July 01, 2005

Pedro thining of playing the the All Star Game?!?! What the Heck is that about: This is just another example of a stuckup cocky athlete calling the shots. "Maybe I will play, I have nothing the prove" How about proving that your not an ass. And he wonders why people don't like him. this game is for the fans and he has just lost all kinds of points with Mets fans. MLB should make him play. If he is not injured, get out that and say thanks to the people who support you and pay yout over-inflated salary!!

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Welcome to SportsFilter, jtrainhoopster. Did you mean to link to the SpoFi homepage?

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It's an initiative test dano. See if you can find the story.

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Just in case that wasn't intentional, here's a link to the Newark paper's story on it. And then here's Pedro flip-flopping and now saying he'll go. I love this guy. How does everyone feel about this, though? I understand Pedro's 1) desire to go home and see his family and friends and b) make sure he's ready for the second half of the season. But it also makes you look like a spoiled brat to turn down an All-Star invite.

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  1. Pedro goes: he should sport the lovely jerry curl/afro number and have his personal tailor add an upturned collar to the All Star uniform. Just for that added umph.
  2. Pedro doesn't go: We must have footage of Pedro sipping margaritas with his midget pal during the AS game. Picture in picture style.

posted by lilnemo at 02:34 PM on July 01

Much as I love the guy, Bob Ryan and Michael Smith (Globe writer and former Globe writer) on PTI made a good point: Pedro's forever talking about respect. Here's a terrific sign of the respect he is given and he turns it down 4 times out of 7.

posted by yerfatma at 03:03 PM on July 01

The respect part is about being invited. Players do it all the time in the NFL, they just say they have a hamstring injury. Since baseball's all-star game occurs in the middle of the season, players can't really fake an injury. I think if he doesn't value the experience of an all-star game, then he shouldn't go. His absence may provide an opportunity for participation by someone who may actually appreciate the experience.

posted by bperk at 03:09 PM on July 01

It just seems like a silly thing to get upset about. Seems akin to turning down an invitation to play vollyball at the company picnic.

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"I do what I do. Everybody has seen enough." Yeah, we've definitely seen enough.

posted by mr_crash_davis at 04:16 PM on July 01

Pedro doesn't go: We must have footage of Pedro sipping margaritas with his midget pal during the AS game. Picture in picture style. Nelson doesn't hang with Pedro anymore. He was pissed that Pedro left Boston. I wish I was joking.

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He was pissed that Pedro left Boston. This relationship is of epic proportions. Its like a novela... ˇˇYo soy MUY MACHO!!

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((met fan zone)) I've really enjoyed watching this guy pitch all season. It's like he focuses more when runners are on base. Adjusts when he doesn't have his best stuff. Just an absolute tremendous pitcher, even today. Probably the smartest pitcher I've ever seen. So stating the obvious here...but I wouldn't have a problem with him sitting out at all. That's just another inning he throws in a real game. Though he deserves it, I think there's something to the idea that he has nothing to prove. Just look at some of his seasons a couple years ago. No one out there today could touch those numbers and probably not anyone anytime soon either. Love of 'em or hate 'em, and that sure is the case with the guy, I think he's *earned* the right to sit one out.

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Pedro's given a lot of fans a lot of enjoyment, but you have to admit, he does have a chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease.

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Pedro is having a great season. He always seems to stir things up. And he does it again. He is right, he has nothing to prove. As a Mets Fan, I say let him sit this All Star Game out. Save his arm for the season.

posted by AndydnA18 at 10:01 AM on July 02

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