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Aluminum Bat Maker Liable in Baseball Player's Death

This whole discussion has been about the bats and the manufacturers who make them. But what about the kid pitching? The harder the ball is thrown, the harder it is hit. Did no one take this in to consideration? Was this kid a pheonom, the next Nolan Ryan?

Also, why aren't the ball manufacturers being sued? They have "deep pockets" also? Should we sue the glove manufacturer because the kid missed the ball and it hit him? Or maybe Nike because his footing didn't allow him to move fast enough? Where does it end?

Rather than filing a lawsuit, GET INVOLVED. Quit sitting around complaining and saying someone else is responsible for this accident. Get out there and make a difference. Lawsuits only help lawyers. You have the ability to help a kid or maybe save a life just by getting involved.

And a side note, dviking above is right, players need to be placed by ability, not age.

posted by crash21 at 10:42 AM on October 31, 2009