February 24, 2004

Finally: A woman whose marriage proposal was incorporated into a major sporting event said no during Saturday's Wizards-Pacers game, fleeing the court to the discomfort of the prospective groom, the PA announcer, and thousands of fans.

posted by rcade to general at 09:42 AM - 43 comments

*Ouch* Talk about your all-time shootdowns. Better be certain that it's a sure yes when you do something like this.

posted by bcb2k2 at 09:48 AM on February 24

ahahahahhahahhaha I could see particuarly desperate guys using this tactic to pressure their girlfriends. No way she'd say no in front of thousands, right? Good on her! I bet she dumps him too.

posted by Succa at 09:58 AM on February 24

I bet she dumps him too. Isn't that essentially what's happened? Either way, I doubt this relationship continues in any fashion after this incident.

posted by bcb2k2 at 10:02 AM on February 24

I had to load Internet Explorer to see the video, which is worth watching to hear the crowd and PA announcer's reaction.

posted by rcade at 10:04 AM on February 24

This is truly amazing, rcade. Great links. The video is so worth watching until the very end, and the slideshow ain't bad, either. God, I'm so glad I'm married already.

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posted by corpse at 10:25 AM on February 24

The announcer was fast to quip, eh? Looks like she ran just a little bit cold. LMAO

posted by billsaysthis at 10:34 AM on February 24

Is this legitimate? The fact that the big-screen programmer had "She said no!" ready to flash makes me wonder if it's just some sort of stunt (all parties in on it).

posted by grum@work at 10:37 AM on February 24

My guess is that the screen guy had "She said yes!!!" ready to go, and changed it quickly as she ran from the court. But I refuse to believe that an event this perfect was staged.

posted by rcade at 10:41 AM on February 24

It's legit (looks it to me) and it's painful. Ouch. Poor bastard.

posted by 86 at 10:52 AM on February 24

I feel pretty bad for the guy as well, but I just don't understand the whole proposal in front of everyone and their dog thing. It seems to me like too personal and too intimate of a deal to do in massive public places.

posted by Ufez Jones at 11:00 AM on February 24

I'm gonna propose while sky diving. I won't even be able to hear her say no.

posted by garfield at 11:11 AM on February 24

I don't know Ufez. Sorta, I guess. I am partial to the proposal at the ballpark, myself.

posted by jerseygirl at 11:46 AM on February 24

Like bcb2k said, just be sure that the answer's "yes" before you pop the question. I'm down with the ballpark proposal in theory, but is this a risk anyone should take? Shudder. [JG, does this mean you/your fiance proposed at Fenway?]

posted by jeffmshaw at 12:00 PM on February 24

you only do the ballpark/stadium/sky writing/large scale public proposal when you know the answer. you don't breech the subject with the proposal. actually, thats a good rule for any proposal. nope. he didn't. it was waaay off-season a few months ago in december. he couldn't hold on to the ring a second longer, but if time gelled otherwise, i am sure he would have incorporated fenway into it.

posted by jerseygirl at 01:06 PM on February 24

I'm not surprised, jg ;). And that's cool as long as both interested parties are cool with it. If, um, somehow I were to be proposed to, I'd hate to be blindsided in front of 20k strangers. Diff'rent strokes to rule the world, though.

posted by Ufez Jones at 01:22 PM on February 24

There was a SNL or MadTV skit about proposing at the ballpark a little while back. Pretty funny skit, although I feel bad for that dude getting rejected.

posted by jasonspaceman at 02:04 PM on February 24

I don't know about proposing in public places-it worked for me! msacheson proposed to me in public in front of a bunch of folks, but not that many! God, I can't imagine his humiliation. If I were her, if I cared for him AT ALL, I would have said Yes and then afterwards with more privacy, said No. That is just too harsh.

posted by aacheson at 02:40 PM on February 24

That chick ran off the court, straight to my house, and I boned her. Sorry, dude.

posted by vito90 at 02:41 PM on February 24

Hmmm, now that I've seen the video, I think that either #1, it was staged or #2, she was so overwhelmed she couldn't handle it. Wow.

posted by aacheson at 02:44 PM on February 24

Is it sweeps, or something?

posted by garfield at 02:49 PM on February 24

My wife warned me that if I ever wanted her to have anything to do with me again I should forgo any type of public proposal.

