February 13, 2002

The role of subjectivity in sport: Simon Barnes, in The Times, discusses the Canadian ice skating incident, and more interestingly, the role of subjectivity in sports.

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The Ice Skating incident is under review. Hopefully something comes of it.

posted by j.edwards at 04:37 AM on February 13

tony kornheiser was discussing this on his radio show yesterday: postulating, and subsequently dismissing, the notion that "Is Foo a Sport?" can be answered by the level of objectivity which goes into determining the victor. judges --be they called judges or referees or umpires-- will always have some sway on the outcome of a given contest. but i feel there is some validity to defining a "sport" to some extent by just how much sway judges have. downhill skiing is more a sport than ice-skating in this definition -- as it should be ;-). christine brennen touches on this in her reaction to the pairs skating controversy.

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Folks, there HAS to be some controversy, just to keep the buzz going. But it has to be of a 'decent' sort such as this, because NBC doesn't want their viewers so mad they tune out; otherwise they would remind us every five minutes about the bribery involved in a city being 'awarded' the Olympics. This Olympics has the disadvantage of not having a Tanya Harding type incident, so the pot wasn't already boiling, so to speak. BTW, last time I was in Vancouver, Washington I ran into Tanya; she's as cute as ever.

posted by Mack Twain at 11:24 AM on February 13

Unfortunately, even if the judges are found to be in collusion after a review of the incident, the Russians will not be stripped of their gold medal. The worst that can happen is that the judges will be suspended.

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Well, the French judges claim they were manipulated, but the skating federation will take its time...

posted by adampsyche at 02:06 PM on February 14

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