February 25, 2005

The Derek Jeter Center: "The arena is in downtown Boston, the heart of Red Sox Nation. There couldn't be a bigger insult than to name it after the captain of the hated New York Yankees." Follow up to the FleetCenter story. See also this Metafilter thread.

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There are some legal issues here -- the Fleet Center would be using Jeter's rights of publicity (presumably) without his permission.

posted by holden at 02:23 PM on February 25

Boston news (Channel 5, I believe) reported it as Jeter himself making the donation. That doesn't appear to be the case, but would have been a lot cooler and probably would have avoided any legal issues. Since it's just a fan it loses some luster for me. Besides, I don't think there's an event there that night, the Celtics play Wed (can you imagine if it coincided with the return of Antoine Walker?) And I'm pretty sure the Bruins...nevermind.

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I predicted this would happen on THIS THREAD (see my comments near the bottom of the thread) and was told that I was silly to do so because of the baseball theme. Hate to say I told you so.....

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I can't see Jeter vetoing this. Delaware North, that's another story, they have to live in that town.

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I wonder if Steinbrenner put up the money for the winning bid?

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It's over now. The Fleetcenter vetoed it and a former roomate of the original bidder raised it to $8,600 and secured the name Jimmy Fund Center. Could have been a nightmare for Boston after what happened with BallGate. It's good that it's going to a worthy cause and the two friends involved see the light-heartedness of it all.

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I love a happy ending.

posted by Joey Michaels at 11:18 PM on February 25

Jeetaaaah Centaaah? What the fawk? Jeetaaaahhh, you sawwwwk! You sawwwwwk!!! /drunken Sox fan Glad to see it all worked out.

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what billsaysthis said.

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from what i read, the bankees fan who wanted to name it the derek jeter center was a lawyer from manhattan

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Suppose they'd called it the Babe Ruth center instead...?

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Here's another one for you. Initially, the "new" arena in Philadelphia year ago was the CoreStates Center, named after a big bank in the region. Well, CoreStates was up for grabs, and its suitors including Bank of Boston. Imagine what Philadelphians would have thought if their home teams were playing in the Bank of Boston Center -- in Philadelphia! As it turned out, First Union took over CoreStates, and the arena (for a while) became known as the First Union Center. Which, according to some Philadelphians' way of thinking, was very amusing, as the Flyers and Sixers were playing in the F.U. Center. Now, of course, it's the Wachovia Center, but the choices here -- both real and imagined -- were the source of great amusement and (with respect to Bank of Boston) some fear.

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Well, for all of yesterday (Feb 28) the FleetCentre was called "Boston Garden", thanks to the owner of this website. It wasn't his original suggestion (UFIA Centre and Abe Vigoda Memorial Centre were supposedly turned down), but a compromise to which the Fleet Centre people agreed.

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Who the hell's calling it the "Fleet Centre" anyway?

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Jesus, is there any sense on bidding on this at all? Everything suggested that has at least one iota of humor gets rejected by the committee! Here's hoping someone suggests my personal fave -- the Mary Jo Kopechne Centre.

posted by wfrazerjr at 09:11 PM on March 01

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