November 14, 2006

Diamondbacks' Webb wins NL Cy Young: Brandon Webb's 16 victories are the fewest by a starting pitcher who won the Cy Young Award in a non-strike season.

posted by justgary to baseball at 03:32 PM - 7 comments

As a Cardinals fan, I was hoping Carpenter would repeat, but Webb was probably the better choice among a less than stellar field this year.

posted by Bury Bonds at 04:46 PM on November 14

Webb was REALLY tough the first half, when the D-Backs were in the thick of it, and is just as effective on the road as at home, but he was pretty pedestrian in the second half. I would imagine the Arizona summer had a little to do with it. 16-8, 3.10 sounds about like what Steve Carlton averaged per season.

posted by mjkredliner at 05:18 PM on November 14

Who is Brandon Webb?

posted by yay-yo at 05:48 PM on November 14

Google him and find out.

posted by jerseygirl at 06:49 PM on November 14

How come Zambrano didn't win it just kidding but awesome dawson did win mvp in 1987 for a last place team he was all they had for the season last year

posted by luther70 at 07:43 PM on November 14

The field here was fairly mediocre -- no NL pitcher stood head and shoulders above the rest this year. That said, I'm surprised Roy Oswalt didn't get more consideration. I think there's a legitimate claim for him to have won this. Also, I think Billy Wagner was probably the best reliever in the NL this year.

posted by holden at 08:52 PM on November 14

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