April 30, 2004

On this day in baseball history,: 13 years ago, Rickey Henderson broke Lou Brock's stolen base record. Really Dave is just posting this because we need a new thread and he remembered Rickey Henderson Fridays. Why is nobody talking about anything today? Dave is bored.

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Dave will not necessarily be offended if this gets moved to the Locker Room. More date trivia: The Oakland "Big Three" have pitched in 19 3-game series together, and they have only been swept twice. Both times by the Yankees, both times at Yankee stadium, and both times from April 27-29. Now that's weird. So Jeter broke the slump with a home run. Now he's just 1-36. Big step up. Dave must say though, Dave is most impressed with Kevin Brown, and it seems that the Yankee bats are coming alive. Dave dislikes, but is impressed by, the Red Sox pitching and their recent streak. A nice sweep by the Yankees gains them no ground after an even nicer run by the Sox.

posted by Bernreuther at 12:58 PM on April 30

Dave is so bored he went the extra distance to use Rickey's penchant for talking in the third person. Very nice...

posted by smithers at 01:14 PM on April 30

i miss rickey being rickey.

posted by jerseygirl at 01:21 PM on April 30

more "this day in baseball history"

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kevin brown has that paul o'neill intesity that is much needed in that dugout. wouldn't mind seeing him bust a water cooler or two.

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I agree, Kevin Brown has been really sharp, and the Red Sox have been freakin' unstoppable this year. What's the deal with the Yankees this year, anyway? This time last year, weren't they something like 20-3? I have heard they're lusting after Ben Sheets, but have no idea what they could possibly offer the Brewers for him.

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Graham hears ya. Graham don't care. (obligatory Simpsons reference) Seriously, Graham remembers people getting into a big hub-bub about his "I am the greatest!" announcement when he stole the base. They thought it was tacky. Then they didn't care as much as Rickey's accomplishment was pushed aside in the headlines by something just as phenomenal on the same day in the same sport: Nolan Ryan throws his 7th no-hitter at age 45. Personally, Graham thinks Rickey is/was great. Baseball isn't the same without Rickey. Graham misses Rickey.

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Smithers, that is the entire point of the holiday. I think looseness and fun is more needed than intensity, but they have been having some fun, you can tell. Brown's intensity is nice though, despite how lots of people think he's a jerk. He just likes to be left alone so he can be in the zone on pitching days. Moose is like that too, only less aggressive. When Quantrill signed, he joked (or did he) that the best thing about leaving LA was "leaving Brown behind"...

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yeah, the fun is much more needed. and last night they finally looked like they were having fun, busting on bernie's karate chop swing and seeing mattingly crying cause he was laughing so hard.

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er... Dave thinks looseness and fun....

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Holden believes that Ben Sheets is another Jeff Weaver waiting to happen for the Yankees. Similar situations -- average numbers with a good start to a season on a small market team. Similar results?

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Sean didn't know it was EVERY Friday....Sean now comes across like an ass who doesn't know his holidays. Sean promises to make this a Hallmark moment in the future...

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Ben Sheets is a DL move waiting to happen.

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Vito90 says the Diablos first game is Sunday. w00t! for whatever that means. Also, since we're just BS'ing, and there's no link yet, Jayson Williams was found NOT GUILTY of aggravated assault. Still awaiting the reckless endangerment verdict.

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Bill wonders if Ben Sheets will find himself being auctioned on eBay if he does move to the Yankees.

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