August 18, 2002

I just got back from 2 grueling days of heat and noise and five dollar sodas courtesy of the Philly hosted X-Games. Major giveaway booty was to be had in the form of free cds, t-shirts, stickers, key chains, jewelry, magazines, baseball caps, towels, and all the chocolate milk your tummy could hold. My son's highlights? The music, and the big truck that was filled with a bazillion televisions, each one hooked up to a PS2. My highlight? Skateboard vert doubles.

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X-Games had signed a 2 year deal to hold the games here. Philadelphia beat out rival bids from San Diego, Atlanta and Richmond, Va. Last year the Games lost money; I'm curious to see how they do this year - the sponsorships and give-aways are huge this time around. You're inundated with Pep-Boys logos everywhere you turn. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - Manny, Moe and Jack are kind of cute, and it keeps the tickets free - just the way I like 'em.

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did you take any pics, iconomy?

posted by lescour at 03:54 PM on August 18

Iconomy, yeah, was there on Sunday. Despite the Phils selling out for Harry Kalas/Richie Ashburn Bobblehead Day, X-Games still fared better. We went over before the Phils game, X-Games was great despite the unbelievable heat. I didn't realize they lost $$$ last year, definitely noticed more advertising this time around. The question is, did you get your Manny, Moe and Jack Magnet?!? Another good year at the X-Games, will miss it as it leaves Philadelphia. If you have any pics, definitely post them.

posted by rosey8810 at 09:03 AM on August 19 pics. I took pics last year and they were pretty bad, so I didn't give it a second thought this year. Now I wish I had taken some.

posted by iconomy at 07:20 PM on August 19

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