April 17, 2005

Pat Tillman - Choosing to stay in the war and his legacy.: Two great stories this week concerning Pat Tillman on his decision to honor his commitment to the country and the legacy he leaves with a foundation that is doing good works.

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We should all honor Tillman's sacrifice.

posted by ZDYOLDMAN at 11:38 PM on April 17

Pat Tillman is not a pawn. Pat Tillman is not a pawn. Pat Tillman....

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 10:22 AM on April 18

I'm not honoring shit... He gave up his life for a lie... I have no sympathy.

posted by StarFucker at 12:21 PM on April 18

Pat Tillman should not be honored anymore than my aunt who was a Fst SGT, and died doing the same damn thing he did. I'm tired of all this grandstanding for one guy who did not folow proper orders and was killed with friendly fire.

posted by rockhard10 at 01:03 PM on April 18

NFL PR exec : 'But the Pat Tillman yarn is too rich not to sell. The fabric of America is sewn into the NFL. With America at war with a tactic, so to is the NFL at war. And when America remembers, the NFL remembers. Next year, we plan to dub the all-star game the 'America's Only Patriot Memorial Post-Season Hawaii Cruise'.

posted by garfield at 02:04 PM on April 18

He died due to friendly fire incurred by not following orders on a mission that was a massive failure based on lies and misinformation. Is this like Bush giving George Tenet the medal of Freedom?? The Pat Tillman yarn is just that... A Story. If you had any respect or feeling for Pat Tillman, these memorials should be a remembrance that Young men as vital as Pat Tillman are still dying over there in some Jacobin inspired conflict that has only increased sympathy for the forces of Anti-Americanism. They say they fight terrorists wherever they be found Why they not bombing Tim McVeigh's hometown?? Say what you want on propaganda television But all violence is terrorism.

posted by LostInDaJungle at 02:39 PM on April 18

Toillman served his country like many others before him. He should be honored like all who have lost there lives should be honored. Let us not over blow this I am sorry that you feel the way you do," Lost in the Jungle". As a Vet, I dont see it that way......

posted by daddisamm at 02:57 PM on April 18

oops Tillman --sorry for the typo

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Screw the politics - this is a self-link.

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Correction: this is the second self-link by pgrote. Banhammer please.

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posted by garfield at 03:32 PM on April 18

When you self link in a FPP the terrorists win...

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I see it coming...

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Yep. Screwed the pooch on this one. I just sent a note to the admin apologizing and I'd like to apologize to the community. I didn't read the guidelines prior to posting and it won't happen again. If I want to share my opinions or any additional information I will post them in the comments. And to chris2sy .. when you self link FPP the Yankees win.

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Better yet: Your text is way cooler though: I'm del.icio.us'ing that one.

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By the way, i am a vet too...

posted by StarFucker at 11:28 PM on April 18

Oooh! Beta Ray Bill!

posted by grum@work at 11:44 PM on April 18

"I have no sympathy." Clearly. And sadly.

posted by ZDYOLDMAN at 01:12 AM on April 19

I didn't read the guidelines prior to posting and it won't happen again Maybe not by you, given that you richly earned the banhammer by doing it in the first place. Is there a better argument than the quote above for the proposal under discussion?

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