posted by billsaysthis at 06:11 PM on February 24

My wife would have no doubt said no if I had proposed in a public place. Well, she might have said yes, but would have no doubt never forgiven me. Luckily I've always been a fan of the just the two of us more personal proposal. Just seems more special with no need for validation. But that's just me! Still, sucks to be him.

posted by justgary at 10:53 PM on February 24

boned ... hahaha I dunno ... somehow it feels a bit staged to me. I, however, plan to propose at a Leafs game :) Just don't tell my girlfriend!

posted by wfrazerjr at 05:59 PM on February 25

It was staged. "Perhaps she was embarrassed for being asked something so intimate in such a public setting. Or perhaps she‘s just not the marrying kind. Or, no, the one thing you most need to know about our No. 1 story, that was all a hoax. He‘s an actor. She‘s an actress. The whole thing was dreamed up by the good people in the Wizards‘ public relations office." - transcript from the Keith Olbermanm show, Feb 24 2004.

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posted by jerseygirl at 06:52 AM on February 26

Yep. Another story on the hoax. Kudos to grum and the other people who recognized it was too good to be true. The show that did this as a skit was the Jamie Kennedy Experiment. He was the rejected suitor on the big screen at a UNLV basketball game.

posted by rcade at 08:22 AM on February 26

That chick ran off the court, straight to my house, and I boned her. Sorry, dude. We have a candidate for funniest comment of the year. :)

posted by lilnemo at 01:23 PM on February 26

From rcade's link: There is no word on whether the actors will make a return engagement at MCI Center, while the national spotlight shines on America’s next celebrity couple. Celebrity couple?! Are you kidding me? The league should fine the Wizards for perpetrating a fraud upon the paying public. Hell, they've fined the Cavs and Jazz for stunts, why not? I said perpetrating a fraud... hee hee. It's official, I'm ready to be an extra in the next Wayans brother/Ice Cube/Robert Townsend epic... or not.

posted by lilnemo at 01:27 PM on February 26

What the hell happened to the "sanctity of marriage?" Or are these fools allowed to just play whatever manipulative game they want to chase the almighty buck?

posted by billsaysthis at 01:30 PM on February 26

Jesus, folks, relax. It's not like they leaned out of a dugout and took a Louisville Slugger to someone running a race while wearing a sausage costume.

posted by wfrazerjr at 01:51 PM on February 26

By the way ... the google search for that info? Simon sausage bat. I think I have a name for my new band.

posted by wfrazerjr at 02:02 PM on February 26

Or are these fools allowed to just play whatever manipulative game they want to chase the almighty buck? They'll be thinking twice about stunts on high profile media after the FCC is finished with its witch hunt. I wouldn't be surprised to see some thumper condemning this JOKE, if it had been nationally televised. btw, I'm very bitter that Howard Stern got shut off by ClearChannel. Also, lil, I second your nomination.

posted by garfield at 02:04 PM on February 26

What the hell happened to the "sanctity of marriage?" he asks this after "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance" and "The Littlest Groom" end this week on Fox. Or are these fools allowed to just play whatever manipulative game they want to chase the almighty buck? whuh? it was a mock proposal at a basketball game... surely, you didn't invest yourself emotionally to the point where you now feel manipulated and questioning the sanctity of marriage? It was jokey, a prank, and yes, sort of lame (but I always thought the JKX show was lame). Regardless, I don't think it's the pox on society that you seem to be making it out to be. No scary hubcapped nipples were exposed, no one dropped the N bomb. I think in the scheme of recent media events, this was pretty Disney-esque and pretty G-rated.

posted by jerseygirl at 02:19 PM on February 26

Some people here need to look up sarcasm in the dictionary...

posted by billsaysthis at 05:27 PM on February 26

and sometimes, a well placed "/sarcasm" can help for those of us who can't hear the tone of your voice by your text.

posted by jerseygirl at 06:04 PM on February 26

My sarcasm is so pure I need no tags. /sardonic

posted by billsaysthis at 08:39 PM on February 26

the sarcasm of the christ.

posted by jerseygirl at 09:43 PM on February 26

No, I wasn't crucified for Mankind's humor sins.

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posted by jerseygirl at 01:01 AM on February 27

btw, I'm very bitter that Howard Stern got shut off by ClearChannel. I'm bitter that no one has shot the son of a bitch in the head yet.

posted by wfrazerjr at 09:20 AM on February 27

can I ask, honestly, what your beef is?

posted by garfield at 09:33 AM on February 27

And do you agree with the general FCC crack down? Cause I don't.

posted by garfield at 09:37 AM on February 27

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