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Shaq Can't Handle Howard's Success

If I remember the story right Shaq hates Orlando because everyone blamed him for losing the finals and the fact he pissed off Penny because when Shaq wanted a maximum contract Penny was behind him and when Penny asked for his Shaq was nowhere to be found and add to the fact that he doesn't like Stan Van Gundy because they called each other out during the last half of the season, I believe that Shaq is just annoyed that nobody is talking about him during this time of year because he didn't make the playoffs, he loves being in the spotlight.

posted by Jonathon27 at 03:34 PM on June 07, 2009

Shaq Can't Handle Howard's Success

I am one of the biggest Shaq fans, I think Shaq is a little upset at the fact that he left both Orlando and LA with sour tastes in there mouths and now both of those teams are succeeding with out him. Now Orlando and Dwight are getting credit for what he couldn't do, and nobody is talking about his legacy in Orlando and soon his legacy in LA could be gone. I think he just needs to man up and realized his time has past and it saddens me but it is what it is and everybody knows he wasn't going to stay like that forever. Also the rumors about him going to Cleveland I hope are not true because I am not convinced he is helping his sidekicks i.e. penny, kobe, wade, nash, do we really need him corrupting LBJ too.

posted by Jonathon27 at 05:41 AM on June 07, 2009