November 23, 2004

"You can say what you want about American sports, but they do play some frightfully good records.: We Brits, on the other hand, prefer to make our own entertainment and rightly pride ourselves on our home-made rugby songs and football chants" - Spofi favourite Steven Wells contrasts the musical atmosphere of sport events (songs played on the PA or sung in the stands) on either side of the Atlantic.

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PNC Park is perhaps the most beautiful baseball facility in North America. I watch my favorite baseball the Pittsburgh Pirates and love every minute. Except in between innings. Every break that takes place is filled with crappy over played songs on the PA played at ear splitting volumes. I'll take the singing of the fans any day.

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So what obscene songs are sung by Sportsfilterers then? We used to have one at the Albion: Stevie Bull's a Tatter He wears a Tatter's hat He plays for Wolverhampton And he's a fucking twat He runs down the left wing He runs down the right He couldn't score a goal If he played all fucking night Now, I'm just off to join a rousing chorus of "Shit on the Villa" with Fat Buddha..

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Can anyone tell me what, "Sit down we love you..." is?

posted by StarFucker at 02:56 PM on November 23

God I love this Steven Wells guy - I might not agree with him (he definitely is an outsiders perspective on these things - and you never mess with the football culture in Kansas) but he is a soothing panacea on the sports page. Occasionally.

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Good article.

Indeed I would argue that - in the age of the drooling, droning, dull-eyed, shabbily dressed and wilfully underachieving "slacker" alt.rock combo - the American high school football marching band (comprised almost entirely, according to tradition, of gays and geeks) is the living embodiment of the true spirit of rock'n'roll.
Anyone ever hear the UMASS marching band version of Radiohead's Paranoid Android (mp3 download)? It's quality.

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Isn't PNC Park where the organist played the "Woody Woodpecker" theme song in honor of Rafael Palmeiro's first at-bat? And then followed that up with "Pop Goes The Weasel?" And then gave a canned "BOOOOIIINNNGGG!!!!" sound thereafter? They even put up a picture of the fountain on the Jumbotron! Man, this is the good stuff.

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Manchester City came to Portman Road, won and then their fans ran around on the pitch a bit, like they'd won the world cup, when, at that point, their promotion wasn't even guaranteed. Of course, fickle fate was watching and the following season, Man City slumped to the bottom of the premier league and relegation, while Ipswich finished fifth and qualified for the UEFA Cup. Better yet, we were the ones who go to deliver the coup de grace, with a win that finally confirmed City would be watching the Premier on TV the following season. Blue Moon! You got promoted too soon, and now the shit's going down, and Europe's coming to Town. As for our Baggie up there, salmacis - I liked it when West Brom came to Town on their last away trip of the season, a few years ago and they all came in beachwear. They sang about Wolves for 90 minutes, we sang about the Budgies... I've never seen two sets of fans ignore eachother so studiously.

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Still my favourite - Ireland beat England at Lansdowne Road in a "foot-and-mouth" delayed final game of the six nations in 2001 to deny the English the Grand Slam. Having suffered years of having to listen to songs about sweet chariots swining low, the Irish faithful struck up a chorus of "You can stick your fucking chariots up your hole!" to the tune of "She'll be coming round the mountain..." Still makes me smile.

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Oh, and that Paranoid Android rocks BTW

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Christ, did they do that at Ipswich too? I have very clear memories of the "massive Man Citeh" invading their own pitch when we played them. They hadn't actually been promoted then either, but it was "OK because it was their last home game". Loathed them ever since (except Sean Wright Phillips of course). I do rather like this song of their's though especially as delivered by Peter Kay in the back of a minibus: The shitty Man Utd went to Rome to see the Pope The shitty Man Utd went to Rome to see the Pope The shitty Man Utd went to Rome to see the Pope and this is what he said "FUCK OFF" Who the fuck are Man Utd? Who the fuck are Man Utd? Who the fuck are Man Utd? as the Blues go marching on,on, on

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So no one knows what, "Sit down we love you..." is?

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I wish there were more singing and the like at American sporting events. I remember watching Arsenal play Portsmouth in the FA cup last year and it was amazing the spirit of the Portsmouth fans, who sang loudly the entire game--even as they were losing 4-0 at one point singing "C'mon Arsenal, give us the ball", which could clearly be heard even on TV. Never seen anything like it in America

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I think he does a great job of capturing the differences of both cultures, not to mention it's a very well-written piece. I could quote entire paragraphs to people (hell, I might), but I think he kind of got the gist. Also, damn but he can write. Good piece.

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I seem to remember, Trox, that whenever Pompey got the ball after the fourth, their fans starting singing, "FIVE-FOUR! We're gonna win FIVE-FOUR!" which tickled me at the time.

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I hate all of you...

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The best one I heard was when we (Albion) played QPR the week after they'd drawn 4-4 against Port Vale after being 4 up. To the tune of the banana boat song, it went: Dayo! Dayo! Four nil up and you drew four four! Not one not two not three but four, Four nil up and you drew four four! Made me laugh at the time.

posted by salmacis at 04:17 PM on November 24

I bask in your hatred!

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Just recalled from last season away v Villa and our fourth minute of injury time equaliser: 2-0, and you fucked it up, 2-0, and you fucked it up, 2-0, and you fucked it up, 2-0, and you fucked it up. I used to have a camera phone film of this, but sadly 'tis gone. I was sat in t'pub watching on Sky and as I recall my exact words (in a slightly louder tone that was perhaps wise) were "Take that you cunts!" Happy days.

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i miss the UK.

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I wish there were more singing and the like at American sporting events. i wouldn't say it's the same quality (or quantity for that matter) that you would get at a football match, but the bleacher creatures out in right field in yankee stadium have a few of songs/chants. most notable is a variation of the john valby classic gang bang song. then there's the "horses ass song", "why are you gay" (sung to YMCA), the "everybody sucks" chant with cowbell accompaniment, and a bunch of others (which i'll hopefully get to learn if my season ticket request goes through). like i said, the quality ain't the same, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

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Ahh, the GangBang Song, immortalized in the epic Tom Cruise/Shelley Long vehicle Losin' It. Johnny Hott rocks the Tandelay! Fuck you!

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SF - I know the answer, but I'm not telling.

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But actually, I only know the answer to a slightly different question to be fair - where did you hear it? If it had anything to do with liverpool, I'm guessing they were singing "sit down pinochio" at Phil Thompson.

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I don't know where i heard it exactly, but i have heard it a few times...

posted by StarFucker at 08:34 PM on November 26

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