October 21, 2004

Just shoe it: Between Reebok's magic shoe for Curt Schilling and Nike's Fenway Park 1919 commercial, shoe companies really beat the pavement during this year's ALCS.

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Today's New York Times:

Down at St. Marks Ale House in the East Village, [Yankees fan] Jonny Kaloudis, 25, said: "The worst would be losing to Boston fans because they're such ignorant, bitter people. They're so used to losing, all they have is hate. There's no humility. That's what we want to see. We want to see humility."
What would a Yankees fan know about humility?

posted by rcade at 07:59 AM on October 21

Upon further review, I realize now that the Nike commercial would have worked whether they won or lost. Which makes it an even better commercial. The question is however, if they have a World Series edit where the geezers have heartattacks and die from happiness.... or despair.

posted by Stan Chin at 08:35 AM on October 21

What would a Yankees fan know about humility? you want to see a yankee fan with humility, read alex belth's bronx banter. he's a great representative of those of us who grew up during the mattingly era.

posted by goddam at 10:39 AM on October 21

Weird. Belth's post thanks someone named William Bragg. But then I'd expect a champion of the common man to be on our side. For all the divisive crap from the bandwagon jumpers on both sides, Yankees fans and Sox fans are pretty much the same people and, in my experience, get along fine in small encounter sessions. When they don't take place in a baseball park.

posted by yerfatma at 11:09 AM on October 21

What a gracious blog entry from Belth. I wouldn't have been one-tenth that classy if it were my team losing in such an excruciating fashion. In fact, I know I haven't been. And as far as the shoe goes, as long as it keeps all the blood inside, it's apparently doing its job. No wonder demand is so high, 2 1/2 months before it gets to the shelves. Damn.

posted by chicobangs at 01:04 PM on October 21

Geez rcade, way to derail your own thread on comment 1! Or did I miss the relevance?

posted by billsaysthis at 01:57 PM on October 21

I figured this would become a grab-bag thread of BoSox links. Here's another: Current picture

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Shoes for Cosmonauts

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With the upcoming WS I wince at the prospect of hearing about Schilling's foot overdramatized and covered ad nauseum. We will see a split screen of his foot and the rest of the game on every pitch. Then when the Red Sox are batting there will be that stupid ass Scooter cartoon describing his meatball surgery that allows him to pitch. He should have told the media it was a groin injury. Even FOX wouldn't show closeups of his hog...

posted by DirkDiggler at 03:47 PM on October 21

Unless the game were moved to FX. Then they could work in a Nip/Tuck cross-promotion.

posted by yerfatma at 05:03 PM on October 21

Jesus, don't give them any ideas.

posted by DirkDiggler at 05:17 PM on October 21

Damn. I'm not supposed to tear up at a Nike commercial. Am I reading it right, though? Does the guy leave his wife for a younger woman at one point?

posted by Joey Michaels at 05:19 PM on October 21

I'm still a little confused as to what Schilling's injury is, because I haven't yet seen a WebMD graphic informing me as to where, exactly, the ankle is.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 05:20 PM on October 21

Post-season baseball as a whole took a downturn when they started advertising behind the batter, on a bluescreen wall behind the plate. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 90% of the screen is filled with a Viagra commercial telling me it's not good to have an erection for 4 hours. And if you look close you can see the pitcher go into his windup...

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Who the hell wears baseball shoes?

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Am I reading it right, though? Does the guy leave his wife for a younger woman at one point? Why not? I did.

posted by DirkDiggler at 05:30 PM on October 21

I love you, Dirk Diggler.

posted by Joey Michaels at 06:05 PM on October 21

rcade: dark there now, can't see the expletives now written.

posted by billsaysthis at 07:21 PM on October 21

Joey: I figured that dad married a younger woman after mom died, much to the chagrin of his two sons.

posted by rcade at 09:08 PM on October 21

Yeah, I watched it again and that is, indeed, what it seems like.

posted by Joey Michaels at 03:42 AM on October 22

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