I don't buy the weak teams argument..... Manning played against the Texans and Titans twice each... Brady faced the Jets and Bills twice each... Barber...well....give it to the man, the Giants had a pretty decent schedule. But Alexander had twice as many touchdowns as Barber...schedule doesn't account for everything. I would also like insert some props for Larry Johnson. Sure, the Chiefs line helped, but looking at his numbers, one would think he had played for the whole season.

posted by RScannix at 08:03 PM on January 05, 2006

Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

Not the greatest game of all time...the 2003 championship was better. Plus, although there was plenty of excitement and loads of talent, the play was also very sloppy. Oh, well, I guess that's just college football....

posted by RScannix at 07:54 PM on January 05, 2006

Sherman fired after losing season.

To say that this team needs to rebuild is stupid. Disagree. The 10-6 division title last year was a chimera, largely due to the fact that they played in a terrible division, and, therefore, had a soft schedule. That loss to the Vikings in the Wild Card game (at Lambeau, no less) showed the Packers for the paper tiger that they are. This team, healthy, may have reached 8-8 this year. I would not call them good; mediocre is more accurate.

posted by RScannix at 04:45 PM on January 04, 2006

Badgers give Alvarez a goodbye kiss.

As far as the Sun Belt goes, they absolutely should be relegated to the lower divisions of college football. Division I-A, in general, should only include teams which (in theory) can win the national championship, or at least make it to one of the larger bowls. It is quite obvious that 30-40% of D I-A teams will never play in a bowl game that runs after Dec. 26.

posted by RScannix at 12:45 PM on January 03, 2006

Sherman fired after losing season.

It's time in Green Bay. They need to start over. Sherman's departure was necessary, and it will probably be for the best if Farve leaves as well. They need a coach that could bring some balance to the team. One who can shore up the defense and remodel it from the ground up, while, at the same time, building a new team around Rodgers. For the past few years, it seems Green Bay has been desperately trying to cling onto the late '90s. Only by taking a few years to build for the future will this team become great again.

posted by RScannix at 12:41 PM on January 03, 2006

will the Seahawks beat the Colts in week 16?

As far as Manning being a class act.....he seems like a phony to me. Anybody can act nice when he's rehearsed it. For me, I just think back to the whole "idiot kicker" episode; that seems to tell me he's an ignorant jerk. By the way, GO Hawks!!

posted by RScannix at 03:30 PM on December 07, 2005

will the Seahawks beat the Colts in week 16?

Well, I remember that last year, Pittsburgh rested its starters for a couple games, and struggled against the Jets in the second round, and got creamed by the Patriots in the championship game.

posted by RScannix at 10:08 AM on December 07, 2005

since ya'll needed a thread I'll now reiterate =D who was the best back of all time

In terms of all-around ability, Jim Brown. As for a big-yardage runner, Barry Sanders. For a recieving back, well I'd have to go with Marshall Faulk. And, for a steady, dependable back, I like Emmitt Smith.

posted by RScannix at 03:27 PM on December 05, 2005