August 28, 2005

Seattle's Top Tier Secondary: Seattle has the best secondary in football. Sportsfilter member redsoxthrowdown tells you why.

posted by justgary to football at 12:05 AM - 9 comments

After getting absolutely TORCHED by the Rams two straight weeks at the end of last year, they better plan on having a good secondary.

posted by dyams at 07:47 AM on August 28

I'd rather have the Broncos secondary, than the Seahawks.

posted by Sports Sage at 09:33 AM on August 28

THIS JUST IN:::: Kansas City torched Seattle's secondary last night when the 1st team offense took the field. Marching down the field with inpunity right into the end zone. It was rumored that had Trent Green stayed in the game more than just his few minutes the Chiefs offense would of scared the whole league out of its wits. ( Trent Green left the game when he tripped over Willie Roaf's big foot.) Jonathan Quinn, who has been in camp for only 3 days was unremarkable. He played the rest of the game.

posted by silas10pony at 10:04 AM on August 28

Seattle's run defense wasn't any better. Very odd time to post something on this topic. It's kind of like someone waiting until after the college national championship game last January to post on how dominant the Oklahoma Sooners' defense is. And while we're on the topic, Buffalo's defensive backfield is pretty good, too. Too bad Nate Clemens won't be around (with the Bills) after this season.

posted by dyams at 10:30 AM on August 28

Speaking of Buffalo's secondary, or whole defense for that matter. They are good.They are very close to dominant actually. I don't know how far they will go though. J.P. Losman doesn't seem to have much confidence. That certainly could change as the season progresses.

posted by silas10pony at 10:49 AM on August 28

Buffalo's key will be keeping McGahee healthy and productive. I don't see the passing game being too flashy, ala Pittsburgh last season. If Losman can keep from totally imploding, the Bills will do OK (hopefully).

posted by dyams at 11:31 AM on August 28

With Samari Rolle out the final five games & Dyson leading their secondary, the Titans gave up 51, 49, 40, 37, & 19 points. I like the addition of Herdon but as long as Rhodes is DC you can forget about the Hawks having any elite units on defense.

posted by catfish at 02:46 PM on August 28

At the risk of this becoming a "my team rocks, your team sucks thread". I must say that the eagles in fact have the best 2ndary tied with the ravens. The eagles where deemed a weak run defensive team until trotter took over in week 9 at linebacker. The eagles also gave up the 2nd fewest points in the league. So using deductive reasoning. if they were giving up the run all day,they must have been stopping something. the eagles were also 2nd in the league in sacks which is a stat that proves that nobody was open.they also blitzed thier 2ndary more than any other team scoring more sacks with players from the 2ndary. defensive backfields are judged by more than passing yards allowed per game and passing TDs allowed per game.

posted by Web_Spiner at 05:24 PM on August 28

I'm not sure how much pull this will have in here but im in 5 fantasy football leagues , not 1 team has seleted seattle for a defense (most of us have 2 defenses chosen). Their over all ranking is 25th among defenses .

posted by evil empire at 07:03 PM on August 28

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