April 21, 2006

Franco Makes History: More power to Franco. I personally would like to see someone hit a home run at the age of 50. I remember watching Franco play with the Rangers when I was a little kid. I even met him a few times. I cant wait to see if he can do it.

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I'm old enough to remember when Franco was playing in his 20s, and as much as he was a great hitter always thought that batting stance of his where the bat was over his shoulder and pointed at the pitching mound would limit his playing career. I figured as he got older he would lose his bat speed and there'd be no way he could pull the bat around himself quick enough. Can't say I like being proved wrong, but good on him, he certainly did that. For years however, the guy made me spit nails for breaking up Dave Stieb's no-hitter with two out in the 9th with a lucky shite bouncer past Manny Lee that should have been a routine ground-out. Still pisssed after all these years.

posted by the red terror at 07:53 AM on April 21

I hope he makes 50 too, although at that age he'll have to watch out for Pedro, he likes to beat on old men!!!

posted by INOALOSER at 09:04 AM on April 21

I think Franco was 40 when he was with the White Sox 12 years ago.

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I liked Franco's line from an interview: eat hard, work harder, rest hardest.

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It's good to see someone with the drive to play at this age. He certainly don't need the money anymore so he has to be playing for the love of the game. There are a ton of players out there who should be taking notes. Our professional sports are flooded with players only in it for the money. Thats why our olympic teams suck so much. These athletes don't want to PLAY a game for free. The pride of playing for our county doesn't mean anything anymore. I wish I had 9 Franco's on my team.

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I like the heading Deadspin used for this story - Forget Steroid Testing, Franco Needs Carbon Testing

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I wish I had 9 Franco's on my team. So true so true. Hats of to Julio Franco...I know you can make it to 50 buddy!

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my insomnia allowed me to watch both home runs last night. as a trade-off i was subjected to the broadcast stylings of keith hernandez, who used the word "goodest" to describe a steve trachsel breaking ball.

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Great. Another record for Bonds to go after.

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as a trade-off i was subjected to the broadcast stylings of keith hernandez Who's this chucker?

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I,m also old enough to remember when Franco was in his 20's. I used his batting style in baseball it worked for me too. As far as Franco being 47 is questionable, He has refused to show proof of his age. I honestly believe he is 51 yrs old.

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Who's this chucker? I don't know, but I sure as hell ain't taking him to the airport.

posted by BullpenPro at 05:26 PM on April 21

The older you get the better you get hey 47 ain't that old just look at what franco did

posted by luther70 at 05:32 PM on April 22

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