March 18, 2004

As a follow up that deserves FPP status, here is a Jim Kelley spin off of Dryden's commentary.

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"Dryden is not only a vice chairman with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment in Toronto, but also a lawyer, a social commentator, a former NHL goaltender, a hockey administrator, a former Youth Commissioner for the Province of Ontario, a prolific author and a man who moves comfortably and ably on both sides of the US-Canadian border." he was also, by reputation, one of the most gentlemanly players of his era.

posted by owl at 06:59 AM on March 19

Great link. I don't understand how a culture of retaliation could spring up among millionaires, especially in hockey where the nice guy to bastard ratio is as good as any pro sport. However, the ugliness of the Bertuzzi incident should prompt some soul searching about what the NHL wants to be known for. A few nits: One thing I remember about high school physics is that F (force) is equal to MA (mass) ... Somebody was reading the sports page in science class. It equals mass times acceleration. Jim Kelley should give Ken Dryden most of his check for that column. I'm glad he made the commentary available, but it smacks of copyright infringement to run so much of it when Dryden declined comment for the piece.

posted by rcade at 07:38 AM on March 19

Somebody was reading the sports page in science class. It equals mass times acceleration. Er, MA is Mass x Acceleration? Dryden got it right on live TV; I imagine it was Kelley that added the (mass) note without the (acceleration) bit.

posted by mkn at 09:28 AM on March 19

not hearing the dryden clip it seemed like a journalist's error to me. but if we're talking physics perhaps momentum (mass times velocity) is as much of a relevant factor as force is - given that both mass and velocity have increased versus the earlier era he cited.

posted by gspm at 12:05 PM on March 19

Physics issues aside, if Kelley owes Dryden lunch for writing his column for him this week, so be it. This stuff can't be spoken about enough. Not only is Dryden's opinion erudite and reasoned, he's uniquely placed to actually do something about it. Whether that means widening the rinks to international size, or cutting back the length of the season, or contracting some teams to raise the level of play, I don't think I'd trust anyone more than Ken Dryden to do right by the game, and actually effect the changes that need to be made to keep the game alive and popular moving forward.

posted by chicobangs at 10:10 AM on March 22

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