August 23, 2005

Dwight Gooden is wanted by the police!: Here we go again with another ex-athlete in trouble!

posted by daddisamm to baseball at 12:21 PM - 19 comments

The last I had heard, he was doing OK!

posted by daddisamm at 12:22 PM on August 23

Between Straw and Doc those Tampa police really seem to have their hands full with former big leaguers.

posted by dyams at 12:23 PM on August 23

Yeah, this isn't exactly a model citizen's fall from grace.

posted by Prince Valium at 01:09 PM on August 23

Him and Lawrence Phillips have to have the same IQ. How stupid can athletes, who have it made, be? I'm amazed by what money does to some people.

posted by dbt302 at 02:09 PM on August 23

Happy 5,000th post, SpoFi.

posted by Ufez Jones at 03:09 PM on August 23

Happy 5,000th post, SpoFi. This period is very sad.

posted by qbert72 at 03:12 PM on August 23

How stupid can athletes, who have it made, be? Poor, anonymous, everyday people do the same stupid shit, and worse...its just smaller in the newspaper (most of the time).

posted by chris2sy at 03:51 PM on August 23

You know what I want to see? An athlete getting busted on "Cops", I think that would be hilarious.

posted by tina at 04:26 PM on August 23

Here we go again with another ex-athlete in trouble! Here we go again with another thread about an ex-athelete in trouble!

posted by panteeze at 05:09 PM on August 23

who cares

posted by gregy606 at 05:35 PM on August 23

blah blah blah. He's just another person who's too stupid to realize that once a cop is even trying to pull you over you might as well just do it because you are doubling and tripling the amount of trouble you're getting into. To all who run....why the heck would you make your situation worse? You won't get away. It ain't the old west, Fellers. We got them flyin' motor cars now. HHwweeeeee doggies!

posted by Irish Gal at 06:08 PM on August 23

Sounds like he didn't run , he kinda just drove off in a drunken state . It was nice of him to leave his license behind with his address on it . Why didn't the cop just follow him ? Didn't sound like he had been speeding when they stopped him , just driving erratict . Unless he sped away after being stopped.

posted by evil empire at 06:51 PM on August 23

It would have been funny if he had told them why he wouldn't get out of the car...."Officer, I can't get out of the car because I'm way to drunk to stand up right now!" Hahaha.

posted by Irish Gal at 06:57 PM on August 23

Or...Officer, I was speeding home so I can throw up and sleep off my drunkenness .

posted by evil empire at 07:08 PM on August 23

i beleave hes innocent...But I thought O.J was to.....DAMN

posted by david at 07:26 PM on August 23

How stupid can athletes, who have it made, be? Between Straw and Doc those Tampa police really seem to have their hands full with former big leaguers i'd like to find out the ratio of non pro athlete to pro athlete convicts in the tampa area. Not sure why people think athletes should "no better" than to get in trouble. This guy would be doing this if he stocked shelves at walmart(supercenter at that). people are people.his job has nothing to do with the type of person he is. Someone tell me this, the girl who crashed her own car with babies in it into that pond in the 90's.. you know, the 1 who said OJ did it.Where did she work? Sometimes i think we hold athletes to a different standard when it comes to the laws of this nation and making mistakes.If he slammed into someone and killed them. His former job would have nothing to do with it. And it would be a little less humorous. For instance, lets say that the recent tragedy involving the 49er player who passed away was as follows. He didnt die in connection with playing the game. This drunk driver slammed into him afterwards. I wish there was a rule to a site like this. In order to be allowed to post something highlighting a mistake someone has made. each member must divulge 1 true incident/mistake in their past that they are terribly embarrassed about, im talking ashamed of, and then sit back and watch what normal(and not so normal)everyday people say about it. Theres another ratio i'd like to see. Positive threads vs. negative threads about athletes(current and former) on sports filter.I'm curious as to what it is.

posted by Web_Spiner at 08:56 PM on August 23

"know better"----spell check

posted by Web_Spiner at 08:58 PM on August 23

we all have made mistakes that we arent proud of.....I hold an athlete to the same standard of the law that I live by....

posted by daddisamm at 07:09 AM on August 24

Dwight Gooden being drunk? I am shocked, SHOCKED that Dwight Gooden would be drinking.

posted by Bonkers at 09:02 AM on August 24

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