November 09, 2005

Hope you drafted Larry Johnson, too...: because Priest Holmes is done for the season.

posted by The_Black_Hand to football at 03:24 PM - 22 comments

This is actually good news for my fantasy team, now I know who to start!

posted by tron7 at 03:57 PM on November 09

I'm still hopeful that T.O. comes back, I picked him up off of waivers just in case, for a playoff run.

posted by The Gangstinator at 04:14 PM on November 09

I hope Priest Holmes gets better for next year. He's too good a player, too important to the Chiefs, and frankly, it'd just suck. In similar news, Wayne Chrebet looks pretty much done.

posted by chicobangs at 04:31 PM on November 09

It's a shame about Cherbet, however, Wayne has nothing to regret - he should be immortalized as a Jet - from Hofstra walk-on to 11 year vet, he deserves to have his number retired.

posted by The Gangstinator at 04:50 PM on November 09

It's a shame about Cherbet, however, Wayne has nothing to regret - he should be immortalized as a Jet - from Hofstra walk-on to 11 year vet, he deserves to have his number retired. I'm guessing Chrebet's close personal friend Me-Shawn feels otherwise. Of course I have no evidence to support this claim, but I'll roll the dice on my gut instinct here.

posted by bigrobbieb at 06:00 PM on November 09

Two years ago I could have had LT as my keeper. Suck it.

posted by Turbo at 06:05 PM on November 09

look man the deal with priest homes is that he is ahas been and will never start in arrowhead again and that is just the sad thruth and to "turbo" dont tell anyone to suck it. you fag

posted by bryan5t at 08:49 PM on November 09

wayne chebet is and always was a second rate wide reciever that is not even a has been more like a never was

posted by bryan5t at 08:52 PM on November 09

oh yeah is ganastinater the best u could do

posted by bryan5t at 08:53 PM on November 09

Funny how a story about Preist Holmes and Larry Johnson turned into a crybaby story for Wayne Chrebet. Point is.......LJ is an EXCELLENT pick up. Chrebet has been a good 3RD receiver his whole career, but let's back of on HOF talk or number retiring.

posted by spartyshags at 09:19 PM on November 09

Prist Holmes a class act on and off the field. Walk away and enjoy life . you deserve it.

posted by Richard j Garcia at 09:29 PM on November 09

Turbo and bryan5t, you both need to read the newbie notes and stop the gratuitous insults if you wanna remain around here. Friendly word of warning.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 09:30 PM on November 09

See what happens when you mention Wayne Chrebet? The Hofstra crown shows up and gets all ghetto on you.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 10:05 PM on November 09

Priest Holmes is a class act and I hate to see him out. I don't think it is career ending.

posted by thesportsartist at 10:54 PM on November 09

Hofstra crown also known as the "Hofstra crowd"

posted by The_Black_Hand at 11:03 PM on November 09

I'm ignoring the slapfight. If he's got a spinal bruise, then Priest isn't going anywhere at all if & until it gets better. And if he's feeling pins & needles in his extremities (as was reported), then he shouldn't hurry back. Like, ever. He can afford to stay home and not get any worse for the rest of his life. (Running Backs don't last long, and they hurt for the rest of their lives. I wouldn't blame him one bit if he walked away.) As far as his career... over the last four or five years, he was arguably the most dangerous back in football. Multiple CNS injuries are not the kind of thing you want to go through, and no amount of money will bring the feeling in your extremities back.

posted by chicobangs at 04:13 AM on November 10

I agree with Richard j Garcia, if Priest Holmes has got a spinal injury then he should get away from football. It is not worth your health for the sake of playing a game.

posted by Richsr at 08:03 AM on November 10

Holmes came out of nowhere to make himself into one of the most dangerous, explosive weapons in football. Football's a tough game on running backs. As for Larry Johnson, as a Penn State fan I hoped he'd latch onto the right situation after college, and it looks like he definitely did. The Chiefs won't miss a beat. And as for fantasy, I'd never believe Johnson would have been available in any league since draft day. He's one of the only backs I can recall who you can start in you lineup even when Priest was healthy and playing.

posted by dyams at 08:36 AM on November 10

Bobby Cox as manager of the year? You've gotta be kidding. How could you not give it to Scrap Iron ? Bobby's great getting a team to post season but that's where it ends - time and time and time again. Besides, Garner hasn't beaten his wife.

posted by normanator at 08:38 AM on November 10

Looks like you took a wrong turn. Manager of the year thread is thataway -->.

posted by yerfatma at 09:01 AM on November 10

Bobby Cox coaches the Chiefs?

posted by dyams at 10:05 AM on November 10

Bobby Cox coaches the Chiefs? Well, no wonder the Braves keep losing in the postseason...Bobby's holding down two jobs!

posted by The_Black_Hand at 02:36 PM on November 10

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